Begusarai 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 11th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Komal comes to Lakhan in his room, she says i came to meet Poonam, i wanted to say one thing to her, i feel she is angry with me, i wanted to say that when doubt comes in relation then there is no space left for any other emotion, thats why i wanted to say sorry to Poonam and make her feel that i am part of this family too, Lakhan says its not worth it, she will not listen to you and will not agree to me, Komal says you seem miffed with Poonam, she sits beside Lakhan and says every relation has problems but we should not take things to heart, Lakhan says she made me so angry that i slapped her, Komal acts shocked and says you shouldnt have done that, Lakhan says i am feeling guilty for slapping her but she should have understood it too, Komal says women should not probe man when he is

angry but you should have controlled your anger too, she puts hand on his shoulder and says dont worry, just calm down, Poonam comes there so Komal gets up, Poonam says to Lakhan that i want to talk to you, Lakhan says speak, Poonam says in alone, she says to Komal that you dont understand? husband and wife wanna talk something private and you are not going, Lakhan says is this way to talk to guests? Poonam says i know how to talk to whom, if she is guest then she should stay in guest room not here, Lakhan says what has happened to you? Poonam says what has happened to you? what she is doing here? Lakhan says she came to talk with you, Poonam says ,and then she put hand on your shoulder, Lakhan says you have crap in your mind, you are arguing with me, Poonam says you are involving with someone else, Lakhan shouts Poonam, Poonam says we are talking and she is still here, Lakhan says she came here before you and now i want to talk to her so you leave, Poonam says you are comparing me with her? she drags Komal out of room but Lakhan stops her and says you have gone mad, go out of room right now else.. Poonam says what will you do? you will slap me again? Lakhan says dont make it issue, Poonam says you are making it issue, she will go out of this room, she tries to drag Komal but Lakhan holds her hand, Poonam says you are asking me to get lost from my room for this women? Komal smirks, Lakhan takes Poonam, pushes her out of room and closes door. Komal says to Lakhan that why are you doing this? you like it? Lakhan says i asked her to stay silent but she wants to argue with me, she has no respect for me, Komal says she is your wife, Lakhan says you are our guest, she doesnt respect you, she keeps blaming you, she never understood me, nobody understands me here, i am alone in this house, Komal puts hand on his shoulder and says i understand you, i understand what you must be going through, i know what loneliness is as i have felt it too, i dont know whom to talk with, whom to share things with, i dont have anyone but whenever you are alone, i will be with you as friend and even more than that.. Lakhan looks at her confused, Komal says what will Poonam think that we are doing in room? i am going to talk with Poonam and dont stop me. Komal opens door, Poonam looks at Lakhan in tears, Komal comes to Poonam and says dont think wrong about Lakhan and me, i didnt even touch him, Komal says to Poonam that Lakhan and Komal are just good friends, try to control your anger else i will snatch him present instead of in future, Poonam angrily looks at her, and shrugs her hand away, Komal leaves, Poonam emotionally looks at Lakhan.

Scene 2
Komal comes to Rekha and makes her dance, Rekha asks what happened? Komal says i am so happy today, slowly i am winning Lakhan’s heart, soon Poonam will be out of this house and i will be here, Rekha says i was waiting for that day only, she gives her peck on cheek, Komal says i will keep Lakhan happy, she gets shy, Rekha says no need to be shy, Lakhan is yours only, i have given my son to you, Komal says like i am making place in his heart, soon i will rule his heart too but i am not understanding what to do next, Rekha says there is old saying that man’s way to heart is through tummy, Komal says tell me what lakhan likes to eat?
Poonam says to Badi Amma that i will cook Lakhan’s favorite dish, Badi Amma says you have to stop Lakhan’s soft corner for Komal, he is our last hope, doubt can destroy any relation, when you were miffed with me, he tried everything to make you understand, he loves you alot, you must have said something to him that hurt him alot thats why he slapped you, you have kept this relation intact for 11years and dont let it break for small misunderstanding, go and make his favorite dish, everything will be fine.
Komal is making food, Bindya comes and asks for whom you are making food? Komal says for Lakhan, Bindya asks why? where is Poonam, Komal says the wife who doesnt respect her husband then what will husband do? Komal says to Bindya that i think their marriage is not going work longer, they will get divorced soon, Bindya says how you can say it? Komal says wow begumsarai, it means when Lakhan slapped Poonam, whole Begusarai listened it but you didnt listen? Bindya says Lakhan slapped Poonam? Komal says dont start your sad act again, why did you come here? Bindya says people are getting missing from begusarai, i feel its kidnapping case, Komal says why are you worrying? Sarkar cares about begusarai more than us, Bindya says if Sarkar knows who is doing all this then why he is not stopping it? Komal says he will come whenever he wants, he sent message that soon he will end this game and also bring criminal to everyone, Bindya leaves.
Bindya comes in room and says why did Lakhan slap Poonam? Komal is doing all this, she is trying to break them, its my mistake, i shouldnt have trusted her, should i talk to Poonam? no, as then she will feel that i am getting melted to this family but what should i do? Komal doesnt listen to anyone but she listens to Sarkar but i never met Sarkar, this Komal never makes me meet him, what should i do to help Lakhan and Poonam? she looks at Priyom’s picture and says the fire of revenge inside me was calmed by your love, you changed me entirely, even after so much, i ant hate this family, i wanted to make this family realize its mistake, never wanted to break it, now show me way, what should i do? she gets tensed.

PRECAP- Badi Amma says to Poonam that Komal can mix anything in your food so we should no leave kitchen, i was good with her as she is our relative but now i will set her right, she eats in our house, Poonam says she only works for Sarkar, Badi Amma is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Laakhan is just acting

  2. Ya l al$o think d $am£.. He is just acting to find out about komal and $arkar.

    1. Yeah but the story is very boring.Hoping to see laakhan and Poonam together soon

  3. It’s getting on nerves seriously Yaar both Poonam n Lakhan are doing mistakes .poonam should know that laakhan is I a Niger she should not provoke him now.and laakhan seriously ur trusting Komal more than Poonam ,I just hope ur playing a game .i am sure Bindiya will help them now

  4. laakhan cant do this..he is bailbuddhi not a cheater that he ll forget his 11years old love for some chic.he is definitely playing games if not cvs r ruining laakhan then.poonam ahould b more careful in handling this situation.poor girl is getting hurt the most.laakhan stop hurting.u both r prefection 🙁

  5. Why u all r not uploading 12th Feb written update. Didn’t expect this from telly updates…..????

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