Begusarai 13th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 13th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dadda ji says to Guddi that today’s day will be written with gold words, Thakur and common women are equal, whoever women try to cross her limits, she will have same fate like my daughter, they are building walls around Guddi to bury her.
Poonam, Badi Amma and Maya are going to site with other women.
Dadda ji says to Mitlaish that you will have to take part in this pious work, Mitlaish comes forward, only last two bricks is remaining to complete wall, Mitlaish with his head down puts last first brick, Dadda ji comes forward and says i will put this last brick and will create history, he is about to complete wall but women comes there and chanting that Panchayat should die, we are with Poonam, Poonam, Maya and Badi comes there with rods in hand, Dadda ji and Mitlaish

are shocked, Dadda ji throws away brick, he ask whats this new drama? women come there, man ask Dadda why your daughter in laws are chanting against panchayat? Dadda ji says i should have understood this Poonam before only, Mitlaish says even lion takes step back when honey bees surround him, Dadda ji says you are would be king, women are coming not tsunami, we have to face them, man says not us but they should afraid of us, Poonam leading women caravan comes infront of Dadda.
Vimla and Manjeeta are sad, someone makes noise, vimla says it must be dolt, she opens door to find Lakhan there with Dolt’s ash, Vimla gets dizzy seeing this, Lakhan holds her, makes her sit and gives ash Kalash to her, Vimla cries seeing it, Lakhan says Dolt has come home last time, meet him and say goodbye so that i can pour it river, Vimla hugs Kalash and cries, a man comes there and tells Lakhan that Poonam has gathered all women and went to Dadda ji, he tells him everything, Lakhan is tensed.
Poonam stares Daddaji, she ask where is Guddi? Daddji says you dont have right to question me, he says you are shameless women to come here, Poonam says i wil find Guddi myself. Guddi is feeling dizzy inside walls, Poonam finds walls there and comes there, she goes there and ask Guddi if you are inside, Guddi makes some noise, Poonam says dont worry, i will bring you out, Daddaji ask his men stop Poonam, they are about to go to Poonam but women stop them and says we are with Poonam, you cant stop her, Mitlaish ask Maya why she has come here? kids are alone in house and you are trying to become politician? go home, Maya says sorry but i am not your wife rightnow but a women who is part of tsunami, Mitlaish says i will slap you, Badi Amma comes forward and says dont forget that you were given birth by women only, you are not a man to raise your hand on women, move back else i will shoot you, history will be created as grandmother will kill her grandson, move back, Mitlaish moves back.

Scene 2
Poonam is thinking how to break walls, she finds some tools there and starts hitting walls with it, Dadda is seeing all this, Poonam breaks some bricks, she ask Guddi to not worry, Dadda says to men that what kind of man are you? you cant handle some women? he ask his men to attack these women and tell them what are consequences of going against men.
Bhushan puts water on Priyom’s face, Priyom becomes conscious, Choti Amma says Dadda has given death sentence to Guddi and taken her to river side, we have to go there before its too late.
Men start attacking women, women fight with them, Maya says to women that dont be afraid of them, if we are united then they cant do anything, man is about to hit old lady but Badi Amma comes inbetween, they stop seeing her and moves back as she stares them, Poonam is breaking walls, Dadda sees this and says to Poonam that you are taking side of sinner so you are sinner too, he pulls Poonam and strangle her neck, he says if anyone come in my way then i wont leave her, Poonam is breathing heavily as Dadda strangles her, someone brings crane and break all walls, Dadda is shocked seeing this and leaves Poonam’s neck, she coughs, all look towards crane, its Bindya who is driving crane, she comes out of crane and angrily looks at Dadda, Poonam comes to Guddi and brings her out. Bindya comes to Dadda and stares him.

PRECAP- Poonam and Bindya are moving towards Dadda, he says dont come forward else it will not be good, he moves back being afraid of them, Dadda fall in pit as he moves back, Bindya says to Dadda that today no one will follow your orders instead all will make you meet your death today, Dadda is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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