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Begusarai 18th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindya says yes there is a proof. This bullet I found it in Mitlesh’s ashes.
Rai says how can you be sure that this was in mitlesh’s body. Judge says the case is on hold unless the bullet is tested.
neha says to bindya thank God you brought that bullet. It saved the case for us. You should have told me before. Bindya says i forgot to. Neha says be careful next time. And We will need poonam’s statement after the tests.
Neha says no matter what Poonam shouldn’t back out. Bindya says I will try my best.

Maya says the bail i rejected as well. What if the bullet is proved. Badi amma says avinash is fighting the case. After today’s hearing I feel like mitlesh would be home very soon. Choti amma says we will be proved liars if the bullet is proved to

be Mitlesh’s gun’s. Badi amma says don’t talk negative.
Bindya comes home. Bhushan says I think you should talk to lawyer again.
Maya comes to Bindya and says please don’t punish him for a mistake. If he is sentenced to death then? I wont be able to live without him. Bindya says I cant live either. Maya says i know your pain but would this bring priyom back? But mitlesh can be saved. Bindya says Priyom went to save Mitlesh and died. Still no one is thinking about priyom. Maya says what you want doesn’t happen always. BIndya says same could be said to you. Everyone is so busy in saving Mitlesh that you forgot its priyom’s fouth. I will get him justice. Maya says okay fight for your husband I will fight for mine.
Bindya leaves. Maya says don’t do this. She cries. She says think about my kids.
Bindya comes to Poonam’s room and cries. Bindya tells Poonam that Maya wanted me to forgive mitlesh. Poonam says don’t listen to anyone. Do what your heart says. Bindya says we would need your statement when the test reports come. Tell them you saw mitlesh shooting. Will you give statement? Please say something. Will you get priyom justice? Poonam is quite. She nods. Bindya hugs her.

Poonam comes to badi amma and massages her feet. she says when priyom wanted to convince you for something he used to do this. Badi amma says what you mean? Poonam says i want to go in court and give statement. Badi amma says you cant do that. Poonam says bindya just wants investigation. If mitlesh is innocent he will be out and bindya would be peaceful and she will be connected to us again. Badi amma says shut up. Badi amma says i dont want this family to go thorugh that phase again. Poonam saysn that wont happen. Badi amma says enough. Poonam says just allow me once. Badi amma says go from here. Lakhan says Poonam wont go anywhere. She will go to court and give her statement.

Precap-Neha says I would like to call poonam in witness box. Some people kidnap Poonam.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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