Begusarai 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 17th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lakhan says to Poonam that i cant understand you can do this with Komal, he says to Badi Amma that i dont understand you are involved in this too, Poonam says dont see her tears, she is a drama, Komal cries and says Poonam has misunderstanding, i havent done anything, Lakhan says lets leave from here, he holds Komal’s hand and leaves with her, Komal thinks that Lakhan has become mine but still this Poonam is trying, now Poonam will be responsible for her condition.
Poonam is working in kitchen, she switches off light and is going back to her room, she feels someone is following her, she looks here and there but doesnt find anyone, someone holds her hand, Poonam gets afraid, she turns to find its Lakhan, he looks in her eyes, he brings her closer and says you are doing drama,

what if someone comes? they both smile at each other, Sanam re plays, Poonam put her hands around his shoulder, they both share eye lock, Poonam hugs him happily, Lakhan caresses her face, he is about to come closer to kiss her but sees someone coming, he lifts Poonam in his armas and brings her in room. He closes door of room, both hug each other tightly, Poonam feels peace, Lakjhan says i cant do this drama more, i am afraid that i might lose you, Poonam holds his hand and says all are afraid of you and you are getting afraid today? and i should be afraid that she might snatch you from me, Lakhan says nobody can snatch me from you, why did you think of ths drama? Poonam recalls flashback, she recalls how Komal was talking to Bindya about Sarkar, she says we both doubted Komal and got to know that there is some Sarkar, there is only one way to reach Sarkar and Bhushan and that is Komal, Komal has become close to you and we are close to mission too, Lakhan says but this is wrong, i slapped you on your insistance, i had to throw you out of room, i threw your food, i dont like all this, till when i have to do it? Poonam looks at him.
Komal recalls how Lakhan takes her side, she says i love you, Rekha comes and makes her eat sweets, she says i am making you eat it as you are going to be my daughter in law, Komal makes her eat too and says i will call you mother in law but i have some conditions, Rekha asks what? Komal says first condition is that after i get married to Lakhan, you will no come in our room without knocking, i mean you will have to give privacy, Rekha says i will come after knocking, i promise, she says our first trick worked, now its time to play more game, i will not tell you but i will show you tomorrow.
Mitlaish comes in his room, Maya asks what happened? why wound on your head? Mitlaish says nothing serious, she gives him water, Mitlaish says this happens daily, nothing happened to me, Maya says i will do dressing of your wound, Mitlaish sleeps, Maya takes off his shoes, she finds girl’s earring in his pocket, she thinks that i know you dont show it but you love your kids alot, this earring will look good on Soni, she tries to find another piece of earring in his pocket, Mitlaish wakes up and says were you checking my pockets? why everyone is behind me? you will not do this again, he leaves, Maya is tensed and thinks that why he scolded me so much for an earring?

Scene 2
People come to Bindya and says my daughter is missing since last night, Bindya thinks that it is related to earlier missing case, she asks what your daughter was wearing? mother says she was wearing red suite, her earring fell there only where she was kidnapped, she shows her earring, Maya is shocked to see earring and thinks that Mitlaish had other piece of this earring, did Mitlaish do all the kidnappings? Maya leaves, Bindya promises parents of daughter that she will find girl soon and will catch culprit.
May comes to Poonam, she tells her everything, she says i am afraid that what if Mitlaish is behind all this? Poonam says this can be coincidence too, Maya says if it is not then Bindya.. they see Bindya standing there, Bindya angrily leaves from there.
Rekha brings a Pundit in house, Badi Amma asks whats all this? Rekha says what else we can do? there are so many problems so only pundit can free us from all this, she asks Pundit to pray for house, he does, Komal thinks so this is her new plan, Pundit asks for water, Rekha asks Poonam to bring water, she brings it, Pundit says dont touch it, you got married and came in this house but you gave your heart to someone else before, Rekha says yes she used to love Priyom, Badi Amma says enough, Rekha says this is truth, she trapped Priyom in love trap before marriage, everything is happening because of her, Pundit says she is not pure, if you all want peace then throw her out of house and out of Lakhan’s life, Rekha says to Poonam that we cant pay price for your sin anymore, go from this house, also Lakhan doesnt love you anymore so leave, Lakhan comes and says this is husband wife’s matter so Rekha you should not come inbetween, Poonam nods no to Lakhan.

PRECAP- Soni gets kidnapped from house. All are searching for her, Badi Amma says who dared to kidnap Thakur family’s daugther? Bindya says its Mitlaish, all are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wow sueperb episode after such a long time.truly today’s is Valentine’s Day for laakhams fans.poonam n laakhan good going love u people ……just hope Mithilesh also comes back to his senses

  2. after a long time beautiful laakham scene.laakhan n poonam are love pls dont seperate them.ever just make them an example of true inseperable love <3 laakhan is such a cute baby and its so good poonam has the same passion for waiting to see bindiya gets free from this sarkar guy so that she can also rock like begusarai

  3. I don’t know why but i feel as if priyom might come back and maybe that he’s the sarkar .

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