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Begusarai 11th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bindya says you would arrest me I would lock up myself. she goes in jail. He says you dont know police’s power. She says you don’t know woman’s power. Bindya says i wotn go from here unless you lodge my FIR. She sits in the lock up. Bindya says I wont eat either. I will sit here and get Mitlesh punished. If I have to give my life for that I will.
Constable says do something or the feminist would come. This would risk our jobs.
Inspector says bindya ji please you can’t do this. I request you please go from here. She says then write the FIR. He says you know its not possible. She says because you’re bribed? I am not. I will do anything for my dead husband. I will go from here when Mitlesh is punished. Or you will take out my deadbody from here.

Badi amma gets to know it. She says maya lets go we have to bring bindya. lakhan tells Poonam and says badi ama is going to police station. Poonam says doing this wont make me forgive you or bring me back in your life. He says I dont want that. Anything can happen but you can never get senses. I didn’t come here to impress you. I came just to tell you that bindya is fighting and everyone ie against her. You said that you will be with her. So then go. but you have to say all this rubbish here. Poonam says sorry. Lakhan stops. Lakhan says I hope everyone sees the truth. Poonam leaves.

Dadda ji says baba give Priyom peace. Mitlesh is standing with him. He says whenever something happens women have to be behind it. Dada ji says Priyom is no more bahu bali. It has to be now. He has given you the clear way.
Mitlesh gets a call from inspector. He tells her that Bindya is there and she is blaming Mitlesh of the murder. Milteh says i will call you in a while. Dada ji says till I am alive nothing will happen. You will win. Mitlesh leaves.

Badi amma comes to police station. She says come with us home. I know what you re going through. Bindya says you don’t feel anything. Maya says we have all lost priyom. Badi amma says i cant lose another son. Mitlesh shot by mistake. Bindya says if some outsider had said this what would you do? You want me to come home? I will but I will shoot Mitlesh thakur by tomorrow morning.

Bindya says if you had considered me my daughter in law you would have shot mitlesh. I wot move from here unless mitklesh is punished. Bindya takes his hand and takes him out of police station. she says you want everyone to believe that it was a mistake if you are so truthful then tell people that you shot their bahu bali. If you cant then I will. she announces you bahu bali is daed and mitlesh killed him. He has bought the inspector as well. But i will fight till the end, and till then I will sit ehre and do hunger strike. Mitlesh says done? he leaves. Inspector says to badi amma i dont think bindya would listen. Badi amma says you still have time bindya, She leaves as well. Bindya is crying there alone. Poonam comes to her.

Precap-Some men try to take bindya with them. They try to stab her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I really feel so bad for bindya… She started to live her life to fullest happily as she married priyom… But she lost him now… It’s really hurting.. Priyom is the one who loved her unconditionally and respected her as a woman giving her dignity of his wife….. So sad, I will stop watching this show… Unless they bring back priyom some how…. Otherwise the serial is tasteless…..

  2. Awesome atibaji superfast update tysm

  3. lakhan thakur you are awesome in acting and bindiya u r superb.dil cheer performance.

  4. lol bindiya wants justice and behaving like a goddess and wants justice but did she forget an innocent person phulan thakur is in jail due to her misdeed.if shes so interested in giving punishment to mithilesh first u go and surrender to police that u r the kidnapper not phulan thakur.cvs themselves dont know what they are showing.loved laakhAm scene.poonam needed this lecture of laakhan.she think laakhan is alive to b behind her only.

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