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Scene 1
Ananya is shocked to see Shakti at her house, she tries to close door but he stops her, she asks what are you doing here? Shakti says i kept waiting whole night for your call or message but i didnt get it, i have been waiting for your answer, please answer me. Ananya comes out of house and closes door, she says Baba inside house, you shouldnt have come here, Shakti says give me answer then i will leave. Ananya says you are very nice person, you are different from your brothers and your mother but.. shakti says when everything is fine then why this but? Ananya says everything is not fine, i wont be move ahead with this relation, my answer is no, Shakti gets disappointed. He says you think that i am not good for you, you think that we are totally different but that is why i love you, i really

love you.. I love you.. Ananya gets emotional, she controls herself and says i am not saying that your love is wrong or you are lying but not everything that we want, we get it. Shakti says if Mayank and Soni can become one why cant us? Ananya says try to understand.. Shakti says i dont understand anything, i love you and i will get for sure, this is not my ego speaking but my love speaking, you will see one day you will accept me. You dont trust my love but i promise to make a place in your heart such a way that you wont be able to take me out of your heart, Ananya gets tensed. Shakti moves towards her, she moves back, Boldo no zara plays, Ananya strikes with wall, Shakti pins her to wall and says i am Thakur, i dont like to listen no, i have got what i wanted but this time i wont do it. I will get you but not by force but with your consent, you will make me part of you yourself. He offers her red rose, ek tumhe chahne ke elawa or kuch humse hoga nahi plays.. Shakti puts rose in her hair, she touches it and is surprised, Shakti smiles at her, she is lost in his eyes, Shakti says rose is beautiful but not more than you, your truthfulness and strength have made me your lover, i love you and i will keep loving you for life. Ananya says i am sorry but what you want cannot happen, can never happen, Shakti gets dejected, Ananya goes in house and closes door, Shakti says only this will happen as Maa Thakurain wants this and Shakti Thakur can die to fulfill his mother’s order.
Ananya comes in house and recalls how shakti said that he will make place in her heart in such a way that she wont be able to move him from there even if she wants. She looks in mirror and looks at rose Shakti had put in her hair, she blushes and recalls how he said that rose is not more beautiful than her, she plays with her hair and recalls how Shakti said that he loves her and will keep loving her, how Ananya said no to his proposal. She says did i do right by saying no to Shakti? i did right but then why i am thinking about him only? i have to take him off my mind, the house which insulted my father, i cant be daughter in law of that house, she takes off rose from hair, Ramakant calls her, ananya crushes rose in petals and throws it away, she gets sad seeing rose broken in petals, Ramakant sees her and leaves.
Shakti tells everything to Maa Thakurain, Bindya says she is very clever, she said no to my son? Shakti says i was silent because of you else i would have.. Bindya says you did right, if i wanted to kill her then i wouldnt have put you in all this, you have to keep doing this drama of love, Shakti says its useless, she doesnt trust me, Bindya says she will trust you. You will have to do everything what a lover would do for his love, once she falls in love with you then she will give her life, love everything to you and once i get her life in my hands then i will let her know what i am.

Scene 2
Ananya is sleeping in her room, she wakes up and sees Shakti standing her in room.. she looks around and doesnt find Shakti, she says i must be imagining Shakti, she sees window open and goes to close it, she sees Shakti sitting in his jeep outside her house, she is stunned to see him, mujhe need nahi ati ha akele.. khawabon mein aya karo plays.. Ananya looks at him and closes door, Shakti thinks that i have to fulfill mother’s promise so she has to come out, Shakti reflect’s his car’s headlights on Ananya’s window, Ananya gets tensed seeing light in her room. Ananya comes out of house, she comes to Shakti and says you here again? i have said no to you for two times, is it that difficult to understand? go from here, i am folding my hands infront of you, please go. Shakti says i will go but i just wanted to spend time with you last time, do you trust me that much? Ananya nods. Ananya sits in Shakti’s car. Shakti drives car, he holds her hand and changes gear. Ananya asks Shakti to look forward and drive else they will have accident, Shakti says i have come for accident only, Ananya asks what he means? Shakti says i have put my life at risk and you are asking me meaning? Ananya says whats madness is this? Ananya asks shakti to slow car, there is ditch ahead, Shakti says its your freedom, i wont be able to get away from you in this life so i am going to die, bye Ananya, he pushes Ananya from car, ananya falls down from car, Shakti’s car is going towards ditch, she shocked and calls out shakti’s name. Car goes in ditch and has accident, car burns down, Ananya comes there and is shocked, she calls out Shakti’s name and starts crying.. Shakti climbs ditch, he is injured, she is happy to see him, she asks him to give hand, he says you should have given this hand before, its late now, Ananya asks him to give his hand, his life is important, dont lose it for me. You have brothers and mother who love you alot, Shakti says i cant put everyone’s life in danger for my love so i have to decided to end my life to end this one-sided love, you will live happily, no one will torture you, Ananya says you dont torture me, shakti says you are confused, you think that i will cheat you, you can think like that, i am leaving this world, Ananya says nothing like that, Shakti says you said no to my proposal as you have right on your life, sameway i have right on my life to end it, Ananya says you have my swear, please come up, Shakti says why should i follow your swear? Ananya says for love stupid, Shakti is stunned, ananya is in tears and extends her hand to Shakti.. Ananya says i love you.. Shakti gets happy.

PRECAP- Bindya says to Ramakant that i have come with Shakti’s marriage proposal for Ananya, Ramakant says i would want to listen Ananya’s decision. Ananya comes there and says i like Shakti, Bindya says did you listen it? Ananya says but Maa Thakurain how can i marry in house where my father was put to walk with slippers on his head, Bindya gets angry listening this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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