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Begusarai 14th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Poonam asks Lakhan to give gun, she says to Choti Amma that we will do what you say but dont do anything to Badi Amma, she gave you another chance, leave her, Choti Amma says we will leave her as easily as you thakurs will allow us to go from Haveli, Komal asks Lakhan to tell his men to put down guns, Lakhan gives gun to Komal, men put gun down, Komal says to Choti Amma that now i know your plan, she says Badi Amma’s remaining life is in your hands now, Choti Amma points gun at Badi Amma and drags her from Haveli, Komal points gun at family and stats leaving with Choti Amma, they throws Badi Amma there and leaves in jeep from there, Mitlaish says i wont let them escape so easily, Lakhan and Mitlaish sits in jeep and starts following Komal and Choti Amma. Komal says to Choti Amma that

they are following us, Komal and Choti Amma fires at them but they bent down, Mitlaish points gun at Komal, Lakhan says i promised Poonam that i will kill her, you drive jeep, i will shoot, he takes gun from and shoots, it hits Komal’s jeep’s tyre, Choti Amma says take jeep in jungle, in jungle we can confuse them, Komal takes jeep towards jungle, Mitlaish says they are thinking they will fool us but they dont know that there is dead end after here. Komal sees cliff, she says we are going near cliff and Lakhan is coming from behind, Choti Amma asks her to apply breaks, Komal sees break failed already, she says steering is jammed, she says nobody can save us now, Komal looks at Lakhan sadly coming near them, Choti Amma tries to stop jeep, they both fall off from cliff and car have bomb blast, Mitlaish and Lakhan are shocked to see this, they see car burning and looks at each other.
Mitlaish and Lakhan comes back home, Badi Amma asks about Komal and Choti Amma, they get silent, Bindya asks why you are silent? Mitlaish says we tried to follow them, he tells them everything, how Komal and Choti amma fell from cliff and died, all are stunned, Poonam says this means Choti Amma.. Lakhan agrees, Mitlaish says she fell from cliff, also car had blast so i dont think she would be saved, Badi Amma says i gave many chances to her but she didnt change, she is still my younger sister, she asks Maya to call Pundit tomorrow, we will have pooja for Choti amma’s soul to rest in peace, Maya nods.

Scene 2
After months, Pinto comes in lounge, he hides a book, Badi Amma sees it and says this is name list, Pinto says i want you to choose my would be brother’s name, Guddi says three babies are going to born(maya, Poonam and Bindya are pregnant), Pinto says i have some suggestions, Maya says we thought alot then we named you and Soni, Bindya says dont be sad, you know my baby will come first, you can name him, Pinto says i will name him Laddo, Bindya says this is great name, Pinto thanks her and leaves.
Lakhan lifts Poonam in arms, Poonam says anybody can see, he says you are my wife, she says if you dont put me down then i will scream, Lakhan puts her down and says you dont eat anything, doctor asked you take rest, if you want anything then tell me, you dont have to climb stairs, now lets go down but be careful. Lakhan brings Poonam in hall, Badi Amma asks Poonam to not be shy, like you are becoming mother for first time, Lakhan is becoming father for first time too, Lakhan leaves with Mitlaish. Badi Amma calls Bindya, Poonam and Maya, Bindya says cant we get off from these laddos? Badi Amma says i know you dont like these laddos but its really good for baby, she makes Poonam, Maya and Bindya eat it, Bindya make faces and eats.
Poonam is making sweater, she looks at Lakhan and tries to get up, she gets idea and winces in pain, Lakhan comes to her and makes her lie down on bed, he says take rest, he takes sweater from her, Poonam looks at him lovingly, he says you didnt even take medicine? i will bring warm water, you will less pain, Poonam says me and my child needs you rightnow, you know Badi Amma was praising you, she was saying that you are taking more care of child, i fought with her, i mean how can you take care of child more than mother? mother keep baby in belly for 9months, she gives birth to him, change his clothes and milk him, can man do this? Lakhan says if women can work in this age then man can take care of kids too, Poonam says man can break pain of fights but cant bear pain of giving birth to child thats why god has given us this responsibility, i want to have daughter, Lakhan says but i want a son like me who is fierce and powerful, you know in childhood, i used to roam around Rekha whole day but at night, i used to sit on Bhushan’s back and be with him, Poonam says you are challenging me that you will take more care of our baby? he says yes, she says if you lose this bet then you will have to do what i tell you, she bends to take laddos, he gives it to her and says dont bend, Poonam says Badi Amma makes me eat these laddos daily, you eat them then you will win bet, Lakhan says its so easy, he eats laddo and runs to drink water, Poonam laughs, Lakhan says this is so bitter, you won and i lose, he hugs her and says i dont want to eat these laddos, Poonam says so you will change baby’s clothes, will make him eat and sleep, you will do everything for him, Lakhan says i agree but i wont eat these laddos, Poonam says you will be great father, with you me and baby feels safe, Lakhan gives peck on her cheeks, he lies his head on Poonam’s belly and says i wont let any problem fall on you and our baby.
Two men are talking, one man says Lakhan was so happy today, he gave me tip, other man says he is nice man, they are drunk and sitting near river, one man sees ripples in water, other man leaves, someone pushes him water, man screams to save him, someone is pulling him in water, he drowns.

PRECAP- Poonam, Bindya and Maya come to river side for Pooja, Badi Amma asks them to go in river and pray, Poonam starts to go in water but someone pulls her in water, all are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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