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Scene 1
Dadda says what i have said once, it will happen at any cost, Lakhan says if its Poonam’s fault then its my fault too as i am her husband, if her behavior is wrong then i take equal share of that, i couldnt control her as husband so its my mistake, you wanna punish? you can punish me, Rekha says what rubbish are you saying? Dadda says its husband’s duty to keep wife in control, i will set example in this Haveli today that coming generations will not forget it, Lakhan takes off his shirt, he pushes Rekha away, he stares Dadda, Dadda starts hitting him with hunter, all are pained, Bindya is appalled too, Lakhan doesnt move a inch, Bindya thinks that Poonam is so lucky, she is saved again, Rekha sit in Dadda’s feet and ask him to stop, Dadda gets tired beating Lakhan, Rekha

says cries and says i promise this will not happen again, forgive him, Dadda throws hunter and leaves from there, Lakhan’s whole body has got hunter marks, Rekha cries and says you must be hurt, Lakhan ask why are you crying? i am not dead, he leaves from there.
Poonam is inebriated, Maya tries to feed her yogurt but Poonam doesnt eat it, Lakhan comes and thanks Maya for calling him, he says if you have not called me then i wouldnt be able to save Poonam from Dadda today, Maya says today you proved that you are right husband for Poonam, i am proud of you,Lakhan says i feel like someone deliberately made Poonam eat Bhaang, who can do it? Maya recalls how bindya mixed bhaang in Poonam’s food, she thinks that Poonam told me that Lakhan should not know that Bindya is doing all this and Rekha is with her too, he will get angry, she says i have no idea, Maya leaves, Lakhan sit beside Poonam, Poonam says i will not talk to you, i am miffed with you, Lakhan ask why? Poonam says you left me after lying to me, Lakhan says sorry it was my mistake, Poonam ask him to hold ears and say sorry, Lakhan hold ears and says sorry sweetly, Poonam ask will you go again? Lakhan says no, Poonam hugs him tightly, Lakhan is not wearing shirt, Poonam sees hunter marks on his body, she ask how you got hurt? it must be paining you, she get in tears, Lakhan says i am fine, he ask Poonam to eat yogurt, Poonam says i will apply cream on your wounds, Lakhan says eat yogurt first, she eats it, Lakhan wipes her lips, she says i will apply cream now.

Scene 2
Rekha beats herself and says to Bindya that whatever happened with Lakhan today was because of me, i have raised Lakhan with so much care, he is my only son and he had to bear so much pain today, i will bear that pain too, she beats herself, Bindya says it was Poonam’s fault, Poonam is inebriated and was creating scene, Lakhan had to save her, it all happened because of Poonam, Rekha says no, it was us who mixed Bhaang in her food, we are responsible for it, Lakhan locked her in room but i brought her out of room as we wanted to see drama and what we got to see? if i had not brought Poonam out of room then Lakhan would have not got beaten up like this, i am responsible for all this, Bindya says i accept you did it but you are against Poonam and there is reason behind it, reason is she married Lakhan, Bindya says to Rekha that Poonam’s biggest mistake is that she married Lakhan, she was getting married to Priyom but got married to Lakhan, from the time she has married Lakhan, Lakhan is not yours, he keep insulting you, she never takes your side, she never say to Lakhan that he should not misbehave with you, any mother would do all this to bring her son back to her, you are right on your place, Rekha says you are right, my son has gone away from me from the time he has married Poonam, he never ask me about my health, she cries, Bindya hugs her and thinks that thank God she is pacified else i wont be able to fight alone, she finds Guddi going to Manjeeta’s house, she ask Rekha to take rest, she goes behind Giuddi.
Lakhan is not wearing shirt, Poonam applies creams on Lakhan’s wounds, Lakhan’s back is injured, he says to Poonam that cream is applied, you can sleep, Poonam says no, Lakhan holds her hand and takes medicine from her, he ask her to sleep, she doesnt,Lakhan makes her lie on bed, he ask her to sleep else she will get ill, Poonam is mischievous and teases Lakhan, she hugs Lakhan, Lakhan makes her sleep, she doses off, Lakhan holds her hand and sleep beside her.
Guddi meets Dolt and says i really love you, i cant live without you, i will do anything to prove my love, i will do anything you say, Dolt says i wanna kiss you, she ask will it prove my love? Dolt says again questions, you wont be able to prove your love, he starts leaving but Guddi holds his hand and closes eyes so that he can kiss, Dolt comes closer to her and says wait for my call, we will meet at Priyom’s old den, i have listened nobody go there, Guddi says ok i will come there, Dolt smirks and leaves, Bindya listens all this hiding behind pillar, she says this family made me sit in dance bar, now these Thakurs will know how it feels when house daughter’s respected is sold in market, now my revenge will complete, now i will get peace.

PRECAP- Dadda shouts at Priyom that i have worked hard for years, i have earned respect and this girl(Poonam) comes, look in my eyes and deliver dialogues.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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