Begusarai 12th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Begusarai 12th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Maya is unconscious and lying on bed, Badi amma ask her to get up, Poonam and Birla comes there, Mitlaish stares Poonam and leaves angrily, Poonam gets in tears, Priyom looks at her, Maya wakes up, she ask what happened why all are here? she says kids must be feeling hungry, she comes in hall and calls Pinto and Soni, Mitlaish and all goes behind her, Maya starts cooking food for kids, she ask Poonam to help her in cooking, Poonam says try and understand, Pinto and Soni are not at home, Lakhan has kidnapped them, Maya says how can anyone Mitlaish’s kids? you have gone mad, kids must playing outside, she ask Priyom to find them, they must be here, Priyom says they are not at home, Maya says i will find them, she starts searching for them in whole house, Mitlaish ask her to come in senses,

maya says dont joke with me, my kids are here, Mitlaish holds her and says its true that our kids are kidnapped by Lakhan, Maya says i dont believe this, they are in house only, i will find them, Mitlaish slaps her hard, all are shocked, Mitlaish says our kids are kidnapped n actual, maya starts crying and says he will kill our kids, Mitlaish says i wont let anything happen to kids, she says what he wants? give him money, everything but bring my kids, Mitlaish hugs her and says nothing wll happen to them, Maya faints again.
Priyom is on terrace, he recalls how Lakhan has given 24hours to save kids and give Poonam to him else he will kill kids, Priyom says to Drugha that he was uncle to these kids and now he is talking about killing them, he cries and ask Drugha to go and find them, he says if anything happens to kids then i will die, he says where kids must be? he finds Pinto and Soni’s toys there, he imagines Pinto and Soni coming to him and asking for toys, it turns out to be his dream, Poonam witnesses all this, she is in tears too, Priyom looks at her, she comes to him and says what have you thought? Priyom says my mind is not working today, i am not understanding anything, why bad happens to people who are always good, i never asked anything from God but today.. he prays to God to bring kids back, he cries, he says whats Maya’s fault? whats kids’ fault, Poonam cries but wipes Priyom’s tears, she says i cant see you crying, tell me what to do, Priyom looks at her, she holds his hand and says i have promised you to be with you in your good and bad times both, dont think much time is less, i am responsible for all this, if anything happens to kids then i wont be able to cry even, Priyom says are you? Poonam says yes, i will talk to Phulan thakur.

Scene 2
Manjeeta is beating Lakhan’s men to find about Lakhan.
Mitlaish says to Phulan that you couldnt find Lakhan till now, cant you see my wife’s situation? Phulan says what you are thinking cant be possible, Mitlaish says now everything will be done in Poonam’s favor in this house, you must not care but i care about my kids, Phulan says kids are my life too, Mitlaish says i am not you life then how can they be? when i pointed gun at Lakhan then i was wrong and now when i am giving solution without gun even then i am wrong, you are always against me, my wife is in critical condition and all you care about is Poonam, i am not that weak to not protect my kids, Lakhan has gone mad, he is killing everyone who wanted to marry Poonam, did you justify with those families? you sacrificed your son Priyom for that Poonam, you can sacrifice your kids but i cant sacrifice my kidws for Poonam, Phulan says its not about sacrifice but about what is right and what is wrong, i cant let wrong happen, Mitlaish says i cant be so much unjustified with my kids, i know to protect them, if two fathers have different ideologies then they should not live under one roof, Priyom comes and says its not needed, Priyom says to Phulan that we cannot stop storm by making dam, Poonam says Phulan thakur dont take me wrong but i dont need justice who is based of deaths of 2 kids, Phulan says you all Know Lakhan’s intentions, he wants Poonam in replace of Poonam, he ask Priyom and Poonam are you ready for this deal? they look at each other.

Scene 3
Priyom raises red flag on Haveli, Lakhan’s man sees it and informs it to Lakhan. Soni and Pinto are in clutches of Lakhan’s men, kids are shouting to leave them, Lakhan comes to Soni and Pinto and ask them to shut up, they smile at him, Pinto says chacha these men are irritating us, Lakhan says shut up, Soni says you love us then why you are scolding us, Lakhan says if you speak now then you wont speak ever, he ask Dolt everything ready? Dolt nods, Lakhan says then we should leave, today Phulan thakur will accept his defeat, he snatched my Poonam and today he will give her back to me.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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