Begusarai 15th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Begusarai 15th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lakhan and Poonam are sleeping, Poonam wakes up worried, Lakhan asks if she saw bad dream? she says i am feeling scared, Lakhan says you must be scared, he says alongwith child, i have to take care of you too, i will bring warm milk for you, drink that and sleep peacefully, he goes to bring milk.
Lakhan comes in hall, he sees a family there, guard says they are Deno’s parents, Deno was drowned in water, many people are pulled in that river, Lakhan says dont worry, i will investigate this matter, parents leave, Lakhan says whats this new drama?
its morning, Badi Amma starts baby shower ceremony of Poonam, Bindya and Maya, one lady says to Poonam that give your son Lakhan’s height not his anger, one lady says to Maya to bring beautiful child, Pinto and Soni gets idea,

they tell it to Guddi. Badi amma, Guddi and kids bring Priyom’s picture, they dance on dedi tera devar song, Guddi acts like Priyom and gives rose to Bindya, Bindya takes smilingly. Guddi comes there dressed as Mitlaish, she dances with Maya using gun on dabang, all laugh. Guddi comes there as Lakhan, she dances with Poonam on song boss, Lakhan comes there, he stares Guddi, she gets conscious, Lakhan says i will not spare you, he grabs her and says whats all this? women says to Lakhan that he doesnt know that men dont come in baby shower? Poonam says you have to leave as like Guddi’s Lakhan thakure more, Lakhan says fine, he leaves, Badi Amma says its time to go to riverside and do pooja there. Lakhan comes there and says i wont be able to come to pooja at river, i have some work, Poonam asks cant he go later? he says its important work, Bindya says let him go, we will go to pray, Lakhan says security guards will go with you all too, he asks Poonam to pray for son there, he leaves.

Scene 2
All ladies come to riverside, they pray. Bhushan and Manjeeta are there too, Maya, Poonam and Bindya does pooja, Badi Amma asks them to go in river and pray, there is someone in river. Poonam goes in river first, she steps in it, she is about to fall but Guddi holds her in time, she asks Poonam if she is fine? Poonam says thank God you held me, Bindya asks her if she is fine? Poonam says i felt like someone pulled me in there, Badi Amma says it must be because of dirt in water, you all be careful, Guddi says dont worry till i am here, i wont let anything happen to my bhabhis, Bindya says i know we are in safe hands as you are brave, Maya says you have such a good smile, keep smiling, all smile, they start poring water in river standing near its bank, someone pulls Guddi in river, Poonam’s aarti plate falls too, Guddi falls and drowns in water, all are shocked, Poonam tries to go in, Manjeeta stops her and says i will check, he jumps in water and swims to find Guddi, Guddi is drowning, Manjeeta is swimming towards her, all are worried, Manjeeta loses Guddi’s sight, she is not seen in river, manjeeta looks around in water, he goes in water to find her, Poonam says Guddi, she says we have to do something else Guddi will drown, she asks her to call Lakhan and Mitlaish, Badi amma calls Lakhan and tells him everything. Maya says even Manjeeta is not seen in river now, Poonam cries, Maya holds her, Manjeeta comes out of river, Poonam says he is coming alone, he didnt find Guddi, Bindya cries. Mitlaish and Lakhan comes there, Mitlaish asks Poonam what happened? she tells them everything, Poonam says Manjeeta didnt find her, Mitlaish goes to call swimmer, Manjeeta comes and says i looked everywhere, she is not there, Bindya says we have to bring her out, she will die if she remains in this water, man comes and says to Lakhan that i told someone else also drowned in water, before that too many people have drowned it, Lakhan says i dont like these delusional talks, Lakhan asks family to go home, Poonam says i wont go anywhere, Guddi is in danger because of us, Lakhan says you have duty to take care of our child, Guddi’s brother is here to find her, you have my swear, go home, i will bring Guddi.
Ladies are at home, Pinto asks Vimla if Guddi is dead? she says nothing like that, Poonam is crying as she worries about Guddi, she sends them away, Bindya says dont know whose evil eye has fallen on our house, happiness comes with bigger sadness, Badi Amma cries, Lakhan calls Badi amma, Poonam takes call and asks Lakhan if he found Guddi? Lakhan is silent, Poonam asks about Guddi, eh asks why are you silent? if you dont speak up then i will come here, Lakhan says swimmers are finding her, she will be found soon, he ends call, Poonam cries, Bindya hugs her, Poonam says if anything happens to Guddi then i wont be able to forgive myself, if was careful then Guddi wouldnt have come to save me and wouldnt have drowned in water, she took my death, Bindya says this is fate, pray for her, Poonam says i will call Lakhan again, Badi amma says no, he is finding her, let him be, Poonam says how shall i pacify my heart? Bindya says by uniting like a happy family who always stand together in all problem, Poonam hugs Bindya, Badi Amma and Maya joins too.

PRECAP- Lakhan says no side should remain free, put net in river and find Guddi. Men put net in water and says to Lakhan some heavy thing has come in net, Lakhan says pull it upwards, men bring some heavy thing in net, they put it on river bank, man says it seems like dead-body covered with some cloth.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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