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Begusarai 17th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Poonam is about to rub her nose on Rekha’s feet when Priyom comes and stops her, he makes her stand, he says to Rekha that arent you ashamed? Rekha says we are house arrested arent you ashamed of that? Priyom say Lakhan didnt do good by kidnapping kids, till when he will run? Rekha says what is good and what is bad will be decided by God and i have made my son strong, your bullets cant hurt him instead he will kill you all, all will die in Haveli and i Rekha will have pleasure of it, he is not servant like his father, he will become king of Begusarai and that day i will dance in whole begusarai, he is fire and he will burn you all into ashes, Priyom says fire has no dimension when air changes route then fire (lakhan) can burn his own house so pray that Lakhan should not become fire,

he leaves with Poonam.
Priyom brings Poonam home, he says to Poonam that you always say to have hope but why you are losing hope today? Poonam says you set everything right everytime, you give me hope, do something, bring kids back, only 12 hours are left, she ask why you are silent? dont you have any idea? Priyom tries to smile and says i will do something, everything will be fine, dont worry, have faith, Poonam smiles, both retires to their room. Poonam recalls how Lakhan used to torture her, Poonam says thakurs are in problem because of me, they are ready to sacrifice their kids for me and what i am doing? she looks at her cellphone.

Scene 2
Badi Amma is tensed, she recalls what happened in few days, how Phulan announce Poonam as Priyom’s bride, Phulan comes there, both look at each other, she says to Phulan that you divided land and property to keep your family united but then girl to break family, why did you bring girl inbetween our son? you have done mistake by making Poonam this house’s bride, one mistake can destroy everything, there is still time, every decision can be changed, Phulan says king is not king who changes his decision, i respect you alot, dont ask me anything which i cant give you, she says i am asking for my family only, Phulan says Manjeeta and Poonam are part of family too, for Lakhan i cant change my decision, people will say that for family thakur changed his rules, Badi amm says king is being taunted even if he do good, you cannot make everyone happy, even if you win people’s heart by sacrificing your grandkids but you will lose your family, how will you face Mitlaish and Maya, Phulan says i love my family too but for justice i can put them on risk too, Badi Amma says what you will not be able to save them? Poonam listens the conversation, she says you think Poonam and Priyom will be able to marry on deadbodies of kids? and even if marriage happens, they will not get happiness, Phulan says we dont have upbringing in which we sacrifice our daughters to save our sons, i can sacrifice many sons for my daughters and daughter in laws, Badi Amma says you are losing many relations and 2 lives for one girl? this is not justice but killing, i will not forgive you nor Poonam for this, Poonam is shocked listening this, Badi Amma sees Poonam there, she curtly looks at her and leaves.

Scene 3
Dolt is getting beaten up by Manjeeta, Priyom comes and ask Manjeeta to leave, he leaves, Priyom frees Dolt whose was tied to chair, Dolt says i know why you are freeing me so that i can run to Lakhan and you follow me, i am not fool, Priyom says you are right you are not fool but big fool, i am leaving you as i dont need you anymore because i have already killed Lakhan, Dolt is shocked, he says you are lying, Priyom says he is dead, i wanted to send you to him too but then thought you are Poonam’s brother and i am getting married to her so leaving you, tomorrow is Sangeet, be nicely dressed and come, he leaves, Dolt is tensed.
Phulan says to Manjeeta that only 10 hours are remaining, Priyom comes there and says dolt is loyal of Lakhan, i left him saying that Lakhan is dead, maybe he will try to reach Lakhan, i have appointed men behind him, Phulan says once we get lead, we will not leave him.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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