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Scene 1
Guddi says I am ready for whatever punishment you have for me. Why are you all quite now? Speak up. You are not short of words. You know that I am right and you people are wrong. Dadda ji says you have crossed all limits today. Mitlesh says of if thats so.. Mitlesh points a gun at her and says shut up or I will shoot you. This is not a debate competition of your college. Dadda ji says don’t get your hands dirty Mitlesh. I will decide her fate in front of the judges.

Poonam, badi amm, choti amma and Maya gather women from around the town. They take all the weapons. Poonam motivates them. Dadda ji she should have death sentence. Men start supporting him. he says I have suggested a solution that no one has seen nor they ever will. I order to bury her in the wall alive.


says we leave our house, we change our names. We give them heirs but we have to go through fire every time. When a marriage breaks people always blame women. Why no one questions men? Mistake is a two way road. Today, one of our sister is being punished by these men. We have to make them understand that we deserve the respect equally as men. We have to fight. All the women say we are with you.
Judge says this will be an example for the all the daughters. Dadda ji drags Bindya. Bhsuhan tries to stop dadda ji. Dadda ji says move from my way bhushan and shoves him. Priyom holds Bhushan and says stop dadda. ji.
Poonam says maybe one day next generation of women wont have to go through what he had to. Priyom says there will be no punishment for Guddi, its the order of chief of Begusarai. Dadda ji says shame on you. Dont come in my way or there will be bloodshed. Priyom says I have thakurs blood in my veins as well. I will die but wont let you harm her. He takes Guddi’s hand and stands in front of her. Dadda ji says this is not right Priyom. Priyom says she has not made any sin that is unforgivable. I dont want you to drown in flood of an innocent’s sighs. Dadda’s men attack Priyom, he fights them all. Mitlesh says you wont stop this. Priyom says I can’t support him against my sister. Dadda ji hits priyom on back, he faints. Mitlesh holds Priyom. Dadda ji asks his men to lock him unless the sentence is executed.

Guddi says Mitlesh don’t have any regret for killing your sister? He says what sister? I thought I was thakur. A dog manipulated my sister and I couldn’t do anything. Go from here. Guddi says wow. I cant believe this is the same tongue that only talked blessings for me. Its the same hand in which i used to bind rakhi. Dadda ji takes Guddi with her. Mitlesh stands there.

Poonam along with all women run towards panchaiyat. They see bhushan, Bhushan tells them that dadda ji has declared death sentence for her and has taken her to the ground.
Dadda ji with rest of the women bring Guddi to the ground. He says I will never forgive her for ruining my dignity. Go bury her in the wall. The men take her towards the wall. They start making a wall around Guddi.
Someone swipes Guddi’s tears. Guddi sees Dolt. She says you are alive? He says i am breathing inside you. I will always love you and be yours. Guddi turns back to Dadda ji. She says I couldn’t be Dolt’s but after death no one can apart us. Dadda ji says lock her tongue. Bury her. Guddi smiles. He says you have no shame left. You will have death that will be known forever. Guddi says I will be dolt’s after that. Not even you can stop that. Dadda screams bury her right now. They bind a cloth on her mouth. Dadda ji as soon as you die, the land will be purified again.

Precap-All the women start hitting the men. Lakhan joins the women too. Bindya comes in a crane and breaks the wall.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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