Begusarai 16th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Begusarai 16th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Poonam brings Kurta for Lakhan, Lakhan takes it from her and says people should learn how to ignore one’s talks, you didnt listen doctor asked you to not work, you ave got wounds in hand, its night go to sleep, Poonam thinks Lakhan is miffed with me, i have never understood him but now i will try to see in his heart.
Bindya is sleeping, Rekha comes to her and wakes her up, Bindya gets afraid and ask why did you come here at night? i slept after much difficulty, REkha says i wanted to tell you that today Lakhan will beat Poonam, my plan will be successful and you will listen Poonam’s screams, Bindya says i will see thats.
Lakhan lies on bed, Poonam lies on floor and stares Lakhan who is sleeping, Rekha is outside room and thinks why rats have not started their

work. rats comes out of cupboard, they are near Poonam but she is busy looking at Lakhan, Lakhan wakes up from sleep and finds Poonam looking at him, he looks away and looks at her to find rats near her, he gets up and drags Poonam from there, he says where is your concentration, cant you see them, did they bite you anywhere? Poonam ask what? he says there are rats her, Poonam sees them on floor and screams rat, REkha listens this and laughs, Lakhan is himself little afraid but ask Poonam to not be afraid i am here, Poonam hugs Lakhan tightly, he gets silent for a minute and says they are just rats not ghost, dont afraid, Poonam is afraid and put hands around shoulder, Lakhan holds her from back, both share eyelock, Rekha tried to sneak in room and opens door by mistake, she is angry to see them close, Poonam moves away from Lakhan, Lakhan comes to Rekha and says you here? she says these rats? windows are open, i told Poonam to keep windows close but she doesnt listen to me, she tries to hurt Poonam but Lakhan stands inbetween Poonam and her, he lifts Poonam in arms and takes her from there, Rekha looks on stunned and says my fate is very bad, i cant understand my son, Bindya comes there and find rats there, she says to Rekha that this was your plan? you wanted Lakhan to beat Poonam and what he did? he took her in arms, Rekha says i made plan but it flopped, Bindya says just listen to what i say, dont curse your fate, curse Poonam’s fate, she is in wrong house as i am here, she leaves from there.

Scene 2
Lakhan brings Poonam on terrace, he takes her foot and puts in his lap, Poonam says what are you doing, he touches her feet, she says dont, he says i am checking if any rat had bite you, she is surprised, he ask did he bite? she nods no, Lakhan says where rat bite, it cant be seen easily so i should check clearly, Yeh Moh Moh ke dhaage plays as Poonam looks at him lovingly, Lakhan says it has not bite on feet, he comes closer and looks around her neck, he touches her neck, Poonam feels shy and closes her eyes, Lakhan looks at her, both share eyelock, Yeh moh moh ke dhaage continues. Lakhan says you girls are weird, you get afraid by seeing small rats, there were many rats around you but you didnt see them, Poonam smiles at him, he ask what are you looking at? she says nothing, he ask why you are smiling, she says just like that, Lakhan says i got worried because of your screams else i am not afraid of rats, Poonam smiles, Lakhan thinks that i feel like someone has caught, did Poonam saw me being afraid of rats, even if she has caught me, i dont care, he ask why you are smiling now? she says just like that, Lakhan says till morning, all rats will go away but we have to spend night at terrace only, i will bring Pillows, he brings pillows and sheets, Poonam is about to get down from bed, Lakhan holds her and moves her away, he set sheet on bed, Poonam lies on bed, he gives her Pillow and is about to leave, Poonam ask where will you sleep? there are rats inside, Lakhan doesnt answer her, she comes to otherside of single bed and lies beside Poonam, she looks at him and moves away little, he looks at her then looks away, both keep glancing at each other, Poonam smiles, she feels cold, Lakhan covers her with sheet, both look at sky, Poonam sleeps, Lakhan turns towards and keep looking at her, Bindya and Rekha looks at them from far, Bindya says did you see result of your plan, Rekha says i accept my mistake, Bindya ask her to not worry, go and sleep, i will think what to do next, Rekha leaves, Bindya says let Poonam live her life in her husband’s arms, let her enjoy this night, this was your night but tomorrow’s morning is mine.

PRECAP- Priyom is sleeping on couch and Bindya on bed, Poonam and Maya sees this from window. maya says i feel like Priyom is hiding something, Poonam says there is some secret between them thats why Priyom is silent.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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