Begusarai 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Poonam is sad, marriage band comes in street, all are shocked that baraat has arrived, Rekha says groom is coming and what kind of brother is Mitlaish that is ready to kill him on marriage, why all are silent. Mitlaish looks at baraat, Chuna yadav says that i thought i would have to do something to break thakurs but they are themselves ready to kill each other. Phulan and Badi Amma looks at barrat. Mitlaish looks at his shooters, shooters take their positions, band stops playing, one man says that we should leave, the band starts leaving when Lakhan’s goons comes there with guns too, band is worried, both sides are pointing guns at them, band starts playing music again, Poonam starts walking down, Lakhan comes there in his jeep dressed as groom, Birla puts veil on Poonam’s and

takes her down, Lakhan angrily looks at Mitlaish, Poonam is brought in mandap. Bhushan and Rekha comes out of Haveli and stands beside Lakhan giving him support, Bhushan stares Mitlaish, they start walking towards Mandap, all shooters of Mitlaish are pointing at Lakhan, Manjeet comes out so all shooter put down their guns, yadav says nobody can shoot Manjeeta as he is right hand of Phulan, now have to see what Mitlaish can do, Mitlaish says to shooters that you all are jackals, dogs are more loyal then you people, but lion like me doesnt need jackals like you, i am alone enough for whole family of Lakhan, he takes gun in his hand is coming down, Yadav says this was expected from Mitlaish, now it will be fun to see who shoots first, Phulan is shocked and says i cant sit quite now, i have to stop them, Mitlaish comes in street, he shouts Lakhan and points gun at him, Rekha is stunned, all people run away, Lakhan turns and points gun at him too, Phulan comes out to stop them but Priyom comes and shouts stop it, he announce that Bindya ran away, all are shocked, Priyom says that dancer left Begusarai, all looks at him, Priyom says that dancer took away money, he ask shooters to run and catch her, she did robbery in thakurs house and ran away, how can we leave her, Mitlaish and Lakhan puts down gun, Badi Amma says to Phulan that he is strange guy, he removed the reason of fight, now Lakhan and Mitlaish have bullets but have no reason to fire it, meet the new king of Begusarai, Priyom Thakur, Phulan looks at him.

Scene 2
Priyom brings Mitlaish and Lakhan to Bindya’s house, they see she is gone and wondow broken, Mitlaish ask Priyom how you got to know that Bindya ran away? Priyom says i was dating a girl by lake side when i saw Bindya and Ghungroo running away with money in boat, Mitlaish says jerk she was taking away our money and you didnt stop her, Priyom says how could i stop her, she was in boat, Mitlaish says if you have time other than girls then you would leanr how to swim, even Phulan can swim faster than you, Priyom says if we were like father then we would have not seen this day, now what will you do, you were about to shoot your brother for that dancer but she ran away, now will you shoot Lakhan? oh i am sorry, the answer is that when reason of fight is gone then how can you shoot him, Mitlaish ask his goons to find Bindya alive or dead, he leaves, Priyom says to Lakhan that you created this marriage to make that Bindya leave begusari, now what will you say to people to cancel the marriage? you are a fool so should i give you some idea? so listen, tell everyone that you made your would be wife stand under cold water for 6 hours and she got high fever because of that so i cancel my marriage, Lakhan thinks.

PRECAP- Priyom says to Poonam that i dont know what is right or wrong so i hided that problem(bindya) which was whole issue. Poonam says to resolve our issue you went against Mitlaish? if he gets to know that you have hidden Bindya then he will.. Priyom looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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