Begusarai 16th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 16th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Poonam is sitting in Mandap with Birla, Priyom comes there and says to Pundit that you go, marriage will not happen today, Pundit leaves, Birla goes behind Pundit to give him his bag, Priyom looks at Poonam dressed as bride, he ask her why you are sitting her, get up, he takes off her Ghunghat and looks at him, he says i didnt do anything, Poonam says did i say anything? Priyom says but your eyes are saying this only, he comes to her and says i didnt do anything, that Bindya must have run away being Afraid of Lakhan, Poonam says the one who didn leave when Badi Amma asked her, who didnt run away after getting beaten up by Lakhan, how would she run now when Mitlaish is with her, how do you manage to do all this? here everyone do bad openly and you do good work secretly, Priyom says to Poonam

that i dont know what is right or wrong, because of that Bindya, brothers were pointing gun at each other, because of her you are in this condition, i couldnt see all this so i hided that problem(bindya) which was whole issue, flashback shows how Priyom points gun at Bindya, they are stunned, he makes them smell chloroform, the become unconscious, he puts them in bags and hides them, fb ends. Poonam says to resolve our issue you went against Mitlaish? if he gets to know that you have hidden Bindya then he will.. Priyom says why you girls keep taking tension, Poonam says i am thinking right, Priyom says its good you are roaring now, Poonam says dont change the topic, he ask why? are you worried for me? she smiles and says when you will get beaten up then i will have to bring haldi milk for you, Priyom says that situation will not come, i will send Bindya out of Begusarai, he ask her to go and take rest, you have fever, she smiles and goes, Rekha who is hiding, listens their conversation, she says Priyom is a jerk, if he had not hidden Bindya then Lakhan would have married Poonam till now and i would have got 10% of assets, i will not leave him, she is about to leave but strikes with show pieces, Priyom sees her and ask did you listen something? she says what? he says means you got to know everything, she says i am not able to listen anything, he ask her to go and take rest, you must be tired, she says yes i should leave, he stops her and says dont you like that i love you? she says why are you saying this? he says then why did you give this rubbish idea of marrying Poonam in hurry to Lakhan? Rekha says what are you saying? Priyom says do you have any idea that your son could have died today, Rekha says Manjeeta was protecting him, he would not have let him die, Priyom says you think greatly but i am saying you to not give any idea like this to Lakhan again else i will tell everything to Bhushan and you know what will happen then, you will be running and Bhushan will be running behind you, Rekha imagines Bhushan beating her with hunter, she is stunned, Rekha says please dont tell this idea thing to anyone, i promise i will not give idea to anyone, Priyom says i will not tell anyone but i take things in return, i like your gold necklace, she gives it to him reluctantly, he then looks at her gold earrings, she says what will i do with them with necklace, she gives her earrings, bangles to her, he says i must leave now, he says i dont know if you listened my and Poonam’s talk but if you have listened then dont try to tell it to anyone else i will tell your secret to everyone too, he leaves, Rekha is shocked. (love the way this guy handles everything).

Scene 2
Bindya and Ghungroo are in big bags, Ghungroo comes out of bag, he brings out Bindya, they are on some road, Ghungroo says we are alive, Priyom says the thing which you have done, i wanted to kill you, Bindya is shocked to see him, Priyom says i could have killed you both but i am leaving you both with a warning that dont enter Begusarai again, Bindya says you are thinking wrong, i will tell you everything about what i said to Poonam and what she thought, Priyom says everyone wants to earn money and you also want the, i have no issues with that but you alleged Poonam’s character, because of you my brothers are fighting, i hate gun but that doesnt mean i dont know how to use it, when it comes to my family, i can die and i can kill anyone, i have taken decision, Priyom’s servant brings bag there, Priyom says this road is border of Begusarai, this bag is full of money, take it and leave Begusarai, never come here again, Ghungrro says to Bindya that take money and lets leave, Priyom says if i see you in Begusarai again then i will not leave you, he leaves from there. Bindya is angry, Ghungroo says lets leave.
Poonam is getting ready to go to college, her friend najma says so much happened today and you are going to college, Poonam smiles and says my life is full of drama so i have thought that after drama, i will live my life in my way, she says lets go, they leave.
Badi Amma says to Phulan that Begusarai got new king, Phulan Thakur’s son Priyom thakur, i understand that its very difficult to implement this decision, its like walking on sword, Lakhan and Mitlaish will not accept that the one who used to joke will become king over them, maybe they will become his enemy, Phulan says you are right, it will be difficult to announce it but i have always done justice, its fro my people of Begusarai, they take me as king and for them, if i have to break ego of my family member then i will do it, i promise you that Priyom will be next king of Begusarai and all family member sill have to accept him with a smile.

PRECAP- Poonam and Najma are going to college when Lakhan comes in their way. He says to Poonam that from today you will not study, you will not go to college, you will not go out of house without my permission, go home, Poonam doesnt go, he says why you are not listening to me, he makes her sit in his jeep by pushing her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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