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Begusarai 16th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rekha thinks i thought my son will make me queen of Begusarai but he has become wife’s servant, Lakhan calls her in and ask her to set dinner, i am hungry and keep shagun ready, you daughter in law has made it first time, Lakhan is messaging her feet, Rekha says it would be good is she had set dinner table and served food to us, Poonam says i am fine, i will set dinner table, Lakhan ask dont you listen in one time? he ask Rekha to go, Rekha says ok i will set dinner, come.
Badi Amma says to Choti Amma that Manjeeta didnt do good, if Lakhan had come then he could have blessed them, could have said sweet words, Choti amma says you didnt do good by inviting him here, he left in anger, dont know what he must be doing with her, Phulan says Poonam went to Lakhan on her own so we cant

help her now, Badi Amma says we all know why she went to Lakhan, she has saved our family by sacrificing herself, dont insult it if you cant respect it, Phulan says thakurs dont need women to save them, Badi amma says i am women too, if i had to raised gun then this thakur.. Phulan says we thakur are ready to get killed then hiding behind women, Badi amma says we are in your lives so that you dont fall.
Rekha is working in kitchen and says i thought i will get free from all this but i dont have peace in my life, Bhushan comes and ask whats in food? Rekha says poison, Bhushan says i am used to eating poison, Rekha ask him to stop joking, Bhushan says i am hungry, Rekha says Poonam have made it, Bhushan says then it must be tasty, bring it, he leaves, Rekha says this Poonam is making everyone mad, i have to think about her, she finds chillies there and get idea.
In haveli, all are waiting for Priyom, he comes in devastated, Badi Amma stops him and ask where were you since morning? he says where you wanted me to be, Badi Amma ask him to come for dinner, Priyom says i have eaten outside, he leaves, Phulan says we have got this because of Poonam, elder one is not going out of house and younger one.. i know he has not eaten anything, Badi Amma says we cant change what happened but we have to handle things, take Priyom to work from tomorrow, with time every wound heals, this will heal too.

Scene 2
Rekha puts red chilli powder in vegetable which Poonam made, she says when Lakhan will eat it then he will slap her.
Bhushan says to Lakhan that i liked it you took Poonam to her home, Lakhan says i am eating with you after many days arent you liking it? Bhushan says i like it, Lakhan says i told you that i dont want to talk about it, Rekha brings food and says Poonam has made food for first time, i have prepared Shagun too, Lakhan takes food in plate, he is about to eat, Rekha stops him and says its not good that Poonam made it first time and you dont praise her, i will call her, Bhushan says to Lakhan that i dont understand your mother, Rekha brings Poonam there and says with Lakhan’s message, her feet is right, if i get pain in feet then i will ask Lakhan to message it too, Bhushan says you get pain in your neck often, Rekha ask him to not joke, Lakhan ask shall i eat? Rekha says yes, Rekha thinks that how will Lakhan beat her? maybe he will throw plate at her, she goes away from Poonam and says i can get hurt too, Bhushan eats food and coughs, he scolds Rekha for putting so much spice, he ask Poonam how you put so much chiili? Poonam is confused, Rekha says you started showing your colors, you are taking revenge from us, you wanna kill us by making us eat spicy food, Poonam says no.. Rekha says so we are lying? she ask Lakhan to taste food and tell her, Lakhan eats food, Poonam is afraid, Rekha waits for his reaction, Lakhan stares Poonam who is shivering, Rekha thinks he will beat her now, Poonam starts crying by his stare only, Lakhan eats more, Poonam and all other are stunned, Lakhan keeps eating much spicy food, his mouth is burning, Poonam is surprised, Rekha stops him and ask why you are eating this poison? throw it, Lakhan says dare you throw it, my wife has made food for first time in my house and you want to me throw it? to insult it? never, Poonam is surprised, Lakhan says i will eat every bit of it, he looks at Poonam and starts eating it, he feels spice but doesnt stop, he starts sweating, Poonam looks at him in tears, Rekha thinks someone said love is blind but taste bud goes too in love? how my son is eating this poisonous food.

Scene 3
Poonam is getting ready to sleep, she recalls how Lakhan made her run on road to punish her, then how he messaged her feet, she sees time and says Lakhan didnt come till now? should i sleep or wait? no if i sleep then his anger.. she waits for him to come, she sits on bed, keep looking at door and sleep, Lakhan comes in to find her sleeping, he sit beside he, she wakes up with jerk and gets afraid, he says you made food for first and spice was extra but i ate it so that you dont feel bad and you.. couldnt even wait for me? Poonam says no i was awake but.. Lakhan says i dont believe in trying but in completion, you tried but couldnt remain awake, Poonam says actually.. he stops her and says i have proved it again and again that i can go to any length for you, i went against whole begusarai to get you, relationship is based on mutual feelings so you have to love me like i do, understand? Poonam agrees, he says you have to prove it, dont be afraid, i will give you chance, are you ready? she says for what? Lakhan says there is no questions in love, remember i went out to get you and didnt even think which bullet can hit my head and which my chest, i kept moving forward and see i got you, same way you have to walk on this love path are you ready? Poonam is afraid.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  4. I cnt understnd lakhan’s love is he gone mad oneside he is ready to do anythng fr another side he is gving punishmnt becoz of poonam’s dad

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