Begusarai 13th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 13th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Poonam says wait i am coming. She reaches that site with driver. Komal wonders where has she gone.
The man calls poonam and says reached? She says yes. he says start walking towards right alone. She starts walking. Poonam comes towards a house and says is someone there? Guddi? Dadda comes and says yes? Poonam is dazed. Poonam says where is guddi? how can you do this? Dadda smiles. Dadda says i made you fool. Poonam says what you mean? Dadda says you want to become hero right? Now i will tell you the consequence of coming against me. Who gave you right to provoke people against me? give sacrifice of life for the family. Dadda grasps her hand and drags her in. Dadda laughs. Dadda says this is today’s generation. One giving birth to legitimate child and this who went against me?

He grasps her hair and says what did I do? Women should stay in limits. See how death will embrace you today. I will kill both you and guddi. Poonam wonders where guddi is. She says I don’t wanna die. Please forgive me. Dadda leaves her. Poonam says i forgot about your power. I will never do this again. She sits in his feet and says please forgive me i wont do this again. She picks some sand and throws it in his eyes. Poonam runs. Dadda calls his men and says catch her.

Dadda says poonam come out or i will kill guddi. Poonam sees it. She says i should call lakhan. Poonam says come to old haveli. Lakhan says is everything okay? Dadda says poonam comes here Lakhan calls her back, the phone rings. Dadda hears it. Dadda says where this sound came from. Lakhan keeps calling. Poonam hides. Lakhan says i should try again. dadda turns the phone off. Lakhan calls maya. He asks is poonam home? She says no Poonam is not home. Lakhan says no one knows about anyone in this house. Lakhan says where was poonam asking me to come. Old haveli?

Dadda is looking for poonam. Meanwhile poonam releases guddi. Poonam says dadda will find us, run, dadda is coming in that direction. Poonam says run from here for this child. Go to highway. guddi says i wont. Guddi collides with cottons and falls. Poonam is hiding as well. daddais coming in that direction. Poonam makes noise somewhere else. poonam says guddi run from here. Dadda grasps poonam by hair. He says I told you not to come in my way. Dadda says if you don’t come early i will shoot her. Guddi stops. Poonam says guddi run and save your life. Dadda says if you don’t come i will shoot her. Guddi comes and says not dadda ji stop. She says you hate me and my child, kill me but don’t kill poonam. Dadda says left. He leaves poonam’s hand.
He points gun at guddi.

Precap-Bindya shoots dadda’s hand. Daada is scared.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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