Begusarai 16th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Begusarai 16th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddi is crying. She says then he left me crying here. I can’t go home. What will I say to them. I have no other option but to kill myself. Poonam says I can’t believe dolt can do this. He was never like this. Bindya says I am not lying. Poonam says I trust you but suicide is for weak and cowards. You are not a coward. We will find a solution. You have made a mistake but the world has not ended here. Poonam hugs her. Guddi says my world ended with his betrayal. I cant go home and answer everyone. Poonam says no. Poonam says trust me. Guddi says but what will you do? Poonam says i don’t know myself but I will do something. You wont tell it to anyone or our whole family will be destroyed. Guddi says I promise. She hugs her. Poonam says right now we have to go home.

calls Guddi. Poonam says priyom shouldn’t know this. Guddi you have to go home alone. Go. Just keep your promise. Go home. Guddi leaves.

Priyom says neither guddi nor poonam is picking the call. Guddi says forgive me poonam. you always wanted our better and we always doubted you. Poonam says I have no grudges. You are my best friend and you will always be. Poonam says guddi leave priyom is coming. Guddi leaves. Priyom comes in and says poonam? Are you okay? why did you shout? she says i saw a snake and no one is here. Lets go.

Maya comes to Guddi’s room and sees cushions under her blanket. She says where can guddi go? She comes downstairs. Dadda ji says why are you so worried maya? Maya wonders should she tell everyone or not. Badi amma says did you get to know something about poonam? She says no but guddi isn’t in her room. Dadda ji stands up. He says what is happening in this house. Is there some limit? Badi amma says maybe she is in washroom. Maya says no i saw everywhere, she is nowhere.
Dadda ji says I can’t tolerate this. These girls are out at 2 am.
Maya says maybe they both went out together. Or maybe Guddi went somewhere and poonam went after her. Bindya says wow in one sentence you said that you blamed guddi and said that Poonam is innocent. I think you are blaming guddi. Maya says I didn’t mean that. Bindya doesn’t like Poonam maybe that is why she is complicating it. Bindya says all i want is that she should stay away from my husband. Go find guddi must be in house. Badi amma says I will look for her.

Poonam says in heart he can’t ruin guddi’s life. Priyom asks poonam did you get to know about guddi? She says i forgot to tell you. I called Guddi. I was worried for nothing. We never needed to come here. Priyom says what you mean? Poonam says guddi told me she has gone home. Priyom says but where did she go? She says she went to wish her friend pooja. Priyom says she could tell at home. Poonam says you know dadda ji. That is why she took dolt’s help. Priyom says is that true? She says why would i lie? Lets go its late. Priyom says your phone was off? How did you call guddi then? Poonam says i turned it on to talk to her.
Then the battery died again. Lets go its late. Poonam sits in jeep. Lakhan sees them together and follows them. He goes in that room and finds jewelry on the floor.

Maya says why is bindya trying to trap priyom? Badi amma says they want to ruin everything. I trust poonam. I am worried for lakhan. Dont know what will he do with her. Lets go check in kid’s room. they enter kids room and find Guddi sleeping there. Maya says if she is here then where is poonam?
Poonam and priyom enter the house. Choti amma says ponamm.. dadda ji stops him.

Precap-Dadda ji takes out a gun. Lakhan says if my wife is the culprit i will punish her. Priyom says you are getting it wrong Lakhan.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Again the irritating confusion begins. Y cant the writers come up wid a good plot?
    Ty atiba.

  2. The trp of this show never going to increase just because f these stupid misunderstandings now lakhan will dut poonam and punish her and she will try to prove her innocent and guddi will not speak anything because of that stupid promise…to hell with this now I will never watch this serial I watched this serial just for poonam and lakhan

    1. no this time laakhan will think poonam loves priyom so he ll decide to leave her so that poonam and priyom can be together.upcoming spoiler saying this

  3. same here..lga tha misunderstanding khatam hui aur support,love n care ka silsila chalega but thanx to cvs pta ni kya karna chahte hai serial me.

  4. C’mn yr nt agn… In this serial I always found misunderstanding between lakhan and poonam… As the misunderstanding end and good thing happens then agn new misunderstanding happen… What the hell is gng in this serial yrrr no one like so many misunderstanding and fight in the serial there should be some cute or sweet moment…

  5. so this is going towards a huge MU and laakhan will feel he should sacrifice his love!!!are poonam look at this your laakhan is changed now..

  6. shabnam shaikh

    this show is really vrh awesome.. u ppl hav vry interesting nd impressing elements.. i jz dont get y d writers agn agn repeat same thngs eg misunderstanding btw lakhan nd poonam… bt lastly i wanna sae lakhan nd poonam r vry amazing.. sply lakhan

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