Begusarai 18th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 18th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Badi Amma ask Guddi to touch Bindya’s feet and take blessing, Guddi touches her feet, Bindya says be happy, Badi amma ask Bindya are you happy now? now you also touch feet of elders of this house and do this daily as kids will learn from you only, Bindya gets angry, Rekha thinks this old lady is clever, Bindya touches Badi Amma’s feet, Badi Amma blesses her, Bindya touches Rekha’s and Maya’s feet, Badi Amma says one more person is left, she points at Poonam, Bindya says she is younger to me, Badi Amma says not age but relation matters and she is elder to you in relation, she is wife of elder brother, Bindya doesnt touch her feet and goes.
Bindya fumes and says once i become queen then i will show them, she comes to her room, Priyom is there, she angrily calls

him and sys you promised me that i will get respect of daughter in law in this house, now all were asking me touch Poonam’s feet as she is elder to me in relation, Priyom says all accepted you as daughter in law, be happy, Bindya says what about respect? i want respect of them, they will keep thinking that i am dancer.. i want to become queen to get respect and for that you have to become king of Beguasarai, Priyom ask what rubbish, Bindya says you promised me that you will give me every happiness, Priyom says Phulan is king of here, Bindya says he wants you to become king only, when Lakhan and Mitlaish were hel bent to kill each other, that time Badi Amma said that who will stop this war will become king of this area and you remember how you made me leave Begusarai and stopped that war, that day Badi Amma said you will become king, if this Poonam incident had not happened then you would have become king, its your right and its not late, ask for it, you need to do it for me, Priyom says i will not do anything like, Bindya says you promised me that i will get respect and that Guddi doesnt respect me even, Priyom sys i will talk to them, give then some time, Bindya says i dont need beg, i cant like like this, i cant carry on this fake marriage, i used to do drama and still doing it, my life ended after putting sindoor of your name, i cant do anything.. no i can do one thing, i will go and tell Lakhan and Family that why i was brought here, Priyom says dont you dare, you will not do anything like that, you know what will happen to Poonam, Bindya says i have lived always for others now i will live for myself, why should i put sindoor of your name? i can earn money by dancing too, i cant do this drama anymore, i need respect, Priyom ask are you blackmailing me? you are, i am not afraid of your warnings, Bindya says you think this is warning? she holds his hand and drags him.

Scene 2
Poonam is putting clothes in cupboards, she finds Lakhan’s shirt button broken and thinks to put it back, Lakhan comes there and takes out shirt, Poonam looks at him, Lakhan says Rekha didnt even iron my clothes, he brings iron, she says i will do it, Lakhan says i told you to not touch my things without my permission.
Bindya is dragging Priyom, Priyom stops her and says i cant give you what you want but if you say anything then Poonam’s life will be destroyed, Bindya says what about my life? Bindya comes to Lakhan’s room and knocks, Poonam and Lakhan looks on, Bindya says seems like some serious discussion is going on, i will come later, Lakhan says when you have come then say it, what you want? Bindya says you talk like kings, i have come to give you a news, she ask Priyom will you say it or should i? Lakhan says say it and leave, Priyom says we dont want to say anything, Lakhan says then why did you come? Bindya says he came to tell you something but now shying away, Lakhan says why is he becoming father? Bindya says your humor is good but i want to tell something serious, she ask Priyom should i tell them? Priyom is silent, Bindya says we came to tell you that we are giving a party and you have to come in party, we came here after marrying, nobody celebrated, if you come with Poonam didi then we will like it, Lakhan says i am busy, we will not come, Bindya says you are not handling business of crores, come for sometime, your couple is good, we should leave as you are newly married too, Priyom looks at Poonam and leaves with Bindya. Bindya stares at Priyom and leaves.
Lakhan’s shirt gets burned by iron, Poonam goes to save it, Lakhan gets angry and says i told you to not touch my things, he brings another shirt, he ask her to end this drama, Poonam says you can end this drama, you want to know truth, tell me the way to tell you truth, should i give my life? Lakhan says how dare you talk to me like this? Poonam says i have right as wife, Lakhan says i have not given you any right, Poonam says what should do that you accept my truth? telll me, Lakhan grabs her from hairs, she gets hurt but says i will take my answer today, tell me what should i do? tell me, Lakhan gets angry and break things, he gets wound in hand, Poonam goes to him but he ask her to be away and leaves.
Priyom comes in room, Bindya says you saw what i can do, what you think? i am doing injustice with you? this is your benefit too, what you wanted i did, i became your fake wife, what i am asking from you now? i fulfilled my promise, now its your turn, Priyom says there was no deal like this that i will take Phulan’s seat and you will become queen, Bindya says deal was to give me respect, and its beneficial for all, you are most competent in all brothers, Bindya says to Priyom that you will become king ultimately so whats the problem, listen carefully talk to Phulan today only, if you dont talk today then i will end this drama today only, Priyom ask why you are doing this? Bindya says i want to do this, what you got by showing big heart? your love was snatched too, now your seat will be snatched too, Priyom says life is not all about taking, its about giving, Bindya says then give me what i want, become king and make me queen.

PRECAP- Bindya says to Priyom that i am not asking to get hanged to death but to become king, Priyom says i cant talk about it to Phulan easily, bindya warns are you going to talk or should i tell truth to all? Priyom comes to Phulan, Bindya sees them from stairs, she points Priyom to speak, Phulan says seems like you wanna say something.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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