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Scene 1
Komal is sleeping and says in sleep that Lakhan i will get you, Manjeeta looks at her, He checks her and thinks that she seems inebriated, i have this chance only, he puts red color on her hand near her wound, Choti Amma comes there, Manjeeta says she is not waking up, Choti Amma checks her fever, Manjeeta shows her blood on her hand, he says i told you that wound is deep, you should have called doctor, Choti Amma asks Komal to wake up, she doesnt, Manjeeta says i will bring water, Choti Amma asks him to bring doctor but remember if you try to be smart then Vimla is our cage, she will be dead.
Doctor checks Bindya and ask family why they are tensed? he tells them that Bindya is going to be mother, all are happy, Poonam asks really? he says yes, Badi Amma says its my Priyom’s

heir, she asks Mitlaish to gift doctor, Doctor says she fainted because of weakness, mother and child are fine, you take care of her, she gives Poonam medicines and asks to give it to Bindya, Poonam says see Priyom is coming back in family, Badi Amma says i was so worried in this fight but this has given me hope, she cries and says i am so happy so think how much happy Bindya will be to listen this, Manjeeta comes there and calls out to Lakhan. Manjeeta tells everything to family, Lakhan says they are hiding in my in-laws house, Poonam says i should have doubted about it when Manjeeta stopped me from going in house that day, Mitlaish says if they are near then why are we waiting, we should attack them, Badi Amma says but Vimla’s life is in danger and we cant put her at risk, Lakhan saysw we have to do something that will trap them and also nothing happens to Vimla, Poonam asks how? Badi Amma says i know one idea.
Badi Amma comes to Manjeeta’s house with some smoking stick, Choti Amma is pointing gun at Vimla, door is cloes from outside, Badi Amma puts smoking stick near door, smoke goes inside, Choti Amma coughs and says Badi Amma knows i am allergic to smoke, Manjeeta must have told them everything, she wakes Komal up and sees color on her hand and not blood, she says it means Manjeeta fooled me, she points gun at Vimla and says now you are gone, she coughs and tries to strangle Vimla with pillow, Vimla coughs, Badi Amma listens this from outside, she asks Lakhan and Mitlaish to break door, they break door and comes in, Vimla is lying there unconscious, Poonam comes there too and hugs Vimla, Manjeeta gives water to Vimla, Lakhan sees Komal and Choti Amma gone, Badi Amma says they must have runaway from back door, Lakhan says i will check house, Vimla says if Badi Amma had not come on time then they would have killed me, Mitlaish says they didnt go out then it means they are in house, Poonam says where did they go then? Badi Amma says fight is two vs thakur family, the one who deserves will win this fight only.
All are in Haveli, Mitlaish says i have tighten the security, they can come here, Badi Amma says defense is not solution, we have to end it, we have to finish enemy, Bindya has brought happiness in family, i wont allow enemy to end them, we have to bring them out of their bill.
Man comes in market and invites everyone for function and Pooja by Thakur family. women discuss that seems like Thakur family has happiness in life, other women says i have listened one daughter in law of house is pregnant, second women says it must be Poonam, Komal listens this and gets angry.
Badi Amma sees announcement in Begusarai, Mitlaish asks if she thinks this will work? Badi Amma says enemy always try to find chance, this will work
Bindya looks at Priyom’s picture, she recalls how Priyom stopped her from leaving house, how she hugged him, how he said that he wont leave her, Bindya says i will raise our child as you wanted, i will keep our son away from all this, Poonam comes and says how you know its son? Bindya says i said it in spur of moment, Poonam gives her yellow saree and says you have to wear it in today’s pooja, Bindya says no i wont wear it, you think Priyom is happy to see you in black saree? Bindya says i wont wear colors, Poonam says you know i am right, please agree not for you but atleast for your child, Badi Amma comes there and says always welcome happiness with smile, women’s life is distraught after husband is gone, people take colors from her but when God is filling your life with colors then why you are reluctant? when your child will come in world, he will see you first, do you want his life’s start to be colorless too? Bindya says no, Badi Amma says so wear this yellow saree, Bindya accepts it, Badi Amma smiles, Bindya smiles at Poonam.
Komal is angry, she tells her men to collect all weapons, bring more, i want whole Thakur family dead, men leave, Choti Amma asks what has happened? Komal says they are having celebrations, Choti Amma ask for what? Komal says i got to know one daughter in law of house is pregnant, Choti Amma asks if its of Lakhan and Poonam? Komal gets angry and says if it was someone else to say this then i would have cut her tongue, Choti Amma asks her to be careful, you will do mistake in anger, Komal says you are being afraid, i promise you destroy their happiness in that function, Choti Amma says you have entered this fight for me so i cant leave you alone in this fight, Thakurs have to die so why not today? Komal says then pick up weapon and come with me, today death will dance in their function, whole Begusarai will witness it, my first murder will be of Poonam and her child.

PRECAP- In function, Badi Amma gives parsad to one women who is veil, women points gun at her, all are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What…y r all shocked? They are supposed to be prepared for all this action drama. Basantiii….in kutto k samne muth nach na ??

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