Begusarai 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 16th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Maya comes in room, she says my kids will go to school, she starts finding money in her cupboards, she breaks her money box and takes out money, she counts it and cries as it has coins and isnt enough, she says i cant pay fees with this money, she cries, Badi Amma says control yourself, if their fate has education then they will study for sure, Maya says but parents are bound to give education to kids, my kids are not able to eat, get clothes and study, i feel like i will lose them with my own hands, Badi amma says dont think like this, Maya takes off her gold jewelry, she says i will sell them and give fees, Badi Amma says no i cant see our respect getting sold like this, Maya says so what can i do? they see a bag thrown in room, Maya opens it, Badi Amma says who threw it here? Maya

says alot of money in it, they are confused, Maya looks outside but doesnt find anyone, Bindya is hiding behind pillar(she has thrown it), Bindya thinks that my hard earned money will be used for kids, i promise that till i am alive, i wont let any kid’s future get destroyed.
Its morning, kids get ready for school, Poonam and Maya are helping them, Bindya sees them from first floor. Komal stops her by bringing her foot inbetween, Bindya is about to fall by it but controls herself, Komal says be careful, Bindya grabs her and puts knife on her neck, she says dont blackmail me with Sarkar’s name else i will cut your throat, Komal says i was just joking, Sarkar has sent a reward for you, dont you wanna see it? Bindya leaves her, Komal says i will show you, come with me, she leaves.
Poonam is cleaning house, Maya comes back wit Soni, Soni cries, Badi Amma says why didnt you send her to school? Soni says they didnt allow us to enter school. Komal brings Bindya there too, Soni says they threw us out of school, Maya says they have rusticated my kids from school. Komal asks Bindya did she like reward? i kept telling you to not go against but you didnt listen, you gave them money for fees and this is Sarkar’s reward for it. Badi Amma says but you went with fees, i will talk to principal, Maya says no use, Bindya has threatened principal that he wont allow my kids to go to school, she doesnt want my kids to go to school, Bindya is changed, she wasnt like this, Priyom and Bindya used to give their life for my kids, Bindya wanted to win, she won but i berate her for this, she wont be able to live happily, she leaves, Bindya gets emotional seeing this. Komal says to Bindya that sad what happened with these kids was not good, Bindya says what you got by stopping kids from study? you are so cruel? Komal says if you dont do any work then i have to work harder, Sarkar took money from you so that you come on way but you always go on wrong, why did you help Maya? Bindya says it was my hard earned money, i can give it to anyone, Komal says you can try to help this family but dont forget Sarkar has eye everywhere, even if you get away from Sarkar then i am here to have eye on you, if Sarkar gets angry on you then it wont be good for you like today so before you take any step, think before it, she leaves, Bindya gets angry.

Scene 2
Bindya comes in her room, she recalls how Soni was crying and saying that they didnt allow them to enter school, how Maya blamed her for everything, how Komal threatened her, Bindya tries to break mirror but she sees her reflection in mirror, her reflection says break this whole Haveli, you wanted to see this family in pain and now you are seeing it, arent you happy? Bindya says silent, reflection says i am truth and i wont stop speaking, truth is that your heart beats for this family, you cant see them in pain, you belong to them, you dont agree to it today but one day you will, she laughs on Bindya, Bindya is about to break mirror but Poonam comes and asks why you are in anger? why are you breaking things? it is all happening as you wanted, all are pained because of you, kids are suffering too, Bindya says i dont need to give explanation to anyone, Poonam says i dont want it either as i know you are not behind it, on whose instruction you are doing all this? i will not go today, tell me who is doing all this? who is using you in all this? who is threatening, tell me, i swear you on Priyom.. Bindya cries and says its Sarkar, Poonam is shocked, Poonam asks who Sarkar? Bindya says i dont know, she throws her out of room.
Badi Amma, Poonam and Maya comes to Komal and points knives at her, they ask who is Sarkar? Komal says i dont know, Poonam says i will kill you, Komal says Lakhan thakur, Lakhan says what are you doing? Poonam turns to see him there, Komal runs and hugs Lakhan, Poonam gets angry.

PRECAP- A pundit comes in house and says to Poonam that you are bad omen for this house, if you want happiness in family then throw her out of house, Rekha says i will, she drags Poonam out of house, Lakhan sees it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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