Begusarai 11th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Begusarai 11th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Poonam says to Priyom that you said no to marriage to take Lakhan out of palace but i thought.. Priyom says you must have thought i am good actor, Poonam ask him to speak whats in your heart, what you think about me, about our marriage, Priyom gives her look, he holds her hand and says congrats about our marriage mehndi, Guddi is stunned, he says i will wait for you to dress and come as my bride, Poonam smiles, he leaves, music plays, Najma says why are you crying Poonam, Poonam hugs her, Guddi goes behind Priyom. she says to Priyom that you wanted to break this marriage then why this yes now? if you wanna break her heart then do it once, dont give her false hopes, Priyom says this time i have not done wrong promise, Guddi says this means you have started loving her? Priyom says i only know

that to save her from Lakhan, i have to marry her, Guddi is shocked and says so you are just doing it as thakur, Priyom says Poonam is very good at heart, when i acted and said that i cant marry Poonam, did you see her face? it was like she broke inside, i cant see her in pain, i dont wanna see that hurt feeling in her eyes, Guddi says this means you would have not married her if this all reasons was not there? Priyom says no i would have not married her, Guddi is shocked, maya comes there and says Pinto and Soni are lost, Guddi says they must be here only, she says i have not seen them from much time, Priyom, Guddi and maya starts finding them in house, Mitlaish comes and ask whats the problem? Maya says kids are not seen anywhere, Mitlaish says i will find them, all house starts searching, Maya tells this to Phulan and Badi Amma, Piddi says guards are saying they have not gone out of house, Mitlaish scolds Maya for not taking care of them, all are tensed, Bindya and Ghungroo comes there, Badi Amma ask did you see Pinto and Soni? Bindya says no, is everything fine? Priyom gets call from Lakhan, Lakhan says what happened to Pinto and Soni? Priyom says what you mean? did you? he says if anything happens to them then i will kill you Lakhan, all are shocked to listen that Lakhan has kidnapped them, Lakhan says give warning to someone else, i told you that war has just started, there is time to announce who is winner, i am sending you a mms, see it and you will know who is winning, he cuts calls, Priyom opens mms video, in video Lakhan is shown sitting with Pinto and soni, they are tied and unconscious, Mitlaish gets angry seeing this, Lakhan says dont worry thakurs, i have not killed them yet, you all have 24hours, after that id you want them alive then give my Poonam back to me, if you agree to me then raise red flag from Haveli, and if not then after 24hours buy white sheet for these kids, Maya cries seeing her kids, Lakhan says this video can be last memory of kids, video ends, Mitlaish says if anything happen to my kids then i will cut Lakhan into pieces, Phulan calls Manjeeta, Choti Amma says Lakhan have become animal, he used to play with them, eat with them and now he has kidnapped them, what is happening to our family, Phulan says nothing will happen to kids, Maya imagines kids Haveli, she smiles, she falls unconscious, Mitlaish takes her to home.

Scene 2
Manjeeta in his house says that if anything happen to kids then this will be last day to Lakhan, he leaves, Poonam and Birla are tensed.
Phulan orders Majeeta to check nook and corner of begusarai. Mitlaish calls Lakhan and says how dare you touch my kids, i was supporting you, Lakhan says my Poonam was snatched and given to Priyom, you were silent then, whats your support then? you support me only when you need me, so stop this nonsense, and talk about work, Mitlaish says i will kill you if anything happen to my kids, Lakhan says i have my life on hand so dont say these dialogues to me, listen to me, give my Poonam to me in 24hours and take these kids with you, he ends call, Mitlaish throws his phone away.
Ghungroo says to Bindya that you made these thakurs cry too, you are something out of world, Bindya says they are humans like us too, i feel good when they cry, Ghungroo says i am afraid if we will have to cry too, bindya says we will not cry, she says tell me who is more important Maya or Poonam? Ghungroo says Maya as heirs of this house are in problem, Bindya smirks, ghungroo says can i ask something? with whom you are making plans on phone, you are hiding from me, dont you trust me? Bindya says thats i am saying, just trust me and keep doing my work, you wont understand my plan now, what is shown is not reality and when reality will come out then these thakurs will have blood tears.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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