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Begusarai 13th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ananya comes to Mayank and sees him unconscious and lying in pool of blood, she calls out for father.
Mayank is brought to hospital, Mishra and Ananya are tensed for him. Doctor treats him and says to Mishra that he is fine now, why did he decide to do suicide? Mishra says i was forcing him to become officer thats why he tried to commit suicide, doctor says we inform police in these cases but you are yourself police officer, make your son understand, he leaves. Ananya asks Mishra to go back, his friend’s family is coming, Mishra says Mayank needs me, Ananya says they must be waiting for you, i will handle things here, Mishra says you are right, its about your marriage proposal, i should go and check, he sees Mayank and leaves. Mayank wakes up and says to Ananya that please help

me, she says what you need? he tells about his affair with Soni, Ananya recalls how she met Soni when Bindya brought her to MLA’s house and forcefully did her Roka, she says to Mayank that this cant happen, i teach tuition where Soni’s marriage is fixed, i have seen Soni’s family, they are very dangerous people, you cant have future with Soni, tomorrow is Soni’s marriage, its better for you to forget her, Soni havent tell your name to anyone, you should not do any mistake, what if anything happens to you? what will i and father without you? you have to frget Soni, Mayank says i will forget her, just make me meet her one last time, Ananya says how it can be possible? there are guards outside Haveli 24*7, Mayank says you saved me but i wont be able to live without Soni, Ananya gets tensed listening this.
Function starts in Haveli, dancer girls come there, Ananya comes with them too in veil, she sees Shakti, Shakti sees her too and recognizes her. Ananya dances with other girls, Shakti thinks that it must be my imagination, how can she be here? Garv comes to main dancer and says you are not dancing well, please make us enjoy your dance. Dancers dance with Shakti and Garv, Garv dances with Ananya. Shakti comes and holds Ananya’s hand and dances with her, Shakti gets tensed. Garv takes Ananya from there while other brothers dance with girls.
Garv brings Ananya in corner, he takes off Ananya’s veil and is mesmerized, he says from where are you? i didnt see you in Begusarai earlier? Ananya says my name is Gauri, i am substitute dancer, Garv holds her hand, he sees Bindya eyeing him and leaves, ananya leaves too. Bindya calls Shakti and asks him to bring firecrackers.
Ananya comes in corridor and says i have to find Soni, someone stops her, she gets tensed. its servant, she asks Ananya what are you doing here? Ananya says Maa thakurain has asked me bless birde, where is her room? servant tells her way and leaves. Ananya loses way and comes in store room.
Shakti comes in store room and says to Ananya what she is doing here? Ananya says i was finding washroom, servant sees store room open and closes its door from outside, Ananya tries to open it, he says dont make noise else people will see us together here and will make it issue. It feels like this is your part time job, Ananya says you.. i dont talk to guys like you, Shakti says i dont see girls like you, my mother was right, women cant be trusted, in market you were giving me lecture of goodness and here you are as dancer girl? Bindya calls Shakti and starts coming towards store room, Shakti gets tensed, he says to Ananya that i am leaving, you stay here, he starts to jump from window but Ananya says this is your house and you are running like thieves? Shakti says if Bindya sees us together like this then she will shoot first then ask question, Ananya says dont leave me alone, Shakti thinks, Bindya opens door of store room, Ananya hides, Bindya asks what are you doing inside? Shakti says i came to get firecrackers, someone locked me inside here, Bindya asks him to take firecrackers, Shakti says okay, Bindya sneezes, ananya sneezes at sametime, Bindya gets suspicious and asks who sneezed? Shakti gets tensed and says you sneezed only, there is so much dust here, lets leave from here, Bindya says stop, she looks inside store room, ananya is hiding in cupboard, Shakti sees her dress’s corner coming out of cupboard, he gets tensed, Bindya doesnt see her, she says why did you open window? Shakti says it was hot here, you go from here, i will bring firecrackers, Bindya leaves, Shakti closes store room, he brings Ananya out of cupboard, she falls on him, he holds her in arms, Tose Naina jab se miley plays, they share eyelock, someone calls Shakti, he throws her there and leave, Ananya says mad guy.
Soni is getting ready, friends are there. Ananya comes there and ask friends to leave, they leave. Ananya closes door, she comes to Soni, Soni asks who are you? Ananya takes off her veil and says i am Mayank’s sister, after getting your mail, Mayank tried to commit suicide, Soni is shocked and asks how is he? Ananya says he is fine in hospital, he wants to meet you last time, Soni says how can i come with you? Ananya says i will take you there and i will bring you back to Haveli too, Soni says lets leave, Ananya asks her to change dress first.
Bindya asks Garv to go and check why Soni has not come till now? Garv is going towards Soni’s room, he finds Soni’s friends there and asks where is Soni? Friends says your servant is bringing her. Soni changes dress and leaves with Ananya.

PRECAP- Bindya says to her goons that find Soni in every nook and corner of Begusarai, i will kill her and prove that whoever tries to go against me will be punished.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. R these comments really read by the show members??.they really meant to them ??ya we guys r only wasting r strength.Someone pls reply fast……..b’coz jis tarah se ye log show aage badha rhe h. Against viewers choice.i dont think these comments really meant to show members.

  2. R these comments really read by the show members??.they really meant to them ??ya we guys r only wasting r strength.Someone pls reply fast……..b’coz jis tarah se ye log show aage badha rhe h. Against viewers choice.i dont think these comments really meant to them.what u guys think???

  3. I don’t think that these comments are being read by show members

  4. wad nonsense I want to leave the show BT xcant because of shakti.. he is so hot ..;

  5. That means we have to loose r hopes regarding changes in the show that we want???if really that happend i will be stop watching this show.yaar,pls do something & send r request to the show members………….. Atiba cant u do something???? anyways thanks for the reply dude……….

    1. u can write your comments on andtv’s official website on episodes or their twitter fb or insta accounts.i heard swastik productions too had twitter fb n insta accounts.

  6. Have u tried once ??? If not,then pls try one time & then tell me is it really working or not? Then i will also try. r u liking the show’s recent story? Rply fast plsssss…….

    1. i hv commented on andtv official website on their daily episodes & i am in fb so commented there too.

  7. I’ve sent them feedback, but no reply. I don’t like the story and characters at all. shivangi and sartaj gill should come back along with narendra jha. please everyone, do something to make this show once again best, should we start a patition?

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