Begusarai 17th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 17th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ananya sees brothers sitting with Shakti, she smiles at Shakti and makes him wear Garland, Pundit says now groom will make bride wear garland. All brothers hold garland together and make Ananya wear it, Bindya smirks. Pundit looks at Bindya tensely.
Soni is trying to open door of store room. Pundit asks Ramakant to do Kanyadan. Brothers put hand beneath Shakti’s hand, Ananya puts her hand in Shakti’s hand. All brothers are holding Shakti’s hand. Pundit starts reciting Mantras. Pundit says this is pheras time, all brothers make Shakti get up for pheras, Ramakant says how can they take pheras with Ananya and Shakti? Pundit says they are helping Shakti so no issues, Bindya says i trust Pundit, let him do it, Ramakant says okay.
Maya opens store room, Soni comes out

and says Bindya is making Ananya marry her 5sons together, i have to stop marriage, she runs from there.
Ananya starts taking pheras with 5brothers, as they hold Shakti and take pheras acting like supporting Shakti. Pundit says now bride will come forward and take pheras with groom behind her. Ananya comes forward and take pheras with 5brothers behind her.
Soni is running to stop marriage, Maya is running behind her.
Pundit says pheras are done. Brothers sit in mandap with Ananya, Pundit says now fill her forehead with sindoor(vermilion). Brothers hold Shakti’s hand, Shakti fills her forehead with sindoor with brothers holding his hand, Bindya is elated. Soni is running to reach mandap. Brothers hold Mangalsutra together and make Ananya wear it together. Soni comes there and is stunned to see marriage, Mayank gets tensed seeing her, brothers smirk that marriage is done. Pundit says this marriage is done with all rituals, Soni angrily looks at Mayank. Brothers get up with Ananya. Pundit says from today she is wife, he asks her to stand beside brothers, Ananya does. Pundit says now take blessings of your elders for peaceful life. Brothers alongwith Ananya touches Bindya’s feet, she ask them to be happy. Brothers and ananya touches Ramakant’s feet, Ramakant bless Shakti and Ananya. Ramakant says if these brothers were not here today then this marriage would not have done. Bindya says you are right, if my 5sons were not present today then my dream wouldnt have fulfilled, Soni says Ananya.. Bindya says dotn call her by name, she is your sister in law now. Soni says to Ananya that i want to tell you something, Bindya gets tensed. Mayank says to Soni that i have gun, if you try to do anything then i will shoot myself, i promise, i will die. Ananya asks Mayank what he is whispering in Soni’s ear? Soni says i brought surprise gift for you and forgot to bring it, Mayank says i was pacifying her, he takes Soni from there. Bindya says to Ananya that from now on your life is starting, Ramakant says to Ananya that you are hers from now on, i should be going now, Ananya gets emotional, Ramakant asks her to not cry, Ananya hugs him, Ramakant says its happy day for you, dont cry. Ananya asks him to take care of himself, Bindya says dont worry, you can go to your father’s house after frequently. Ramakant requests Bindya to take care of Ananya, Bindya says i will take care of her in such a way that you wont be able to forget me, Ramakant starts leaving, Ananya is crying, he leaves. Brothers smirk at Ananya.

PRECAP- Bindya says to Ananya that you have to fulfill few rituals of this Haveli. She asks Ananya to find ring in milk bowl, all brothers put their hand in bowl to find ring.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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