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Begusarai 15th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shakti comes in hospital, Garv is there too. Garv tells Shakti that there is some dancer behind all this, i found her clothes in hospital room, i talked to her too when she was in our house, she told me that her name was Gauri, he sees no Gauri in hospital’s register, Nurse sees Anany’a clothes in Garv’s hands, nurse says this girl came here with her brother and changed clothes here, i will bring her bill copy, you can find her name in it, she brings it, Garv reads her name and its Ananya, Shakti is shocked and recalls how Ananya was present in Haveli function.
Ananya comes home and is tensed, she finds Mishra’s friend’s family there. Mishra introduces Ram and Suman who are grooms parents, he makes her meet Shekhar who has brought proposal for Ananya,

Ananya thinks i cant tell Mishra everything rightnow.
Bindya calls Shakti and says bring that girl to me, she has to pay for helping Soni, its respect in return of respect.
Garv says how dare that Ananya take our sister from our house, i will not spare her, Shakti looks on.
Ram says to Mishra that we have liked Ananya and this relation is done from our side, Mishra says its done from my side too, Ram says then we will do marriage soon, Suman says everything will be nice in house where Ananya will go.
Brothers are going to Ananya’s house, Shakti is tensed.
Ram leaves with his family. Ananya says to Mishra that Mayank.. she listens jeep coming outside house, Mishra says what Maa Thakurain’s sons are doing outside our house? Ananya says Mayank has runaway with Maa thakurain’s daughter, Mishra is shocked. Brothers come in Mishra’s house, Ananya is tensed and hides behind Mihsra, Garv pushes away Mishra and drags Ananya away from him, he tries to stop but Garv pushes her away, Ananya falls on Shakti, she looks at him helplessly who angrily stares her, Ananya tries to go to Mishra but Shakti holds her arm, she is stunned and tries to free herself, Garv throws Mishra away, Mishra falls down on floor, Adarsh drags ananya from house, they put her in jeep, Mishra says where are you taking my daughter? leave her, shakti holds Ananya’s hands, Ananya nods him no and tries to leave from jeep but brothers take her from there. Mishra shouts and says to neighbors that help him, neighbor says we cant do anything, only one person can save you from Maa thakurain, Mishra asks who? neighbor says only Maa thakurain can save you from her anger.
Shakti brings Ananya to Haveli, he holds her hand, she tries to plead to him but he doesnt listen to her and drags her inside. He throws her on floor.
Servant comes to Maa thakurain and says sons have come with girl. Shakti holds Ananya’s hand and drags her on floor, she gets up, Shakti brings her to Bindya’s room and throws her in her feet, Shakti says she is the girl who helped Soni, Ananya looks at Bindya, she then looks at Shakti. Garv throws her dancer clothes, Garv says she entered our house as dancer, Adarsh says Soni has runaway with her brother only, Bindya angrily stares her, Ananya says to bindya that i dont know anything, she looks at Shakti and says i am saying truth, Bindya grabs Ananya from mouth and says i will kill you if you try to lie so tell me where did Soni and her lover go, Ananya says my brother blackmailed me saying that he will kill himself, he told me that he want to meet Soni for last time so i took her from Haveli and made her meet Mayank, i just took Soni to make her meet Mayank last time, i didnt know that they will runaway, they locked me in room and left from there, i dont know where they went, i swear i am not lying, shakti points gun at her and asks Bindya should i shoot her? Ananya looks on shocked.

PRECAP- Bindya is holding Ananya neck by hunter, she drags her towards herself, Ananya falls down. Mishra folds his hand infront of Bindya, Bindya says your son and daughter both are guilty for me so take my slippers, put it on your head and walk in whole market of Begusarai, Mishra puts her slippers on his head and walks in Begusarai.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. bye-bye begusarai.
    After today epi i really cant tolerate it anymore.not even a singel episode…….
    Really disappointing….
    I hvnt thought that this show will b’cme extrmly cheap within 2 weeks .

  2. really cheap show. what the hell is it?

  3. It was really cheap , the way bindiya is acting , I thought it would be interesting but after yesterday it is intolerable.

  4. i left it from the time priom died today open it with great courage and remain shock to see that it had comments till now

  5. i think Bindia is interesting but now she is irritating

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