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Scene 1
Ananya says to Shakti that i love you, she asks him to come above ditch. Shakti tries to climb ditch, he is hanging with its wall. Ananya gives him hand and brings him up, he says if you had said yes earlier then i wouldnt have to put life in danger, she says you are mad, Shakti says i can be whatever but i am yours now, ananya gets emotional and hugs him tightly, boldo no zara plays, Shakti smirks.
Shakti comes home. Bindya slaps Shakti and says for a cheap girl, you jumped in ditch? Shakti says i did it for you, bindya says you didnt have to put yourself in danger, Shakti says this life is your given, if you had not come that day years back then i would have died with my parents, Bindya says i will slap you again if you call yourself orphan, you will be orphan when i will die, shakti

says may your enemies die but not you. Bindya says i will teach lesson to girl who has put my son’s life in danger, once she gets married to my 5sons then i will teach her lesson else i will stop calling myself Maa Thakurain.
Its morning, Bindya comes to Ramakant’s house with shagun, he says whats all this? Bindya says it seems like kids havent told you anything. Mayank is with Bindya too, Bindya says i have come with Shakti’s marriage proposal for Shakti, she might have not told you being shy but they like each other, they love each other, she call Ananya and asks her to tell her father. Ananya comes there and says i like Shakti but how can i marry in house where my father is made to walk with slippers on his head, Mayank says that is past, let it go, Bindya says she is right, if there is bad past then new relations cant be made, i am proud of Shakti’s liking, kids should be like this who can sacrifice her love for her father, i have come to end this matter, i insulted Ramakant so i will do that with me today, she takes off her slippers and says i have made you put this slippers on your head, today i will put these slippers on my head, she is about to put slippers on head but ananya stops her and says dont do this, it wasnt my intention, i cant insult anyone’s parents and not even, she makes her wear slippers, Bindya smiles at her, she says i will forgive you only when you call me Maa instead of Maa Thakurain, Ananya smiles and says Maa, Bindya gets happy listening this and hugs her, she smirks at her back, She says to Ramakant that we confirm this relatoion, she asks Pundit to tell dates, pundit says kundlies are matching, tomorrow is good engagement and day after tomorrow is good for wedding, Ramakant says how will we do arrangements so soon? Bindya says just get her ready as bride and bring to Haveli, we will do all arrangements, she gives Shagun to Ananya, ananya takes it and touches her feet, Mayank congratulate Ananya and leaves with Bindya.

Scene 2
ananya is sitting in her room, she says thank you Shakti for coming in my life, after what your mother did today, i realized that she is sad for doing all that with my father, i dont have any issue now, you are wrong, its not me who is beautiful but beauty is in your eyes. Mayank calls her and says you must be seeing dreams, it happens in love, Ananya says i dont know all this, i am just happy, Mayank says from today we will live in same house and you know Soni gifted me gold bracelet, Soni says to Ananya that i have brought gift for you too, you are my sister in law from both sides now, Mayank says if you dont like her gift then give it to me, i will change it, Ananya sys i will like whatever Soni gifts me, Mayank says i am going to show my gift to my 5brother in laws, he ends call.
Garv says how can that girl make Maa put slippers on head? Samar says Maa did this to make her believe that we are true to her, Garv says this marriage will be her destruction, Samar says she will our hunt after marriage, Garv says what we will do after marriage? Shakti is silent. Bindya comes and says she is very strict in rules, we will tell her truth on marriage night. Mayank is coming there too. Bindya says that girl tried to break mother-son bond, brother-brother bond. My sons are my strength and whoever will try to break it will die or destroy or will be divided in pieces. Its time for Ananya to get divided in pieces. Mayank is finding family members in Haveli. Bindya says to sons that she thought i am putting slippers on head because my heart melted but my heart can never melt for the girl who insulted my family, made me go in jail, i can never melt for that girl, i did all this to trap Ananya and now i will win, the order which i have given to my sons is punishment for Ananya. Bindya says ananya will be example for Begusarai, she will be bride, will have sindoor(vermilion) in her forehead but wont be called married women as she will not marry one but 5brothers at sametime, she will have 5husbands. Bindya asks Shakti why he seems tensed? are you feeling bad for that girl again? Shakti says no your son is not that weak, i dont repeat mistakes, Bindya says i want to take revenge of my insult, you are my ace card in this plan but i havent won this war till now, till ananya doesnt get married to all 5 of you, no one should know about this plan, we have to be careful, Adarsh sys no one can come inbetween this marriage and our plan, they all hold hand together, Mayank has listened all this standing outside room, he is shocked, he walks away but makes noise, Bindya looks outside room to see who is there.

PRECAP- Mayank says before engagement, i want to tell truth of this Thakur family, Ramakant ask what happened? Bindya angrily looks at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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