Begusarai 17th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 17th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ananya is applying cream on her feet, Soni comes and says i will apply it, she says no, its almost done, Soni says there is bad news, before Adarsh could reach to Bhavna, Bhavna left from there, Ananya says i have to reach to Bhavna, Soni says you are not able to stand even, Ananya says her life is in trouble, we have to do something, Soni says when brothers are not able to find her then how will you find her? Ananya says we dont even have a clue, she asks Soni to call Adarsh.
Bhavna comes to one shop, she has covered her face. Bindya’s goons are nearby her. Goon gets call and says what Adarsh had accident? near nhaveli? he is injured? we are coming there, he leaves, Bhavna is stunned.
Bhavna comes to Haveli and hides, she thinks how will i meet Adarsh? Someone drags her

from there. Bhavna sees its Ananya, she asks who are you? Ananya says i am Ananya, i want your good, Bhavna says how did you know that i was coming here? Ananya says i called you here only, dont worry, Adarsh will come soon and will handle everything. Adarsh comes there, Bhavna gets emotional and hugs him, she says where were you? i am tried of running away from your mother, i cant run anymore, take me far from here, Adarsh says just give me some time, Bhavna says till when i will keep running from Bindya? i have lost my phone too, Adarsh gives her phone and says Ananya will take you, you go out of this city, my men will take you from depot, she hugs Adarsh and says i dont want to leave you, Adarsh says dont worry, we will leave city, Ananya says if you love him then trust him, she covers Bhavna’s face, Bhavna hugs Adarsh, Adarsh says take care, he asks Ananya to take her, Bhavna is not leaving Adarsh’s hand, they start leaving when Bindya comes there with her sons. She asks who is this girl? and why her face is in veil? Ananya says i have appointed her to work in house, Bindya says why she is in veil? i want to see who my daughter in law brought to work in house, she asks Bhavna to take off veil, Bhavna doesnt, Bindya takes gun from Amar and points at Bhavna, Adarsh is shocked, Bindya says i am telling you last time to remove your veil, Bhavna is tensed, she looks at ananya and removes her veil, Bindya is stunned to see bhavna, she says this is same girl whose contract i got, what she is doing here? why Ananya is trying to save her? what relation you have with her? Bhavna says relation is not with Ananya but with Adarsh Thakur, all are shocked, Bhavna says he is my husband, Bindya is in shock, Bindya says what? she looks at Adarsh and says what this girl is saying? she asks Adarsh to come forward, Adarsh comes to stand beside Bhavna, Bindya says what this girl is saying? she is your wife? thats why Ananya is protecting her? tell me truth, Bindya asks Adarsh what this is girl? is this woman your wife? Adarsh says i have no relation with her, Ananya is stunned, Bhavna cant believe him, Adarsh says i dont know her, i saw her photo when you gave me photo, Bhavna says what are you saying? you dont recognize me? Ananya you tell them truth, you asked me believe in my love and he is not even recognizing me, not calling me his wife, Ananya says why you are lying Adarsh? tell truth to everyone, ananya says i have proof, if you dont tell truth then i will tell it to everyone, Adarsh gets tensed, Ananya opens her mobile and shows Adarsh and Bhavna’s marriage photo, all are shocked.

PRECAP- Bindya is dragging Bhavna, Ananya asks her to leave her, Shakti grabs Ananya and doesnt let her go to Bhavna, Ananya says to Adarsh that save your wife otherwise you will live in guilt for years, save her and this time its about your baby’s life too, Adarsh is stunned, Shakti gets tensed, Ananya says save your baby and wife.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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