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Scene 1
Ananya and Soni are leaving Haveli when they see Shakti standing outside Haveli, Soni says we wont be able to go from here, he is standing near gate, Ananya thinks and says you will go out for sure, she sees firecrackers and fires them, they start burning, Shakti’s attention gets diverted towards them, Ananya and Soni leaves from there. Garv comes in Soni’s room and doesnt find her there, he says i have to tell this to Maa.
Ananya and Soni runs from house. Bindya gets to know about Soni running away from house, she shouts why all are standing here? go and find Soni, she says i want that Soni at any cost, bring her to me, all sons leave to find her. Sons comeback, Garv says she is not in house, Shakti says nobody saw her going out of house. MLA says to Bindya that when you

asked us, we broke our son’s relation with his bride whom he liked and did relation with Soni but now when people will know that your daughter ranaway then what will be your respect in Begusarai? i am sorry but this is truth, Bindya says you are right, i shouldnt have done that, i should have shot that girl then and there but i stopped because of Maya but now i will not leave her, Soni can hide anywhere, she ask her sons to find Soni and kill her, today i will kill Soni and prove that i dont leave person who tries to go against me even if that is my daughter, i want to see Soni’s deadbody, go and find her, all sons leave to find her.
Soni comes in hospital, Mayank hugs her, both are emotional. Ananya comes there too, Soni says to Mayank what you did? Mayank says its better to die than to live without you, Soni says you love me so much? Mayank says i have accepted you as my wife, Ananya is shocked listening that, Soni says Bindya Maa and my brothers wont accept this, they will kill us, Ananya says i have brought her here without telling her family, she has to go back to her home before anyone knows about her, she asks Soni to leave, Mayank says Soni cant leave, she is my life, Soni says i am worried about you, Mayank says i dont care about myself else i wouldnt have tried to commit suicide, all must have known till now that you are missing from house, if you go back then your family will kill you and i wont let it happen, Ananya says you dont know Maa thakurain is dangerous, she will find you both and will kill you, Mayank says i wont be able to live without her, help us to elope from here, Ananya says stop your madness, she asks Soni to come with her, she has to go back to house before anyone knows about her being missing from house, Mayank says no.
Shakti is finding Soni and says once i know who is behind all this then i will shoot that person infront of all. Garv is finding Soni too.
Mayank says to Ananya that today either i will win Soni’s love or i will die, i will see who comes inbetween us, Ananya says i am standing between you both first, if you hold Soni’s hand then you will die, try and understand, Ananya says to Soni that my brother has gone mad but you know you have to go back to your house, Soni says no, i am with Mayank, ananya is stunned, Soni says from childhood, i have lived like good girl but i was never praised, my Bindya Maa always loved my brothers but never loved me, i started living when i met Mayank first, he never asked me anything, he just filled my forehead with sindoor, he loved me, he made me his wife, he didnt ask me about my identity, he just loved me unconditionally, he made me realize that i am important too, someone can die for me too, i am ready to die for him, Ananya says listen to me, Mayank says say my sorry to father, he hugs ananya and asks her to take care of herself, Ananya says no, Mayank pushes her away, he locks her in wardroom and leaves from there with Soni. Nurse comes and opens door, Ananya asks did you see my brother? she says no, ananya goes to find them.
Adarsh asks Garv did you see Soni? he says no, Garv says amar has gone to border of Begusarai, Samar has gone to railway station. Shakti says i will go and see jungle, maybe they have tried to leave from there.
Nurse asks Ananya what happened? Ananya says my brother has runaway, i need to go and find him, Nurse says you have to first pay bill of hospital, Ananya says i need to go first, i will comeback and pay later, doctor says you cant leave like this, patient was not discharged and he left, you should be thankful that we didnt tell police about your brother’s suicide, you have to pay bill else we will inform police, Ananya thinks that if they inform police then Maa thakurain will know everything.
Mishra is meeting family for Ananya’s marriage proposal. They are waiting for ananya, groom’s father says let groom and bride meet and if they like each other then we will go with this relation. Groom’s mother says if Mayank had passed IPS exam then you would have been happy, Mishra says i have thought something for Mayank.
Ananya thinks where Mayank must have gone with Soni? should i go home? i have to take father’s help.
Servant bring Soni’s friends to Bindya, friend says we made Soni then a servant came and asked us to leave from there, Bindya asks who was the servant? she shows her servants to them, friend says we didnt see her face, she had veil, she was wearing clothes like dancer, one servant says a dancer asked me about Soni’s room, Bindya says now enemy will come in my house and take my daughter from here? she asks goon to go to dancer bar and find out who is the girl that tried to play with our respect.
Goon calls Shakti and says come to city hospital, someone saw Soni there, Shakti says i am coming. Ananya comes out of hospital and stands at bus stand. Shakti comes there, Ananya hires rickshaw, Shakti sees her back and thinks that she is locket girl? is she behind Soni’s runaway? her name is Ananya? why will she do this.

PRECAP- Bindya calls someone and says bring that girl (Ananya) to me, how dare she tried to help Soni, its respect vs respect. Brothers come to Mishra’s house and drags Ananya from there, they take Ananya from house, Mishra says where are you taking my daughter?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. rest in peace begusarai..this show was so good & now its dead.totally dead.bye bye begusarai.

  2. We all should start a patition for this show to become best again. we need shivangi and sartaj gill back

  3. Sartaj gill’s entry??.well i dont think its possible. but plzzzzzzz. Make shivangi come back on the show.&if u cant, then clearify it soon so that we move on to other show b’coz without vishi this show is soleless…… Plz take the decision fast & change the story too. We r not interested in 1 more (modern)mahabharat.

    1. Why did Sartaj left the show? what he’s doing nowadays?

  4. Ua so right piu….ds show ws soo DAMN good…..n nw I dnt evn knw wt to say….. I vl stop watching ds show frm nw on…useless.. ??

  5. What should we do to start patition???

    1. there is site named, we can start patition from there and collect votes

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