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Begusarai 17th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Poonam asks Lakhan where is Guddi? she asks why they are silent? she says to Lakhan that you promised me that you will bring Guddi then why did you not bring her? where is Guddi? she asks family to not cry and says nothing will happen to guddi, i will go and see Guddi, Lakhan says where will you go? Poonam says she must be there, she was standing beside me, someone pulled my foot, Guddi’s foot must have been pulled too, Lakhan says what? your foot was pulled? Poonam says yes, i will go and search her, Lakhan asks her to calm down, Poonam faints, Lakhan lists her and takes her from there, Bindya says whats all this happening? whose evil eye has fallen on this family?
Doctor checks Poonam and says dont cry more else it will effect your child, she says make her eat something, she

leaves, Lakhan says to Poonam that dont cry, its not good for child, you have to be strong for our child, Poonam says you are worrying about child who hasnt even come in world but what about Guddi whom i raised like my child? she cries.
Badi Amma says to God that you kept me alive to see all this? i cant bear all this, free me, if you wanted to take life then you could have taken my life, Guddi was so young, please spare Guddi, Lakhan comes there, Badi amma wipes her tears and asks about Poonam, Lakhan says she slept after crying alot, now you stop crying too, Mitlaish comes there, Badi Amma says call Pundit, Lakhan asks for what? Badi Amma says for Guddi’s last ceremony, Lakhan says she is alive, Badi Amma says i am losing hope but i am praying that she returns soon but truth is that we are living in lie, we are fooling each other, Mitlaish gets calls from his man.
Mitlaish, Lakhan and Manjeeta comes to riverside, Guddi’s body has been found, she is lying dead, Lakhan says she is playing prank, she will wake up, Mitlaish understands that she is dead, Lakhan says you know my anger, please wake up before i get angry, Manjeeta says she wont wake up, she is gone, Lakhan says she cant leave, she has to give name to her nephew, he says i dont like drama Guddi, i promised Poonam to bring you back fine, please wake up, Mitlaish is distraught, Lakhan realizes her being dead and breakdowns.
Badi Amma and Bhushan comes to riverside, they are saddened to see Guddi dead, Badi Amma cries and says you cant leave us like this. Lakhan is sitting at distance, man comes to him and says i am sorry to say all this at this time but i know one person who can catch dooba, Lakhan looks on.
Servant brings milk for Poonam Bindya and Maya but they dont take it. servant says to Bindya that river is pulling men inside it, people are afraid, Haveli people are in danger and we dont know about Guddi too, Servant says Dooba who is hiding in water is taking lives, Bindya sees Badi Amma, Mitlaish and Bhushan coming back, Bindya asks Badi Amma if she found Guddi? she asks her to speak, Badi amma feels dizzy, Mitlaish takes her and makes her sit, Maya turns and is shocked, Bindya turns and shouts Guddi? Lakhan comes inside with Guddi in his arms and Guddi lying dead in his hands, Poonam asks where did you find her? she talks to Guddi, Lakhan puts Guddi’s deadbody down on floor, all are shocked and heart-broken, Poonam asks Guddi to wake up, she asks Lakhan what happened to her? why she is not speaking up? Lakahn is in tears, Bindya and Maya cries, Poonam asks Guddi to wake up, Bindya asks her to control herself, she says Guddi is no more, Poonam says this cant happen, she cries and says she cant go away, she cant leave us, i wont be able to forgive myself for this, all cry.
Mitlaish comes in his room and recalls how tries to kill Guddi, he gets angry and break things in his room, Maya asks to control himself, Mitlaish says earlier life was not in my favor but now death has become our enemy too, Guddi has gone too, Guddi did mistake, i gave her so many punishments then she became mother and lost her child too, she kept bearing all this, she had to bear so much pain alone, i thought many times to ask forgiveness from her for my deeds but she is gone, she wont comeback, he cries and says comeback Guddi, Maya consoles him.
Poonam is crying in her room, she recalls how Guddi saves her at riverside and said she wont let anything happen ot her sister in laws, she cries, Lakhan sits beside her, he tries to calm her down, Poonam recalls how Lakhan said that he will save Guddi, she moves away and says you promised me to bring Guddi back safe then why did you not bring her back? she beats him and says you are liar, you lied to me, your promise was a lie, i am leaving, she feels pain, Lakhan asks her to calm down, Poonam says you lied to me, you are liar, Lakhan gets sad, Poonam cries and hugs him.

PRECAP- Bindya says to Lakhan that to kill this Dooba, we have to take help from some person who has powers and Ambika can help you in this, Lakhan looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice update……
    But guddi shouldn’t be die…..:-)
    No generation leap in the show pls…
    Vishi should stay in the show together…..

  2. without ViShi no begusarai cvs hv gone mad that they ll break ViShi

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