Begusarai 10th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 10th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Choti amma is in corridor. Bindya stops her and says what are you taking secretly? choti amma says I don’t need to do it secretly this is my house. How heartless you are. You locked jiji in room for whole day. Bindya says its her fault she should have bore the punishment. Bindya says don’t make a fuss of it and ask someone to cook food. Choti amma says you kept jiji hungry for such long time. Thank God poonam saved her. Everyone deserves a daughter in law like her. Choti amma leaves. Bindya says just a little hunger and they are screaming. I have been hungry all my life. But what should I do? Punish should be assigned. Its thakur’s rule. Now its Poonam’s turn. She wants to play with fire. Now i will tell her.

Badi amma says I am fine choti. Check if sohni

pintu have eaten something. Poonam says I will make something from them. Bindya leaks gas pipe in kitchen. Poonam comes in. Bindya says gas is not working I wanted to make something. Bindya tries to ligthen the stove. Poonam wonders what Bindya was doing in kitchen. she smells gas. Maya comes and gives poona the other stove. Bindya sees Maya in kitchen as well. she asks rekha to do something to stop her from lighting the matchstick.
Maya and Poonam are cooking in kitchen. Rekha says pintu pintu. Maya says to poonam pintu must have done something let me go out and check. Maya asks rekha you were calling pintu? She says i was scared of my own shadow so for a moment i thought it must be pintu.
Poonam lights the match stick. Her hands are completely burnt. she screams with pain and falls down. Maya takes her out and says i will bring something. Rekha says to bindya this is why you asked me to take out Maya. Bindya says now poonam knows how dangerous it is to play with fire.
Maya applies burnt relief. Poonam is screaming with pain. Bindya says she is lucky only her hands are burnt. she could be burnt completely. Maya says can’t you stay quite. Bindya says truth is bitter. Badi and choti amma come. They are dazed to see poonam’s hands. Maya says this is because of Bindya.

lakhan comes home and asks how did this happen? Maya says bindya.. Rekha says she was cooking the stove blasted. The gas leaked. accident is accident. It has to happen. She will be fine. Lakhn takes out the stove in his hands. Its still hot. Rekha says what are you doing? Poonam says what are you doing lakhan? She says leave it your hands will be burnt. Lakhan says burnt doesn’t hurt. Your daughter in law is burnt you don’t care right? She tightens the grip. He says i brought it to make you understand. Rekha says leave it what are you doing. He says i will hand it over you. Take it. So you will know what pain is like. Rekha is scared. Lakhan throws it away. He looks at poonam crying with pain. Lakhan picks her up and takes her upstairs. Bindya says what is this? Lakhan is healing her?
He takes her to room. He says where was your mind? She says badi amma was hungry i was making food for her. He says who asked you to make it? was her daughter in law dead? I dont care about anyone is this house. He grasps her hand. She screams with pain. She says its really aching. Poonam sobs. Lakhan sits down he holds her hands.
He says why you did this. he caresses her hands.

Precap-Rekha says bindya is mad due to hunger make it for her. lakhan says why can’t you make it yourself? Rekha says how will i cook for many people alone? Lakhan says why alone? Bidnya is there to help.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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