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Begusarai 15th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lakhan asks people if they have seen poonam.
Priyom asks a man if they have seen a guy and girl. He says yes a bike went from here. Guddi kisses Dolt. He makes her sit.
Lakhan reaches a place and recalls what Bindya said. He says she is out of her mind. I will never doubt on poonam and hurt her. she is only mine. Wherever you are I will find you and take you home.

Guddi and Dolt sleep together. Guddi says I really love you dolt. He says everyone trusts their love unless they are deceived. she says why are you saying that? He gets out of bed. He says I loved you but you deceived me. History repeats itself. Today you love me and I deceived you. she says what are you saying? I don’t like these jokes. she hugs him. He says I loved you but not anymore. She says you

are just teasing me right? He says for wise only a sign is enough. She says you cant leave me like this. He says why can’t I> I gave you all I had. She says please don’t do this to me. I really love you, that was my mistake. He shoves her and says now pay for your mistake all your life. He leaves. She stands there stranded in tears. She says please stop dolt but he leaves.

Poonam and Priyom reach the place. They see dolt going. Poonam says Guddi wasn’t with him.
Lakhan reaches the man who told Priyom and poonam about dolt and guddi. Lakhan buys water from him. He says you look worried? You need some help? Lakhan says what can you help me with? He says you can use my phone to call. He says have you seen my wife? The man says she was in jeep with Priyom. Lakhan throws water on his face and how you dared to say this. He says I said what i saw. Lakhan shoves him and leaves.

Rekha says to bindya you know dadda ji’s anger. Bindya says i am not lying. I saw poonam and priyom going together. This thakur family should know what losing dignity is like. One side, their daughter in law is doing this and on the other hand guddi will ruin their name. Rekha says how did guddi come between all this? She says i thought priyom was a nice guy, but no. I wont leave any of them.

Priyom and Poonam enter the alcove. He says why would dolt come here. Poonam says guddi is somewhere here. I will check here you check in the other direction. He says take care, and keep your phone with you. She says don’t worry and look for Guddi.
Dadda ji says he didn’t come. Lakhan didn’t come. Call him. Rekha calls him. Choti amma says maya take the kids with you. Maya wonders that kids woke up because of dadda ji’s voice then how is guddi still asleep. She says maybe guddi is in her room with poonam. I should go and check. She says you both go to room I am coming.

Dadda ji says to rekha should i place a tower in here. Rekha says he is not picking up. Badi amma says i hope poonam is fine.
Guddi is crying. She says I am ashamed. I did such a big sin. I am ashamed of myself. I hate my body that dolt touched. How will i go home now. How will I face my family. There is only one way. She ties her saari on the rod and hangs herself. Poonam comes there and sees her. she screams. Poonam holds her and says what are you doing. She says priyom come here. Guddi says leave me. Poonam makes her stand on the stool. Poonam takes the saari off her neck. Guddi has fainted. Poonam says wake up guddi. She says look here why you tried this? What happened? She says I used to be your friend. You used to tell me everything. Guddi is coughing. Guddi starts coughing and sobbing. Poonam says what happened? She says dolt..
Lakhan says where are you poonam i have been looking for you. He calls her but her phone is off.
Priyom comes there and says where is poonam? Her phone is off as well. Lakhan calls priyom. He says what should i tell him? He mistakenly leaves phone on. Priyom says where are you poonam? Can you hear me. Lakhan hears it.

Precap-Lakhan comes and sees poonam.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. fir se shak….

    1. I agree, this thing is going in circles! He doubts her, they fight, they fall in love, he doubts here again, they fight, they fall in love!!

  2. horribleeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. Now i’m not gonna watch this serial again because are increasing misunderstandings between Poonam and Laakhan instead of finishing them.

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