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Begusarai 15th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Priyom says to Poonam that what you are doing for my family.. Poonam says Pinto and Soni are my family too, Priyom says i promise i will come behind you after getting kids, Poonam says why will you come behind me? Priyom says i mean.. Poonam says its all not needed in our relation, without your saying i know you will come to save me, Priyom says what it i done some mistake? Poonam says i will give up my life but will not be of Lakhan’s, both sadly look at each other, she says i trust you, it will not happen, Priyom gets a message. he comes to Phulan and says Lakhan has messaged that Poonam and kids will exchanged at his den in 2 mins, Phulan says we are ready to do what he wants, they leave for den, Bindya calls Lakhan and informs him about it.
Priyom, Poonam, Phulan reaches some

place, they find duplicate of Poonam there, Priyom ask whats all this? Phulan says its good that you thought about kids before yourselves so i have to think about my kids, i cant play with Poonam’s life so duplicate of Poonam will go there, Poonam says what if Lakhan knows this? he can hurt kids, Phulan says we have to take risk, Priyom says this is no right, Phulan says i am king till now, i cant take your suggestion but i have take decision, i cant get blackmailed by anyone, if we bow to bad people once then i will not be rise in my own eyes, i love Soni and Pinto too but if god wants me to sacrifice them in fight for good then i am ready, Priyom sys i agree with you, Poonam says how can you say this, Priyom says as common man we were doing right but Phulan has thinking of a king and its right, he says i will come with you, Phulan gives him gun, he takes it, Phulan says to Manjeeta that you have to protect our would be daughter in law now, Manjeeta nods, Poonam’s duplicate sit in car with Priyom, they arrive at Lakhan’s den.

Scene 2
At den, Phulan and Priyom looks for Lakhan, Lakhan does announcement that today i will write my win, he ask to get out of car, Phulan and Priyom gets out of car, Lakhan ask to bring Poonam out of car too, Phulan says we dont trust you, we want to see Soni and Pinto first, Lakhan says i will conditions and you have to follow it, you cant order me, Phulan says its exchange deal so we want to see kids first, then we will Poonam in car here, else we will leave, Lakhan says kids are in back of car, take them and leave Poonam here, Phulan orders Priyom to starts cover firing after we get kids, Phulan goes to car, he opens back of car to find nothing there, he says cheating, Lakhan says you didnt bring Poonam so i didnt bring kids, you like cheating in game then lets play it, Phulan finds some silhouette and goes behind him thinking its Lakhan, he catches him and its Dolt, he ask Dolt where is Lakhan? Dolt says he is on phone, flashback shows how Bindya had seen Poonam being replaced with duplicate Poonam. On call, Priyom says enough of your games, put your weapon down, Lakhan says what will you do? you cant catch shadow, you dont me, i am not the one who will put weapon down, Priyom says your fight is with me, i am here, fight with me but leave kids, Lakhan says you took away my love from me and asking me to pardon kids? i dont know forgiveness and all now, all i know is taking lives now, i will get Poonam at any cost but for now i will punish you for cheating me, he points gun at kids and says to Priyom on phone that listen voice of your heirs for last time, he shoots, Soni and Pinto shouts, Priyom and Phulan are stunned.

Scene 3
Lakhan comes to Haveli, throws packet in Haveli and leaves, drugha and Sipahi, takes packet inside, Mitlaish says why didnt you catch him? Drugha says he was on bike, Mitlaish opens packet to find Soni and Pinto’s blood filled clothes, Maya sees it too, Mitlaish looks on shocked and says its my kids’s clothes, he says Priyom went with Phulan to bring kids then whats all this? Priyom comes back home all broken, Mitlaish says Lakhan did cheap act again, this cant happen right? Priyom looks down, Mitlaish says you went to bring kids, where are they? he shouts where are kids? Poonam comes there, Mitlaish ask what she is doing here? you went to give her to Lakhan, he ask what game you and your father played this? Priyom tells him everything, about duplicate Poonam and how they listened Lakhan shooting kids, Priyom says our Soni and Pinto are… all cries, Mitlaish says to Maya that Phulan killed our kids, he is in tears.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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