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Scene 1
Mishra comes out of Haveli and doesnt find Ananya in car, he looks around for her and calls her name, ananya stares and goes. Ananya comes to Mishra, Mishra says why did you come out of car? lets leave now, he sits in car, Shakti comes there, Ananya ans Shakti stares each other, Shakti is going to otherside and is staring Ananya, Ananya leaves in car. Shakti bangs with Garv, Garv teases him, Shakti says shut up, Garv says so now you are speaking in english to?
Hostel’s watchman comes to Bindya and tells her about Soni’s affair with guy, Bindya points gun at him and says if you are not saying truth then i will kill you, watchman says i am your loyalist, i cant lie to you, Bindya recalls how Maya and Soni were tensed last night, Bindya shouts Soni’s name.

comes to MLA’s house, she says to MLA’s wife that you called me for your daughter Chinky’s tuition, Chinky comes there and meets Ananya, Chinky says i wont study, today is brother’s Roka, her mother says you have to study hard like your brother and have to become successful unlike Begusarai’s daughters, Ananya is impressed listening it.
Bindya calls Soni and says why you did it? Soni says i didnt do anything, why dont you trust me? Bindya says ask your brothers if they trust you, Soni looks at her brothers who are angry too, Bindya says if your brothers trust you then they will stand with you else they will shoot you rightnow, all brothers take out guns and point it at soni, Maya says will you kill your sister? Shakti says if its about Bindya Maa’s respect then we can kill ourselves too, Maya says maybe this watchman is lying, Bindya says you are lying, last night Soni was wearing lipstick and jewelry, she sleeps like that? Soni says you are not trusting me and trusting this watchman? brothers are pointing gun at me but ask watchman if he has any proof? Bindya says truth is that you are trying to defend yourself, Bindya asks watchman to leave, she asks Maya to go to her room as she wont be able to see Soni dying infront of her eyes, Soni is stunned, Soni says kill me, i know you dont like me, i am daughter and its a sin to be girl as you hate girls, you never liked me, you just needed excuse to get rid of me, kill me now, i dont want to live like this, i feel suffocated, i cant even move without your permission, kill me but remember when brothers will know truth then they will regret it, you all wanna kill your sister? kill me then, Maya says to Bindya that Soni cant do this, maybe watchman had misunderstanding, Bindya says she can fool you but not me, she has done mistake so she has to pay but seeing your face, i am giving her one chance, she ask her sons to put guns down, they obey her, Bindya says to Soni that if you wanna save your life then tell me name of guy who provoked you, Soni says there is no guy in my life, Bindya asks Maya to tell guy’s name, Soni says how would she know as there is no guy, Bindya grabs her from hair, Soni winces in pain, Bindya says you think that i am mad? tell me guy’s name else if my sons find about him then his whole family will be dead, Soni says i dont know any guy, Adarsh says we will create bloodshed if she doesnt tell us, Bindya says to Soni that i agree you dont have any guy in your life then will you marry any guy? will you marry guy of my choice? from now on you will not get any mobile, internet or computer, she takes her phone and breaks it, Maya says she will do anything you say, she will marry boy of your choice, Bindya says she will be married soon now.
Mayank calls Soni but her phone is switched off, he gets tensed, Mishra comes there and says you failed in IPS exam again, Mayank says its your fault, you have made me study in local school and dreams thay i will become officer? its not me who failed but its you who failed.
Ananya teaches Chinky, she says to MLA’s wife that i should leave now, wife says dont go, my son’s roka ceremony will happen then leave. Bindya with her sons come there in Roka ceremony, Shakti finds Ananya there, Bindya says to MLA that i have come here for Roka, MLA says thanks for coming to bless my son and daughter in law, Bindya says i am not here to bles sbut i have brought your daughter in law, she brings Soni and says this is your daughter in law, she is only daughter of Thakur family, MLA says its about marriage so we should see Kundlis and also have to send invitations, Bindya says whole Begusarai is invited in Thakur’s marriage and with our name even Kundlis become fine, now you accept this relation? the bride’s family leaves from there, Amar asks MLA to agree for relation, we are Thakurs and can marry our sister anywhere, you are lucky that Maa thakurain came herself, dont try to say no, Ananya thinks that this is forcing, both mother and son are goons, MLA says how can i say no to Maa thakurain, i agree with this relation, Bindya says so lets start Roka ceremony, she drags Soni and makes her sit beside MLA’s son, Soni cries, Ananya sees her crying and thinks that i understood she is forced to do this marriage but why?

PRECAP- Shakti buys whole grocery from shop, Ananya comes there and says there is party in his house so whole Begusarai will be hungry, Shakti says whole Begusarai in invited in party, Ananya says atleast first fill your sister’s life with happiness, Shakti angrily looks at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Sooooooo, drama yaar kitne bakwaas episode tha aaj seriously inti bakwaas story dikha rhe h.bina wajah ka tamasha. show viewers ki pasand unke satisfaction ke liye hote h ya productoin or director ke? kuch bhi dikha rhe h & they thought that viewers will like it.worst story or usse worst jodi in indian tv ever. from now onwords i’m going to stop watching this show. poora bakwaas ker diya h show.

  2. This show has lost its charm…storyline?

  3. this show has gone serious down.i agree show viewers ki satisfaction entertainment k liye banaya jata hai to go with what viewers want.from which angle new girl is looking one percent good with vishal?i will give this 1week extra time.then bye bye.rubbish storyline rubbish love story & usse bhi jyada rubbish jodi.wasting vishal’s talent

  4. Pls…….make shivangi doing main lead again with some good & interesting story line. otherwise pls stop the show. we can’t tolrate it anymore….

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