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Begusarai 16th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ananya comes in Haveli, she sees shakti with garland, other brothers come and stands with garland in their hands, Ananya and all are stunned. Adarsh puts garland in Ramakant’s neck, all brothers put garland in his neck. Soni says they are wearing sherwanies, Mayank says Maa Thakurain wanted all of them to wear sherwanies, they will wear it in their marriage too. Soni says to Ananya that lets go inside, mandap is waiting for you, Ananya blushes.
Ananya is brought to Mandap, Bindya is standing there, ananya smiles to her. Bindya comes to Ananya, Ananya touches her feet, Bindya says you are looking pretty, i always wanted to get daughter in law for my 5sons like you, Ananya smiles, she sees Badi Amma standing on stairs, she asks why she is standing upstairs? Bindya recalls how Badi

Amma said that she wont be part of this sin, Ananya asks will she not bless me? Bindya says go and ask her yourself, Ananya goes. Ananya comes to Badi Amma and touches her feet, Ananya says you didnt bless me? did i do any mistake? Badi Amma no and stares Bindya, she says this Haveli is old and has many stories to tell and today what will happen here will be written in history of this haveli and i dont want to be part of that, Ananya asks what she means? Badi Amma says leave few questions, only time will answer them, she leaves. Soni sees Mayank missing and goes to check him. Ananya is standing near stairs, servants see her and smirk.
Mayank calls Bindya and says work is done, now ananya will get married to your 5sons only, he turns to find Soni standing there, Soni have listened everything, Mayank asks her to not tell this to anyone, Soni says i wont let this happen, what kind of brother are you? you are cheap, i will tell this truth to Ananya and her father, she leaves, Mayank goes behind her.
Servants pushes Ananya off stairs, she is about to fall down but shakti holds her hand and saves her, shakti pulls her towards him and loses balance, he falls from stairs, ananya shouts shakti.. Bindya is shocked too, all get tensed him.. Shakti rolls down from stairs. soni comes there, Mayank takes from there. All come to shakti, Shakti is injured and unconscious, Ananya asks Shakti to open his eyes, Bindya is in shock too.. Ananya cries.
doctor checks Shakti and bandages him. Guests gossip that bride is so evil eyed that she injured groom, how will marriage happen now? dont know what will happen to this house as she has come here. Doctor says to Maa Thakurain that you will have to postpone this marriage, all are shocked. Ramakant says first let Shakti be fine, we have no hurry for this marriage, Bindya says no even Soni’s marriage got spoiled and i was insulted, i cant spoil my son’s marriage, this marriage will happen for sure, Ramakant says shakti cant even stand properly, how will this marriage happen? Garv says i will tell you. Shakti’s feet have crapes tied on it due to injuries. Brothers make Shakti get up. Bindya says Ramakant ji these brothers are my strength, if anyone becomes weak then other is ready to provide support so this marriage will happen for sure, my 5brothers will become shakti’s strength.

Scene 2
Ananya sits in mandap. she is waiting for Shakti, Mayank is there too. Ramakant says to ananya that Shakti is coming, Ananya says i am feeling tensed, this all.. Ramakant says Shakti put his life in danger to save you, now you will have to support him in marriage rituals. Bindya says my 5sons have come. Brothers comes there with Shakti in their hands. They make Shakti sit in mandap, Shakti smirks. They sit beside Shakti in mandap, Bindya says now my 5sons will finish this wedding, Ananya gets tensed listening. Maya recalls how 5sons are doing everything together, she asks Mayank where is Soni? he says she must have gone to washroom.
Soni is being locked in store room by Mayank, she calls out for help but no one listens to her. Soni says i have to stop this wedding, should i break door?
marriage starts, Pundit says first bride will make groom wear garland. Ananya looks through garland and sees five brothers sitting beside Shakti.

PRECAP- Shakti holds Mangalsutra, other brothers holds his hand and mangalsutra too acting like they are supporting him, they make Ananya wear mangalsutra, Soni comes there running and is shocked to see marriage, she says to Ananya that i want to tell you something, Bindya gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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