Begusarai 18th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 18th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bindya says his soul will never find peace. Her army hangs dadda’s body. People starts cheering for bindya. Bindya says shut up all of you. That day when dadda was humiliating me you were all quite. The person who sees sin happening silently is a bigger sinner. And you will will be punished. Your punish is that this Mitlesh thakur, you will all hit him until he is half dead. And if someone doesn’t do that my men will kill him. Come on, start hitting him.

Lakhan says save my wife please. Do something. Doctor says yes we will. They take Poonam in OT. Lakhan and guddi wait outside. Doctors treat Poonam.
Bhushan tells badi amma that mitlesh is not picking up. Badi amma says call lakhan. Maya says lakhan called he was asking about poonam. Choti amma says poonam isn’t

home. Komal says poonam got a call and she was so worried. She left the house before I could as something. Rekha says this poonam always creates problems. Please call lakhan. Bhushan tries and says his phone is off. Badi amma says I guess a storm is coming. Komal says i should close the windows. Choti amma asks maya to shut the windows.
The candle in the temple blows. Rekha says this is not a good sign.Choti amma says enough rekha. She says don’t worry.

Mitlesh comes in all injured. Everyone is worried. Badi amma asks who did this? Mitlesh says don’t let her in. badi amma says who? Mitlesh says bindya.. everyone is dazed. Badi amma says but she is dead. he points at the door and loses consciousness. They all look at the door, Bindya is standing there. Bindya says you are right. Bindya is dead.
Bindya walks in with her guards. She says I am here to punish you for your sins. She says you made me cry blood tears.

Doctors are treating Poonam. Lakhan and Guddi are praying for her. Guddi asks doctor is she okay? Doctor says she has lost a lot of blood, next hour is really crucial. Pray to God. Lakhan says I wont let you go.
Badi amma says you are getting me wrong. Rekha says my bindya is alive. I was so shattered when I heard about your death. I will give donation of gratfulness. Bindya says I will give that on 4th and 13th. Rekha says whose 4th and 13th? Bindya says your beloved dadda’s. Everyone is bewildered. This is the best day in history of begusarai. Today dadda was shot six times and he was hung in middle of market so eagles eat him. So at least he is of some use after death. He will never see fire or peace. He will eaten by animals. Now start the countdown because same is written for all of you. Badi amma says so you are here to seek revenge. Bindya points a gun at her.

Precap-Bindya says today new bahu bali will be coronated. I will sit on this seat. Poonam loses breaths. lakhan prays for her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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