Begusarai 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Poonam comes in kitchen, she breakdown in tears, Badi Amma comes and asks did Lakhan eat? Poonam says he liked it so much that he wants it in dinner too, Badi amma says my doubt was right, she is about to leave but Poonam asks her where is she going? Badi amma says i going to teach lesson to Komal, she is eating in this house and backbiting us too, Poonam says she eats from Sarkar only, she tells Badi Amma how she listened Bindya telling Bhanu that Komalis agent o Sarkar, she says we have to reach Sarkar soon.
Bindya recalls how Komal said that Sarkar will handle matter of missing people. Bindya comes in Komal’s room, she sees her phone there and thinks to check it, she opens her phone and checks it, she finds Sarkar’s number but sees Komal coming so she hides, Komal

sees her phone ringing, she takes call, its Sarkar on otherside, Bindya sees her talking to Sarkar, Komal asks Sarkar i have to come right now? at same den? she says okay i will come, she leaves, Bindya thinks that she is going to met Sarkar, i should follow her.
Komal is going to meet Sarkar, Bindya is following her. Komal comes to godown, Bindya follows her there. Komal is talking to some lady, she greets her as Sarkar and says everyone is under control at Haveli, Bindya thinks i am not able to see face of Sarkar, Komal says to Sarkar that the time Lakhan and Poonam’s relation break, i will make Lakhan mine at that time and our power will increase, trust me, this is our benefit, Bindya listens this, Komal senses Bindya’s prsence, Bindya hides for sometime, she sees Komal and Sarkar gone, she says where did they go? i knew it was Sarkar but i couldnt see her face.
Badi Amma is counting money, Bhanu is checking it, Badi Amma asks Bhanu to give money to run Haveli for this month, Bhanu says dont talk much, Bindya comes there, Bhanu says it is 30lacs, Bindya says keep money in my room, Badi Amma says they didnt take out money to run house for this month, Bhanu says i asked you to remain shut, he takes money from there, Komal sees all this and thinks that this means Begumsarai keeps all money with her.
Poonam comes in her room and looks at Lakhan emotionally, he says leave my way, Lakhan leaves, Poonam is sad, Rekha sees all this and thinks that day is not far when Lakhan will throw Poonam out of her life, Komal is affecting him.
Servant brings Money in Bindya’s room, Komal says this money will not stay in this room, she asks servant to put money in tempo which is parked outside Haveli, Bindya says this money will remain here, with whose permission you are asking to put money in tempo Komal? Poonam is listening all this too from far, Komal says to Bindya that it is Sarkar’s order, Bindya says why would i give Thakur family’s money to Sarkar? Komal says you are living life given by Sarkar, Bindya says i agree she saved my life but she cant rule my life, Komal says you cant go against Sarkar, what you think that you will follow me and Sarkar will not know it? the act you did, after that Sarkar has decided that all money will go to her, you will get money to run house, if you try to another mistake then remember Sarkar has on eye on everyone, Poonam thinks that Komal is blackmailing Bindya with Sarkar’s name, Komal takes money from there, Bindya fumes in anger.

Scene 2
Mitlaish is going somewhere, goon is following him. Mitlaish feels it and hides, goon says where did he go? Mitlaish comes from back and beats him, he says who sent you? goon says i did mistake, Sarkar sent me, i didnt do anything, leave me, Mitlaish asks who is Sarkar? telling me everything else i will kill you, goon says Sarkar is.. another goon comes and beats Mitlaish with rod, other goon says to first goon that Mitlaish saw your face, goon says i will kill him but other goon says Sakrar will not like it, they run from there.
Poonam is teaching lesson to Soni, Maya says to Badi Amma that we are not getting money to run house, i didnt give last month’s school fees of kids, if i dont pay it this month then they will be thrown out of school, she asks Baid amma if she can talk to Bindya? Badi amma thinks, Bindya comes there, Badi Amma calls out to her, Badi Amma says we have less money to run house, we didnt pay kids school fees, if we dont pay it then their names will be cut from school, Bindya looks at Komal who is watching everything from far, Poonam looks at Komal too, Bindya feels bad, Maya brings Soni to Bindya and emotionally looks at Bindya, Maya says why are you dragging kids in all this? why are you destroying their future, Bindya stares Komal who looks otherside, Poonam says please Bindya, you are Begumsarai, you have promised to solve problems of everyone, dont snatch right of kids, let them study, be with them, Komal thinks that if Bindya keep standing there then their emotional drama will affect Bindya, Komal calls Bindya, Bindya leaves, Badi Amma says Poonam you used to say that Bindya has humanity but see what she did, Maya says i cant see my kids future going astray, she leaves.

PRECAP- Badi Amma, Poonam and Maya points knife at Komal and says tell us who is Sarkar, if you dont tell us then we will kill you, Komal says Lakhan thakur.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ok i m sure lakhan Thakur is standing behind these ladies that’s y komal called his name

  2. I guess cholti Amma is Sarkar she is related to Komal na .
    It can’t be laakhan Thakur as he cant kidnap his father
    Or Komal might be saying laakhan as he is standing behind Poonam ,there might be a Tashan between Poonam n laakhan tommrow

  3. oh my god!
    leave laakham another MU

  4. I love serial

    I guess she told lie because she wants to create misunderstanding between Lakhan and Poonam

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