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Begusarai 17th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Neha says I have read and seen your case of TV. Rest of the cases look so boring, yours is interesting. Bindya says thank you. Neha says later. Now speak. Bindya tells her everything. Neha says dont cry we will win this case. It is going to be fun.

Khera is abducted somewhere. He says who dared to do this to me? dadda ji comes in. Khera says I am so sorry dadda ji just forgive me. Dadda ji says do the enmity but keep the space so can see in each others eyes. Because of you one is gone to God and other is in jail. Khera says i am sorry. Dadda ji says you will give me money in return of my sons? He stabs khera.

Badi amma says please save mitlesh from jail God. Bindya comes in and rings the bell in temple. She says i want justice too God. Badi amma says God wont listen. bindya says because I didn’t give in so much money. You have everything but what i had was taken from me. Bindya says God does justice to everyone. Badi amma says we will see. Badi amma says I will do anything to save mitlesh.

Mitlesh arrives at court with cops. Rest of the family is there already. Lawyer tells badi amma that bail has been rejected. Bail is not that easy in murder case. and dont worry i will end this case if first hearing. i got to know that bindya doesn’t have a lawyer. why are you worried then? Convince your family foe the statement. He says then congrats you have wont the case already.
The hearing starts. Poonam is outside with bindya. Poonam says where is your lawyer? call her. Lawyer says bindya has not come. The case would be closed.
Neha enters the trial room. Bindya enters with her. Lawyer is dazed. Poonam comes and sits with lakhan. Mitlesh comes as well. Neha says Milord this case is clear as water. Mitlesh thakru killed priyom to get the bahu bali post. Rai says objection. Judge says let her speak first. Neha says thank you. I was saying Mitlesh killed his brother in name. He says he tried to remove all the proofs. The inspector was bribed and didn’t even want to write FIR. But under media pressure he had to.Rai says mitlesh was nor murdered. He says mitlesh was killed in an accident.

Precap-Bindya says i have the proof that death of my husband was a murder. Here is a proof.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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