Begusarai 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 18th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rekha says to Lakhan that because of this girl, we are in trouble, we are living like servants in our house, today i wont spare her, i will drag her out of house, you wont do anything, she drags Poonam but Badi Amma stops her, she says i dont believe this, Poonam will stay here, Rekha says this all is happening because of her, i am not concerned about myself but about our coming generations, if she doesnt leave today then i.. she brings knife and says i will kill myself, Poonam says i wont let that time come, she says if this house is destroying because of me then i will leave this house, all are shocked, Lakhan looks at komal, Poonam says there is no one my own here, Badi Amma says i am here for you, i am with you, Lakhan can take you as his wife or not but i give you permission to live

in outhouse as my daughter, she says to Rekha that i listened alot but its enough now, Poonam will live in outhouse which is not part of house then we will see how much truth this Pundit of yours is saying, Komal smirks listening this.
Komal comes to Lakhan with food, she sits beside Lakhan and says i dont have right to come here but from the time you have separated from Poonam, i didnt like it so i thought to bring food for you, Lakhan says dont say again that you dont have right, i have given you place more than a friend in my life, Komal blushes, Lakhan says i was feeling alone, i was thinking to come to you but you came, Komal comes closer and says i am near you, she puts hand on his arm and says dont worry, i am with you, Poonam comes there, Komal lies her head on his shoulder, Komal asks Lakhan if she crossing her limits? Lakhan says no, Komal smiles, she hugs Lakhan tightly. Lakhan looks at Poonam, Poonam points him to move away, he makes face like what can he do, Poonam knocks door, Lakhan coughs, Komal moves away, Lakhan asks Komal to bring water, she leaves to bring it, she smirks at Poonam and leaves. Poonam closes door of room, she comes to Lakhan and beats him, he says i will get hurt, he says you hugged her, Lakhan says i didnt but she hugged me, what could i do? i was about to talk about Bhushan to her, why did you come here? Poonam says i wanted to talk about Mitlaish, Lakhan says tell me.
Its morning, Soni is playing outside house, a car comes and kidnaps her, it leaves.
In house, all sit to have breakfast, Guddi comes there too, she is sad, Poonam looks at her and i will bring breakfast, she says Maya has gone to call kids, she will come here. Poonam brings breakfast, she serves it to everyone. She looks at Lakhan and is about to serve him but Komal comes there, she takes hotpot from her and serves food to Lakhan, he smiles at her. Maya comes there and says i am not finding Soni, did anyone see her? all are stunned, Mitlaish says she must be playing somewhere in house, Maya says i have checked every room, i am tensed, Guddi says i will check it, Maya says if this is work of people who are kidnapping people in Begusarai? Mitlaish starts to leave, Maya asks where are you going? he says to find Soni, Lakhan says you should stay with Maya, i will go and check her, Mitlaish says my daughter is not seen anywhere and you are asking me to be with my wife? i wont let anything happen to her, i am going to find her, he leaves, Guddi comes and says she is not in house, Lakhan says i will search her, bindya sees all this too, Komal thinks that this is good time to be with Lakhan, she says i will come with you too, he says no you stay with Maya, he leaves. Bindya emotionally looks at family.
Mitlaish is in car, he is finding Soni, he gets call from his goon.
Mitlaish comes to magician and says my daughter was kidnapped by you, my goon told me, where is my daughter? Magician says i am doing all this to increase your power, Mitlaish says i dont want it, i want my daughter only, Magician thinks that Mitlaish has gone mad, i should runaway, Mitlaish looks here and there for Soni, Mitlaish asks magician to tell him where is Soni, he is about to beat him but Bindya comes there with her goons, she says he doesnt know about Soni, she brings Soni there, Soni hugs Mitlaish, Mitlaish asks if she is fine? he have sigh of relief, Bindya says what happened? you are pained when your owner daughter is kidnapped? you didnt think about others, Mitlaish says so you kidnapped her? Bindya says yes to teach you lesson, i knew that you wouldnt like me as Begumsarai and you would do something so i kept my men to spy on you but i didnt know that you would be fooled by this magician, he is fraud, he send people abroad, she smuggle them and you got fooled, Mitlaish says yes i became fool, Bindya brings a man who imitates Dadda and talks in Dadda’s voice, Mitlaish gets angry on magician for fooling him, Bindya says you go home with Soni, i will handle magician, Mitlaish leaves with Soni, Bindya asks her men to free people from his den and teach this magician lesson that he can never do this again.
Lakhan comes home. Maya asks did he find Soni? he says no, Maya cries, she says i wont sit quiet, this is about my daughter, i feel Mitlaish.. Soni comes there, she hugs Maya, she says where did you go? i was so worried for you, Badi Amma asks where was she? Bindya comes and says Soni was kidnapped, Badi Amma asks who dared to kidnap Thakur family’s daughter, Lakhan asks Mitlaish who did it? Bindya says he cant tell you so i will tell you, she looks at Mitlaish, Maya says he? Bindya says yes, kidnapping was done by Mitlaish, he is stunned.

PRECAP- Poonam says to Lakhan that we are close to our destination as now i know who is Sarkar. Lakhan sees someone leaving Haveli at night, he catches person and says you?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Who’s this sarkar???

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  5. its choti amma who is sarkar lol

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