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Scene 1
Dadda ji says if thakurs do not have dignity they are zero. And this is what this girl did. Look at her she came to me and uttered all those dialogues. she has only one punishment, death sentence. Badi amma says you have punished Lakhan for Poonam’s mistake. I promise you this wont happen again. Bindya says in heart think before you promise something. You have so much to look after. You don’t even know what guddi is going to do. Dadda ji says to bad amma has your brain stopped working with your bones? Now remember we have this ritual that you can give up on life but not on a promise. Mitlesh asks who did all this? Poonam can’t do this while drunk. She doesn’t have this nature and courage. You must know this. Maya says in heart I have to stop badi amma from telling

him. Badi amma says we know poonam is innocent maybe she ate something in oblivion. Go sleep now. He says okay I agree to that too. He leaves.
Priyom gives badi amma side hug and says I am going to patna, i will come back tomorrow. Don’t be james bond. She says take care. Priyom bindya a stare and leaves. Bindya says in heart get back to work, I can expose this old woman.

Poonam wakes up and sees Lakhan’s arm draped across her. She says why doesn my head hurts. She drinks water and recalls her spat with dadda ji. She recalls how lakhan saved her.
Poonam sees bruises on his shoulder. She says these scars were named for me and you took them. She is in tears. She applies cream on her. she says you helped me like a friend today, protected me like a husband and took care of me like a good life partner. I will never forget this day. You have filled my life with happiness my God by making him my husband. I said so much that was instilled in me since childhood. That would have hurt you. Please forgive me. She kisses his cheek and goes out.

Guddi says where is this dolt gone? Maybe he is just fooling me? Dolt calls her. He says I can’t wait to meet you. She says yes. He says i am standing outside your house.
Guddi places stuffed toys on the bed and covers them with her blanket. She turns off the lights and sneaks out of her room. She says i hope someone doesn’t see me going out of the house. Poonam comes, guddi hides behind the pillar. Poonam comes out, dolt it there. He says for a moment i thought you will betray me again but the next moment you came. Then I got to know you love is real. bindya sees them going from balcony. She sits on the bike and they leave. Bindya says world is right, sister in law is my friend. she will help.

Lakhan wakes up and looks for poonam. He goes out and looks in the kitchen. He says where can she go? Maybe in badi amma’s room. He asks choti amma is poonam there? She says no. He says Poonam is nowhere. she says don’t worry, lets ask maya. Lakhan asks maya have you seen ponam? She says no i just woke up. Choti amma says poonam is lost somewhere. Lakhan says she is nowhere. Maya says what if she goes out she must be under hangover she can faint as well. Rekha comes out and asks what happened? Badi amma comes as well. Lakhan stares at Bindya. Bindya says does it suit her to go out of the house at this time. You handled her drama earlier. What if dadda ji gets to know. Choti amma says i think she is still under hangover I am really scared. what if dadda ji gets to know. Badi amma says no one should tell him, he is already mad at her. Bindya says in heart dadda ji has to know otherwise how will he know feats of your favortie daughter in law. Badi amma says lakhan when did you see her last? He says I slept after she did. When i woke up she wasn’t in room. Rekha says go and find her. What if something happens to her. Maya says be calm nothing will happen to her. Rekha says how can I calm down? She says a woman was lost like this and next day her deadbody was found in the pool next day. Lakhan says dont say all this rubbish. Lakhan says badi amma i am going to find her. Dadda ji comes in balcony and says why are you all up at 2 in the morning and what meeting is on going here? He comes downstairs. He says I am asking whats happening? What are you all here for? Badi amma says poonam is missing.

Precap-Bindya says I think poonam is out with priyom i wanna go out and check. Badi amma says bindya, and slaps her.

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