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Begusarai 12th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kaki is in temple. She says give me an answer today. I am incomplete without my daughter. Give me an answeer or i will die hitting my head on this floor. She starts hitting her head on the floor. A woman in black sari comes towards the temple. Poonam is looking for kaki. The girl puts her hand under kaki’s forhead. Kaki says don’t stop me. I wont live without bindya. She sees up, its bindya. she is dazed. Devika makes her stand up and says your crying days are over. kaki kisses and hugs her. She says my daughter, are you alive. Bindya says i will make cry rivers of blood, the people who took my happiness from me. Kaki says my bindya is back. Bindya put hand on the flame and says i vow, i will kill every person living in that house.
Poonam comes near temple. She says death will

dance in that house. No one can even imagine life in that house. bindya says whole begusarai will burn in fire of my revenge. Poonam comes near temple. She is dazed. She runs upstairs. kaki and bindya are not there. poonam looks for kaki.

Dadda says i wont forgive this time. You are the ruler. Your first task is to bring that guddi back. Find her from wherever you can. See then what we do. Poonam overhears this.
Poonam comes to lakahn and tells him everything happened at the temple. Poonam says she was very hungry. I heard someone saying burn the haveli. She says i feel like it was someone known. Is dadda behind this? lakhan says but he came home. Poonam says i heard him asking mitlesh to look for guddi. i am really scared. Lakhan says dont worry. I am going to bahalpur and look for guddi. take care of yourself. He leaves. He says stay here. Poonam says take care. Some men outside haveli are pouring gasoline. They have fire stands in hand. Suddenly poonam wakes up. it was her dream. She says why has lakhan not called? Its been an hour. What was this dream about. Please protect my family God.

Lakhan comes to the house where guddi had to stay. no one responds to his knock. Poonam calls lakhan but his number is outta reach. she calls again. Lakhan breaks the door. Everyone is roped in. Lakhan says where is guddi? The woman says they took her last night. And roped her here.
Poonam is in kitchen. komal comes and says you will cut your hand. where is your mind. Poonam says thank you. I was thinking something so i forgot.
Lakhan calls poonam, he tells poonam everything. Poonam says how can this happen. lakhan says no one knew about this place. Poonam says is this.. lakhan says dadda can be involved. don’t worry i am going to find guddi. Poonam gets a text on her phone. She is dazed. Its a video of guddi abducted and roped. Poonam is shocked.
Poonam gets a call, a man says if you wanna see guddi alive.. Poonam says who are you? He says come to kali pahari. come alone or you will find her dead body.

Precap-Dadda is running in fear. he falls down.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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