Begusarai 13th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Begusarai 13th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lakhan ask Choti amma and Vimla to leave, he says next time first call me, take my permission then come here, he ask Poonam to go inside, Poonam in tears goes in home, Choti Amma and Vimla leaves, Bhushan says to Lakhan why are you doing this? you said no to Choti Amma, you have married her so have to follow rituals, Lakhan says have i ever interfered in your marriage? its my marriage, there are different ways to handle things, leave, Bhushan leaves. Poonam comes in room and thinks i dont understand Lakhan’s behavior, in one minute he is human and in second minute he is animal, Bhushan comes there, he says Lakhan.. Lakhan cares for you, he killed so many people for you but dont know what happens to him, i am ashamed of his behavior, i know you wanted to meet your parents, Poonam says

i really want to meet them, my father was not present in bidaai and i didnt get his blessings, Lakhan listens her standing at door, she says Manjeeta is miffed with me, if i go home so maybe he forgives me, Bhushan says you are right, Rekha comes and says to Bhushan that we have to go to relatives, she ask Poonam to take care of house, i am giving you responsibility first time, Lakhan comes in, Bhushan ask her to take care, he leaves, Rekha says he is not your chacha but father in law, keep veil on face when he is around, parents didnt tell about shame, she leaves, Poonam shed tears, Lakhan notices it.
Priyom thinks to call Poonam but is confused, Drugha comes there and says you are in home since morning, lets go, Priyom leaves from there.
Najma tells Guddi that when i went to give clothes to Poonam, i felt Lakhan was scolding her, she tried to hide her tears but couldnt, Guddi says why you are telling me all this? she married with her consent, she broke Priyom’s heart, i called her in morning, i listened Lakhan threw something at her but its good, she deserve it, Priyom listens all this and is stunned.

Scene 2
Poonam is cooking in kitchen, Lakhan comes there and stares at her, she gets tensed seeing him, he comes near her, she is afraid, Lakhan taste pulse she is cooking, he says its nice, you will free my mother from cooking, its very hot today, i will take bath then we will have lunch, its very tasty, he leaves, Poonam have sigh of relief, she starts cooking again but is shivering, she recalls how Lakhan broke vase, how he was making her afraid with knife, she says what is happening to me, she listens some bike noise and says its Priyom’s bike sound, Priyom reaches Lakhan’s house, he rings bell, Poonam is tensed, she says if Lakhan sees Priyom then.. Priyom is ringing bell. Poonam listens Lakhan taking bath, she opens door and finds Priyom there, both look at each other, she ask why did you come here? Priyom says i came to see if you are fine or not, Poonam says i am fine, Lakhan is in house, if he sees you then.. Priyom says i have come to meet him only, did he beat you? Poonam says no, Priyom says dont hide it from me, i know what you are going through here, where is he, call him, Poonam comes out of house and closes door, she says nothing happened to me, i am fine, Lakhan didnt do anything and even if he did how it matters to you, Priyom says it matters to me, they share eyelock, he says you forgot i promised you to keep you happy all life, these eyes always tell truth, they dont have words thats why everything is seen in it, i have accepted your marriage and i am not asking you to love me but i.. i will keep loving you all my life and you wont be able to stop me, one thing more, Lakhan have married you but he doesnt have right to hurt my friend, call him, Poonam ask him to go, he says you are afraid that Lakhan will shoot me, Poonam emotionally looks at him, Lakhan comes out of bathroom, he goes in room and changes clothes. Priyom says even Badi Amma knew about your sacrifice but you didnt tell me, what a friend you are, you didnt trust me? Poonam thinks i had trust that if i tell you then you wont let come to Lakhan at any cost. Lakhan wear light brown color kurta, he looks in mirror and says will i go to eat with my wife in this Kurta? he finds Poonam standing near door, he torn his kurta.
Poonam says to Priyom that i have told you, i married Lakhan with my consent, you leave from here, Priyom says i know our paths are changed but i have come here to meet that mad man, how dare he made you cry.. he tries to go in but Poonam stops him and says if you want my happiness then leave, if you go inside then you will see my dead face, i swear on my mother, leave from here, she folds her hands and says you have helped me alot but now our lives are different and let me live it my way please, Priyom says thats the problem you are not living your life as you want, he leaves, Poonam in tears sees him going, she goes in home and closes door, she wipes her tears, she says the one who used to make me smile always, i have filled his life with tears, God give him strength to forget me, she finds Lakhan standing there, she gets afraid and looks down, she is about to leave but Lakhan stops her, she tensely looks at him.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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