Begusarai 13th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 13th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Phulan comes back home, Rekha says to him that i was telling only why Lakhan is marrying in hurry, Phulan stops her from further speaking, he says i will take decision for sure and Begusarai and Bhushan will remember it, and Lakhan will be responsible for it, Mitlaish says you were not here so i was handling, now you are here so just give order, Phulan says i will handle everything now, i have taken decision, Badi Amma says before taking any decision, talk to me first, she goes to room, Phulan goes behind her, Rekha is tensed, Priyom says what a mad family, all are hyper people but how to tell them that nothing is going to happen, Lakhan will not come as i have made him drink so much that he will sleep for two days, Lakhan is shown sleeping.
Phulan says to Badi Amma that nobody can

look at our family and now family’s won son are ready to kill each other, whoever win, i will lose, that cheap dancer insulted Poonam, Lakhan beat her which eh shouldnt have done as she is women but he shouldnt have pushed Mitlaish and Mitlaish should have forgot it, they have become very egoistic, they have to learn lesson, i will give them such punishment that.. Badi Amma says you will not give them punishment, you will not say anything, Phulan says they are ready to kill each other, i will be hurt, Badi Amma says i am hurt too but i am asking you to not do anything, Phulan says if we dont stop them then they will tear apart each other, Amma says Begusarai’s new king will stop them, Phulan ask who? Amma says i was thinking that its time to decide your heir, Phulan says i also want that but you know how much difficult it is, Amma says this is opportunity, give your hand and mind rest, just see if Lakhan can control his anger? Phulan recalls how Lakhan was about to kill Bindya, Amma says see if Mitlaish can lessen his ego, Phulan recalls how Mitlaish slapped Lakhan, Amma says see if Priyom can do some magic that both brothers reconcile, Phulan recalls how Priyom made Mitlaish and Lakhan hug, Amma says this is their test, this day will decide who should be next king of Begusarai, the one who is able to stop this bloodshed will deserve to be next king, Phulan says what if anyone of them cant do this? Amma looks on.

Scene 2
Priyom says all are worried but Baraat will not come, and Poonam will not marry because groom is sleepy, i will tell Poonam. otherside Poonam is getting ready for marriage, Priyom is coming to her room, Manjeeta says to Birla that Lakhan called, he is coming with Baraat, ready Poonam, Priyom is shocked and says i made him drink so much wine then how he woke up.
Bindya says to Ghungroo that Lakhan will be killed by Mitlaish today, i will be in peace then, he beat me so much, if this happens then nobody will force me to go from Begusarai, Ghungroo says come in senses, both brothers are fighting because of you, if anyone one of them die then Phulan will kill you, Bindya says i didnt think about him, i am afraid of him, Ghungroo says i told you to run away from here, now he will not leave us.
Lakhan is beating servants of Priyom, he says why did you make me drink so much, i am understanding everything, Priyom did this so that i dont marry Poonam today and nothing happens between me and Mitlaish, he says its 8am, at 10am Bindya will be out of Begusarai, Lakhan says i will take my Baraat to Poonam’s house today and nobody can stop me to throw that Bindya out of Begusarai.
servants to Priyom comes to him and says that Lakhan woke up and is angry on you that you did is purposely, Priyom says how did he wake up, i made him drink very much, servant says what will happen now, nobody can stop him from bringing Baraat and nobody can stop Mitlaish from shooting Lakhan, now brothers will kill each other.
Maya is making Poonam wear jewelry, Poonam is stoned, Guddi gets flashback how in childhood, Poonam stood on roof of her house, Lakhan comes to her and say i went to school, why did you comeback? Poonam says student died because of Malaria so we got off, all went to their houses so i cameback too, Lakhan says dont you know i come to pick you up, why did you comeback? now jump from roof, Guddi is shocked, he ask her to jump, Poonam jumps as part of punishment, her ankle sprain, Lakhan leaves, Guddi says Lakhan is mad, Poonam is in pain but says i will be fine, Guddi says i will talk to papa, Poonam says no, dont say anything to anyone as Lakhan will be in problem, Guddi says you are too, you think about others, Poonam says my mother say if you do good then good happens to you too, one day good will happen with me too, fb ends. Poonam gets ready as bride, Guddi is in tears seeing her.

PRECAP- Mitlaish says to Bhushan that if Lakhan brings baraat today then i will shoot him, Bhushan gets angry and says the much bullets you have seen in your life, i have fired more bullets than it in life. Manjeeta says to Birla that Baraat will coming in sometime. Mitlaish gives gun to Priyom and ask him to find Lakhan, Priyom is in tears. otherside Lakhan gets ready for marriage and loads his gun.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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