Begusarai 12th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 12th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mayank listens Bindya’s plan, he tries to leave from there but makes noise, Bindya looks outside room and asks who is there? Mayank leaves from there. Bindya comes out of room and doesnt find anyone, she finds gold bracelet there, she says whose it is? (its Mayank’s bracelet).
In evening. Ramakant and Ananya comes to Haveli, they see is decorated. Ramakant says dont have any fear now, i am sure you cant get good life partner than Shakti, he is nice. shakti comes there and touches his feet, Ramakant blesses him, he gives Ananya’s hand in Shakti’s hand and says i am giving you my most precious thing, keep her happy. Shakti says i wont let your trust break, i will give her more back then she has given me, i will take care of her alot. Soni comes there and doest Ananya’s

aarti, she says you are welcome in this house my would be sister in law. Mayank comes there and whispers to Ananya that i need to tell you something.. Bindya comes there and says lets go in, function is going to start, she takes Ananya with her. Mayank is tensed and recalls how Bindya said that she will make Ananya marry with her 5sons to destroy her life, he comes to Ramakant and say i need to tell you something.. Bindya says lets do function then Ramakant can talk to his son. Soni comes there and says Maa do this engagement fast and make Ananya my bhabhi, she brings Mayank and asks him to show his bracelet to Ananya, she sees bracelet missing from his hand, she asks where is bracelet? Bindya recalls how she had got bracelet outside her room. Mayank says i lost it somewhere, Soni says very bad and what about Ananya’s gift which i gave to you? Mayank says i have it but i want to announce something before engagement. Shakti looks at Bindya and thinks why maa seems tensed? Soni says to Mayank that we can talk after engagement.. Bindya says yes first let engagement happen then you can announce anything. Mayank says this is more important than engagement, this is not about engagement of two people but it involves two families, Ramakant asks what he want to say? Mayank says i want to tell truth of this Thakur family, Bindya gets tensed. Mayank says today everyone is here and its right time, all guests are here too. Bindya comes to Mayank, Bindya shows bracelet to Mayank and whispers that Mayank say anything after thinking only as i know everything.. Mayank says trust me, you will reward me after listening my talks. Mayank says what i am going to tell everyone, it can shiver anyone, my tongue is shivering too, Bindya thinks if Mayank opens his mouth then i will shoot him. Mayank says i am useless person but when i came in this Haveli, i realized how good life is here, i felt colors in my life, i saw brothers working hard to make life good, i met these brother in laws who became my brothers but what happened last night, it changed my fate forever, Bindya says what are you saying? he says let me speak. Mayank says truth is that this Thakur family made me learn what loyalty is, these brother in laws taught me how to die on mother’s one order, he touches bindya’s feet and says bless me that i never forget this loyalty teaching which i have learned from you, Bindya smirks understanding he is with her. Bindya gifts him money and says really good, she gives him his bracelet, Soni says this i gave to him and he lost it, Bindya says he may have lost bracelet but have earned my faith, Ramakant you have given me such a son in law that i wouldnt have got ever, alongwith him, we are getting Ananya too, with them our house will be complete, we should not wait now, lets start engagement.
Pundit comes and says groom and bride will make each other wear ring. Mayank shows ring to Ananya, Adarsh takes it, he stares Ananya in bad way and gives ring to Garv, Garv looks at ananya and ring and smirks, he gives ring to Samar who then gives it to Amar.. this way all brothers touch ring before making Ananya wear it, Bindya smirks. Amar gives ring to shakti and asks him to make Ananya wear it and make her ours. Shakti holds Ananya’s hand, she smiles at him, Shakti makes her wear ring, all clap for them.. Ananya makes Shakti wear ring, Shakti smiles. Bindya congratulate Ramakant and says now your daughter is ours. Ananya comes to Badi Amma and touches her feet, she then touches Bindya’s feet, Ramakant’s feet. Brothers come and touch Bindya’s feet, Bindya smiles at them. Brothers come to Ramakant and touches his feet together, he is confused, Ramakant says why you all are touching my feet? Mayank says i will tell.. Bindya thinks this Mayank will make us in bad position. Mayank says there is no difference between brothers, Ramakant says but Shakti got engaged only, Mayank says all are equal in Maa’s eyes, i will touch your feet too, he touches his feet and says lets have dinner, he looks at Bindya and smirks, she nods to him.
At night, Adarsh says how will we get married to Ananya together. Bindya says i am thinking, Amar says we can make her unconscious then we can take pheras with her, then we can show her video of marriage, Bindya says you watch alot of shows, what we will say to guests and Ramakant? Amar says we can involve Mayank, he can handle Ramakant, Bindya says no need, if he can cheat his sister then he can cheat us too, he just want money. Bindya says we have to find solution which not only can do our work but also will keep us in safe position, Garv says the problem is that we are so lost in problem that we never pondered over solution, Bindya smirks that he got an idea, Bindya thinks that he is right, i didnt think about solution.

PRECAP- Ramakant applies haldi to Ananya and says this haldi is from your father and mother both, she gets emotional. Shakti sits to apply haldi, Badi Amma asks what he is thinking? Bindya comes there and says he was waiting for his brothers, brothers come there dressed for their haldi ceremony too, Badi Amma is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What d hell is going on in this show??? That woman who actually thinks that one girl can destroy her son’s life will never get her 5 sons married to a single girl …..This is impractical…..plz don’t name of show .Try to show some real world activities….

  2. Without trp show chalate raho

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