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Scene 1
Dadda injures Poonam, Poonam falls down, Guddi runs from there. Bindya comes there, Bindya angrily looks at Dadda, Dadda says dancer you here? Bindya has rifle in her hands, Poonam looks at her in tears and extends her hand to help her, she screams Bindya but faints, Dadda says you are alive? Bindya says to finish devil like you, nature had to save me, its important to end criminal.
Lakkhan is in jeep and trying to call Poonam, he says this phone is of no use.
Bindya starts coming towards Dadda, Dadda is scared, Bindya points gun at him and says tell me which kind of death will you prefer? Bindya looks at Poonam, Dadda finds pistol there, he bends to take it but Bindya fires in air, Dadda gets shocked and raise his hands in air to surrender, Dadda is about to hit Bindya but

Bindya beats him with gun back, Dadda falls down and sees pistol, he takes pistol and points at Bindya, Bindya’s goons point guns at Dadda, Bindya says no one will come inbetween, he is my criminal, goons take gun from Dadda, Bindya points gun at him.
Guddi is running on road when Lakhan sees her, she is glad to see him, Lakhan asks if she fine? Guddi says Dadda is in haveli, Lakhan says come with me, he takes Guddi with him.
Bindya asks Dadda to get up, she shouts to get up, he does, Bindya says today we will take revenge for all the wrong deeds you did with me or some other women, she asks dadda to come with her, Dadda starts moving.
Lakhan and Guddi arrives at Haveli, they see Dadda coming out with Bindya pointing gun at him, they are shocked, Guddi says Bindya is alive? Lakhan says but where is Poonam? Guddi says Poonam is inside, they go inside to check Poonam.
Bindya is taking Dadda to city, people see Bindya alive, and are shocked.
Guddi and lakhan come and see poonam in blood. they are dazed. Lakhan says poonam open your eyes. He picks her up. The put poonam in the car. Lakhan starts driving. Guddi says please drive fast, the car is not starting. lakhan takes poonam out and starts walking by feet.

Dadda is walking in the streets with Bindya and her men pointing gun at him.
He trips,, bindya says started tripping so soon. Lakhan says poonam I am stopping a car, we will go to hospital dont worry. He tries to stop cars.

Precap-Bindya says today your own begusarai will humiliate you. We will make you naked in your own begusarai.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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