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Begusarai 15th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bindya brings dadda in people. Everyone has stones in their hands. On of them throws it at him. Bindya comes up with a gun. Bindya says I need to tell you what humiliation is. I will take all your honor from you today. I will burn you in your people. See there, in your begusarai. I will nude you.
Someone comes to mitlesh and says Bindya is back. She said she will kill dadda at the same spot. Mitlesh says I am leaving. What were you people doing.

Dadda says you sinners, I wont live in society of sinners. You have hit a thakur. Bindya says they are all dumb. These people are all alive dead dead bodies. They didn’t listen to me that day. Why would they listen to you today. If someone comes to your help i will cut them down too. Just looks back. They turn back, bindya’s

men have surrounded everyone. She says now you know how it feels to be helpless. Even a pr*stitute doesn’t let anyone touch her without permission. I was daughter in law of thakur family.
Dadda says I wont bow down. Bindya says today you will repent over your sins. A woman gave birth to day. If your mom was alive today, she would have dreamed of killing you on your birthday. I will make you an example today. A men will not decide the fate of a woman after today. See there. You have to die today. Dadda sees a handing. She says you will die today. Right here. Bindya points the gun at dadda. Bindya says start walking. Dadda starts walking. Mitlesh comes and fires a shot in the air. Mitlesh points a gun at bindya. He says a cat with Jekyll army. Leave dadda. We don’t wanna watch a circus. Lets go dadda ji. Her game is over. Bindya comes forward. She says you better came here. Because you have to die after him. Mitlesh says dadda will go with me. She says dadda will die and you wont live either. She points a gun at him.
Bindya says this is not the begusarai you became bahubali of. It has changed. Dadda tries to attack binya, Bindya shoots him. Mitlesh tries to run to save him, Bindya’s army stops him. Dadda is in blood. She reads a mantra. She shoots him again, and says this is for your birth. She shoots again and says this for trying to kill an unborn child. SHe shoots again and says this for atrocities on women. She shoots again and says this for priyom. She shoots again and says this for humiliating me.

Precap-Poonam is being treated by the doctors. Lakhan places a candle on his hand and prays for her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Yoo bindiya yoo bindiya

  2. Gud to see devil dadda dead

  3. Wow Gud to see devil dadda dead

  4. Wow bindya rocks nd pls end the track of daada ji

  5. Is dadda dead?? Yeah finally….now I want to see mithilesh dying.
    #womenpower 😀

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