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Scene 1
Pundit starts Roka ceremony, he asks Bindya to do groom and bride’s tilak, Bindya does Soni and groom’s tilak, Ananya looks at Shakti. Pundit says this Roka is done, now couple should take elders blessing, couple touches Bindya’s feet, Bindya stares Soni, she looks at groom and says Engineer what happened, why are you tensed? dont you like my daughter? couple touches MLA’s feet, Ananya thinks that her brothers are not with her too, how can they stay silent? what kind of family is this, MLA’s wife gives money to Soni as Shagun, Bindya asks her to take it, she takes it, Bindya congratulates MLA, MLA congratulates her, Bindya says after two days, you will bring baraat and will take your daughter in law Soni from our house, MLA says how will we arrange marriage

in two days? Bindya says you are forgetting this is my Begusarai, marriage can happen here in two days and also deaths can happen in two days too, MLA gets afraid, Bindya says just bring baraat, rest is upto me now, Bindya says decorate whole Haveli, whole Begusarai should enjoy this marriage, she says to MLA that we will meet in celebration tonight, bring groom too, she leaves with her sons and Soni.
Ananya comes back home and says what kind of people live here? She sees Mishra tensed and asks what happened? Mishra says i should die instead of all this, your brother failed police exam again, i am retiring, how this house will function? Ananya says you know Mayank is clever, he doesnt like studies so he can do any business too, Mishra says i had dream of making my son an officer, Ananya says give this chance to me, i will become officer, Mishra says i cant put so much pressure on you, Ananya says girls are not weak, they handle whole house so they can handle city too, Mishra says i dont want you to run behind goons, that world is really bad, i just want you to get married to good guy, Ananya says there is no difference in girls and boys nowadays, Mishra says i am not that modern, i cant live on my daughter’s money, you maybe right but i have my thoughts, if your husband would want you to become officer then i wont mind, i have asked my friend’s son’s proposal for you, they will come to see you, Ananya says but.. Mishra says no ifs and buts, make good dishes for them, they are not coming to ask about your studies but to see magic of your hands, he leaves, Ananya thinks i cant argue with you but if God will give me chance then i will surely fulfill your dream by becoming IPS officer.
Bindya is ordering servants to decorate Haveli, she taste dishes, Maya is seeing everything, Badi Amma comes to her and says did you see Soni? she is crying continuously, she is a girl not an animal that you can give her to anyone, Bindya says i could have killed her too but i didnt do it, i feel like you dont like Soni to be alive, i left Soni’s life because of Maya else how dare she cross limits which i made for her? Badi Amma says Soni is daughter of this house, Bindya says she knows that i hate love and feelings, i lost many things due to this love and feelings, this family lost its respect due to that, what you want that i take Soni’s side so that my sons start loving someone too and bring some women here, so that women can repeat history again? i wont let it happen, i wont let history repeat, i wont let Soni do mistake which Guddi did so silently see what is happening, Maya brings tea, Bindya says why did you bring it? you could have asked servant, Maya says you are doing so much for my daughter so cant i bring tea for you? Bindya takes tea from her and says leave all this, prepare to welcome groom’s family, Maya nods, Bindya says to Badi Amma that go and get ready, i have arranged saree for you, we are from bride’s side so we have to make good impression on them, make Soni get ready too, if cries alot then her photos will not be nice, she leaves, Badi Amma helplessly looks at Maya.
Soni is crying in her room, Badi Amma comes there and says you are fighting a lost battle, just surrender, Soni says why cant i live my life on my terms? Badi Amma says we cant allow kids to play with fire, Soni says i am not kid anymore, this is not right, Badi Amma says try to find happiness in all this, you wanted to get free from this house and now see you are getting married to good guy, you will be freed from her, come with me, Soni says i wont come, Badi Amma says nothing will change with your tears, come down, Soni thinks i have Thakur blood in my veins too, i will make my eyes and ground red(with blood) but i wont stop trying.
Soni comes in brother’s room, she finds laptop there, she mails Mayank that i am sorry, i cant be yours, Maa Thakurain found about our affair, she has fixed my wedding with someone else, this is my fate now, try to forget me and please forgive me. Samar and Amar comes in room and doesnt find anyone there, soni has already left from there after mailing.
Ananya comes to one shop and asks to give her grocery, shopkeeper says i cant give you anything, today is celebration in Haveli so all shopkeepers are sending grocery there, no shopkeeper will give you anything. Shakti comes there with truck, Shakti asks him to give all grocery, shopkeeper agrees, Ananya stares Shakti and says so he has bought whole market, there will be party in his house while whole Begusarai will remain hungry, Shakti says whole Begusarai is invited in our happiness, Ananya says first fill your sister’s life with happiness, she was made to sit in Roka with tears rolling down her eyes, she asks shopkeeper will you go in celebration of these people? Shakti slaps shopkeeper and says dont you dare to argue with me, you know you will have to pay for it, Ananya says here one has to pay to thief that too 700/-(taunting Shakti for taking money from her to give her locket back), Shakti stares Ananya and leaves.
Samar, Amar and Garv are seeing girls pictures on laptop. Shakti comes there and says i have brought grocery, Garv says we have to arrange entertainment in today’s function too.
Ananya comes Mayank’s room and finds him lying unconscious after slitting his wrist, she is shocked.

PRECAP- Mayank is in hospital, Mayank says to Ananya that i want to see my Soni one last time. Ananya comes in function and dances in function in veil, Bindya enjoys it. Ananya tries to find Soni in Haveli, Shakti sees her and says what are you doing here?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Few min before i have read (in tellychakkar) that soni will also run from her mrr’g like guddi.i mean, iss show ke makers such me pagal ho gaye h. Agar same story dikhani thi to episode repeat ker dete. Waise bhi viewers pehle wali story pasand kerte the or u guys r just only wasting your time, strength,talent & producer’s money(the most important thing)…….

  2. kya nonsense ho gaya hai???kya shakti hi humesha gadi par ghumta rehta hai ?? aur kam nai hai usko..? bki log kuch kam nai karte..? bindia iti darti q hai pyar se?

  3. I hope shivangi will comeback on the show soon……….., taking rebirth to complete her incomplete love story.veebha is nice but not in ananya’s character with vishal. we want shivangi to get paired up with vishal in anyhow. plssssss……….

  4. another IPS officer in town after sandhya bindni lol. stop this mahan show please

  5. I have heard that the same production had made mahabharat. is it true? If yes,then matlab ek mahabharat hit ho gayi so u think that ki kisi bhi story me mahabharat daal dene se show hit ho jaaega. 1 girl opposite 5 boys. U guys so looser.stop this nonsense story(modern mahabharat). We dont want one more mahabharat……

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