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Begusarai 18th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bindya says no Shakti dont kill her so easily, he puts gun down, Ananya looks at Bindya, Bindya says we will not give her death so soon, she says to Ananya that we will find Soni and your brother but what will happen to you? what you have done, whole Begusarai will see its consequences. Maya asks Ananya to tell where is Soni, maybe then Bindya will ease your punishment, Ananya says i am saying truth, i dont know anything about them, Bindya slaps her hard, she grabs her by hair and says you are lying to me? bring hot rod, i will pass it through her body. Servant comes and says girl’s father has come, Ananya tries to go to her father but Bindya grabs her neck by hunter, she says its good that he has come here on his own else it wouldnt look nice to drag old aged man from house, Ananya

says please dont do anything to father, Bindya grabs her and says like you have hurt us by making our daughter from house, now we will hurt your father, she asks Garv to take her away, Garv drags her from there. ananya cries and says dont do anything with father, Garv, puts her in store room, she fodls her hand and says please let me go, Garv touches her and says i do listen to girls pleas but if my mom orders something then i dont even listen to God, he locks her in room and leaves, Ananya cries and says please make me meet my father, she cries.
Mishra comes to Bindya and sits in her feet folding his hands, Mishra says please forgive my daughter, she did mistake, Bindya kicks him, Shakti smirks. Goon says you were so egoistic, you said that you wont bow to anyone, what happened now? Mishra says it is my duty to fulfill responsibilities of being policeman and as father i have to protect my daughter, Ananya didnt know that Mayank will runaway with Soni, she did mistake, Bindya says i just give commands, your son and daughter tried to play with my respect so they have to bear punishment and you have to bear the burnt of their deed so take my slippers, put them on your head and roam in whole begusarai, Mishra is shocked, Bindya says what happened? your self respect is more than your daughter? if you dont do it then i will make your daughter do something(obscene) infront of whole begusarai that you wont be able to see, Mishra says i will do anything you say but dont do anything will my daughter, he cries. Mishra puts bindya’s slippers on his head and moves from Haveli, he recalls how Ananya told him that Mayank ranaway with Maa Thakurain’s daughter. Mishra is walking with her slippers on head, all servants and goons watch him. Mishra comes back to Bindya, Maya thinks that Soni what did, for your selfish love, you destroyed respect of a respectable man, Mishra falls in Bindya’s feet, Bindya says i got hurt sameway when your son played with my respect and your daughter helped him, Mishra wipes her slippers with his shirt and makes her wear them, he folds his hands and says i did as you said, please forgive my daughter, bindya says this was your punishment, now leave, Mishra says my daughter’s marriage is fixed, please let her go, Bindya says my daughter’s marriage ceremony was going on when your daughter took her from house and your son ranaway with her. Bindya says to Mishra that till my daughter doesnt return, we will keep your daughter Ananya in our house, Mishra says please dont do this cruelty, Bindya says this is not cruelty but deal, its about give and take, you want your daughter so you have to give my daughter back alongwith your son, if you bring them then i will return your daughter, she kicks him and leaves with her sons.
Policemen gossips about Mishra’s son running away with Maa thakurain’s daughter. Mishra comes there and asks inspector to help, my daughter is being abducted by Maa Thakurain, file FIR against her, inspector Pandey says FIR will be filed against you as your son ranaway with her daughter. Mishra says i never bowed to anyone, i had to walk with slippers on my head even then she didnt leave my daughter, please help me, Pandey says how can we help you? we have families too, Maa Thakurain will not spare us, Mishra says i always thought my police department will help me but what will i do now? one police man says to Mishra that only one person can help you, he is not afraid of any Maa Thakurain, all he knows that if someone is saying then he will help that person, only he can help you, Mishra says asks who is he? policeman says SP KN Rai, he is coming to Begusarai for raid, meet him, Mishra thinks, Pandey listens it and calls Bindya to inform her.
Mishra comes infront of KN Rai’s jeep, policeman comes to him and says how dare you stop Rai’s jeep? Mishra says i need help, my daughter’s life is in danger, Rai asks let him talk, he asks what happened? Mishra says i am policeman, Maa Thakurain have abducted my daughter, he tells him everything, how they took his daughter and how Maa thakurain made him walk with her slippers, Rai says take my number, meet me in my office, i will see this Maa thakurain.
Bindya gets to know that Mishra has met KN Rai, she says how dare that Mishra do it. Bindya tell her sons that Mishra is trying to fight against us, he has met KN Rai, Adarsh says just order us, what should we do, Bindya says we will have to do something as i know KN very well, she tells something to her sons(muted), she asks to bring that girl, shakti nods.

PRECAP- Bindya asks Shakti to take this girl and follow what i have said, Ananya says not me but Bindya you have made your daughter runaway from house, Adarsh says how dare you talk to my mom like this? he throws her on ground and says i will kill you right here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Sachhi ka sama lol…….
    Before leap_
    Begusarai_ small screen ek villain.
    Vishal_ shiddharth
    But a small change for shivangi_cute Alia bhatt.
    Now after leap….
    Bindiya_supria pathap(ramleela).
    Adarsh_too copy mithlesh character but not so powerfull & impactfull.
    Maya_ abhla naari apne hi bachho ke pyaar ki mari..
    Amar,samar_ mock movie(no dialogue s).
    Ananya_ ips kiran bedi(cheeeeeap).
    Gurv_ choosa hua ranveer singh(ladies vs ricky behl )
    Ananya father_ koi mol gaya(alien).
    Soni_ na aana is desh laado.
    Mayank_ aatankwadi(26/11 )
    Shakti_ the only guy jo in sab bewakoofon ka bo

  2. Sorry I didn’t completed my comment send_
    Shakti_ the only guy jo in sab bewakoofon ka bojh utha rha h.

    1. shakti himself is a clueless stupid guy.laakhan had one aura..he always followed his heart & had his own personality aur shakti other than pissing between maa thakurain & ananya have no other work in this story.

  3. woh bhi toh pagal bewakof hai

  4. Agar abhi shivangi hoti to yeh show aacha chal jata…….lekin hamari baat sunta hi kaun hai…..

  5. i like this serial most each and every actors perform very well………. i hope veebha and vishal pair also acceptable by fans

  6. Deepthiram ji, its only possible for u not for us( true laakham fans)…….
    We are in majority and its democracy where majority wins .without shivangi this show is flop & always be flop. Veebha is nice but not with vishal.she should be pair up with gurv.they will look nice together.& most important u will be interested in watching this cheap story where girl is treated like a deal but we are not……
    I used to this show b’coz of different sence creations,(the way poonam fall in luv with lakhan,the way lakhan expressed his luv, his careness ,his possessiveness,&the most important the way they died is painfull but interesting too.lakhan’s dialogues delivery.)etc…… etc…….ect…….
    But now all these things are lost……… like a soulless body……

  7. begusarai lost its charm a long time ago still its ViShi who were holding audience.
    now they r gone so the show too.
    veebha–vishal dont hv chemistry chahe koi kitna bhi bole.they dont even look good together.upar se the story is so flat nothing new.where laakhAm was unique n they had sizzling chemistry.

  8. i think they(veebha&vishal) deserve 2 be given a chance to prove their onscreen chem. anyway i do enjoy them alot and hope more romantic and digestable chemistry u guys

  9. I can’t take this any more………flop show……..bring back shivi…….plzzz…..

  10. This Maha flop serial ever, bakwas show I hate this show

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