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Begusarai 13th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bindya says great Garv, you are right, now i will do exactly you said, she smirks.
Its morning, celebrations are going on in Haveli, Soni and Maya dances. Adarsh is checking work. He meet guests. Garv, Amar and Samar are doing arrangements. Maya receives Sherwani of Shakti. soni says lets check it, she opens luggage box to fins 5sherwanis, she says to Maya that why 5sherwanies? Maya says in engagement too, all five brothers touched Ramakant’s feet, Bindya must be behind all this, lets go and talk to Bindya.
Bindya says to Shakti that today is very nice day, today my 5sons will become groom. Garv says it will done two work, with out marriage, you will take your revenge too, Bindya says talk slowly, no one should listen about our mission, marriage has not happened till now

and we cant afford anything wrong happening, she comes to Adarsh and asks if he is tensed about getting married? Adarsh says nothing like that, Bindya says you cant become weak, you are elder brother, Adarsh says i am not weak, what you have thought will happen only. Soni and Maya are going to Bindya, Mayank comes to them and say we have to take Haldi to Ananya, soni says there is a problem, Maya says Bindya have ordered 5sherwanis, Mayank says this is not big deal, Soni says it is, we will talk to Bindya, Mayank says brothers do everything together, maybe Shakti chose one serhwani and Bindya bought it for all 5, Soni says but groom is one, Mayank says Bindya can get them married at sametime but she just ordered sherwanies, Ananya is my sister, if anything wrong was going to happen with her then i would have known it, why you both are wasting time? you should take haldi to Ananya on right time else Bindya will get angry, Maya and Soni leaves, Mayank says i will have to handle these two ladies too with Ramakant, i will ask Bindya to double my rate.
Ananya is applying mehndi, her friend says that color is dark, it means her would be husband loves her alot, Ananya smiles. Soni and Maya comes there with Haldi and says Bindya have sent it.
Shakti sits to apply haldi, Badi Amma asks what are you thinking? Bindya comes there and says he was waiting for his brothers, brothers come there dressed to apply haldi too, Badi Amma asks what is this joke? Bindya says i am getting your 5grand sons marry and you think its joke? she ask sons to sit. They sit beside Shakti, Bindya asks Badi Amma to apply haldi to all, she is shocked.
Maya asks Ramakant to apply haldi to Ananya, he applies it on her face and says this is from my side and from your mother’s side, i cant fulfill her place but i know she must be blessing you from wherever she is. Maya says to Ramakant that dont get sad, i promise you that i wont let Ananya feel that she doesnt have mother, i will be with her. Mayank comes to Ananya and says dont cry, i will be with you, he applies haldi to her and asks her to smile, she smiles. Maya applies Haldi to Ananya. Soni applies haldi to Ananya too.
Badi Amma says to Bindya that i wont be part of this sin, Bindya says this is not sin but lesson, Ananya is just pawn to tell world that if anyone try to come inbetween Maa thakurain and her sons then he or she will be destroyed, Badi Amma says dont froget revenge and hatred feeling will hurt you too, you are destroying your sons lives too by getting them married to one girl, Bindya says dont forget that it was one women destroyed my whole family(Komal killed everyone), she says i wont let that happen with my sons. Badi Amma says you are women too, dont let your sons do that mistake again which happened in before mahabharat, mahabharat will repeat again, Bindya says Shakti and Garv fought over a girl, think if these 5brothers get married to 5girls then they will keep fighting thats why i am making them marry one girl so that they will remain united and never fight, if i wanted to take revenge from Ananya then i would have killed her but i am doing this to keep my sons united, i want them to not get divided, Badi Amma says your thinking is good but your way is wrong, Bindya says it maybe wrong for world but its right for me.

Scene 2
Ananya gets ready as bride, she comes to Ramakant and gets emotional, Ramakant says i am feeling lonely without your mother today, she would have cried seeing you as bride, Ananya hugs him and cries.
Ananya arrives to Haveli dressed at bride. shakti is standing there with garland. Brothers come there and stand beside Shakti with garland in their hands too. Ananya gets confused seeing 5brothers holding garlands, they smirk at Ananya, Ananya gets tensed.

PRECAP- Ananya sits in mandap to get married to Shakti. Bindya says Mahabharat will be repeated, the thing which one brother will get will be divided in all 5brothers. revenge of disrespect will be taken with respect, All five brothers sit in mandap one by one.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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