Begusarai 11th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 11th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dadda ji is getting everything prepared. Badi amma says what is all this for? Dadda says this is for coronation of Mitlesh. I saw the kundli. He will be honored today. Badi amma says but.. dadda says there are no buts. Dadda says come here mitlesh. This is better for Begusarai. Go and prepare to welcome your new bahu bali.
Dadda does the pooja and says here is the new bahu bali of begusarai. He puts tilak on mitlesh’s forehead. He says congrats on being the bahu bali. Someone throws spice powder on Mitlesh. He screams.

Dadda screams who are you? She takes off the cloth from her face. Its Bindya’s mom. She says bahu bali? He is a beast. This manohar thakur is sinner and killer. Who is he to decide our fate. I spit on you. Manohar says you are talking more than your worth. I wil ruin your family. Who are you? she says I am bindya’s mom. Everyone is dazed for a while. She says Mitlesh thakur, your eyes are burning today, tomorrow your whole life will burn. And this seat you are sitting on, you will never be the ruler. This is the curse that will eat you, from a mother. You will never be happy. Your whole life will be ruined. Dadda’s men throw her out.
Dadda says everyone turn your guns down. I will do this. He takes out his pistol.
Poonam comes and says i wont let you do this. dadda says what she is doing? Poonam says what has she done wrong? She has lost her daughter. Dadda points gun at her and says don’t talk to me. I will kill her first then i will talk to you. Poonam stands in front of her and says no. I wont let you do this. A man stands in front of poonam and says you have killed bindya already. you cant kill her mom. what has she done? Another woman says we expect justice from you. We are not scared of you. dadda says i have more bullets than people in this town. They all start shouting shoot. We are not scared of you. Poonam says you cant scare these people.

Poonam makes kaki sit. She says he killed my bindya. Poonam says let me bring you water.She comes back and sees bindya is not there.

Precap-Poonam sees a girl with kaki in temple.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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