Begusarai 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 10th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bhushan is tied to in some godown. He sees a man aproaching him, it turns out to be Manjeeta, Bhushan is shocked and says you used to eat our food and now betrayer? Manjeeta says dont compare blood with food, your son killed my son, i started hating you people from that day, Bhushan says me and my brother did so much for you but you are betraying us this way? kill me now, Manjeeta says i would have killed you but i am waiting for Sarkar’s order, Bhushan asks who is Sarkar? Manjeeta laughs and says when you will be burning to ashes, that day Sarkar will come, Bhushan asks who is this new Sarkar? Manjeeta he is owner of Begusarai in real sense, he asks his men to keep Bhushan alive and give him food, he leaves, Bhushan says who is this Sarkar? what he wants? and whats animosity he

has with our family?
Komal comes in Lakhan’s room and looks arounf, Lakhan is not there, she sees his Kurta on bed, she touches it and smiles, she touches it on her face and smiles, she imagines herself with Lakhan, Lakhan comes to her in red Kurta, she asks what are you looking at? Lakhan says i am looking in your eyes, i feel like drowming in them, he touches her face and says i feel like kissing your lips, he rubs hand on her lips, she close her eyes, he says where were you till now? he holds her hand and says i have started loving you, he kisses her hand, Komal open her eyes and says you have become my life too, i love you, both smile, Komal blushes and hugs him, Lakhan smiles happily, Komal tries to leave but Lakhan holds her hand and pulls her closer, he puts her hand on his shoulder and caresses her face, Aang lagade re plays, Komal is mesmerized, Lakhan comes close and is about to kiss her but Komal moves away, Lakhan and Komal dances slowly and look in each others eyes, Lakhan makes her sit on bed, he comes close to her and is about to kiss her.. but her dream breaks as Poonam throws water on her face, she asks Poonam why did she throw water on her face? Poonam says i had to pour water on your dreams, what are you doing in my room? and how dare you touch my husband’s kurta, she snatches it from her, Komal says these are all mine, you didnt get it even after slap? Poonam says my husband loves me so much that he fought whole begusarai for me, Komal says he used to fight for you, you are his wife but i am his lover, he used to fight for me and now he will fight for me, Komal says to Poonam that i know men’s weakness, Poonam says you dont know power of wife, Komal says i will show you how Lakhan will throw you out of this house and bring me in this room lifting me in his arms, then this room, this bed and this Kurta will be in my hands and that day is not far, its very close, she leaves.

Scene 2
Poonam is in kitchen, Maya comes to her, she says whatever Lakhan did, he didnt do good but i have learnt from you that we should let bygones be bygones, you should not leave hope, Poonam says i can bear pain given others but not my own, Maya says Lakhan used to love you so much then how did he raise hand on you today? Poonam says because of Komal, Rekha listens all this and leaves.
Komal is dreaming about Lakhan romancing with her, she says Poonam destroyed my dream, it was such good dream, me, Lakhan and our loneliness, she smiles and says wish this dream was true, Rekha comes and says it will become real soon, the way you are going, your dreams will come true soon, just think Lakhan slapped Poonam infront of all, what i couldnt do in 11years, you did it in 11days, Komal says Lakhan slapped Poonam but i was reason behind her, Rekha says you are behind all this, i should say your mind really works well, you should eat almonds, keep bringing Lakhan closer to you, Komal says i dont have to do anything, i have to put Poonam down in Lakhan’s eyes and my work will be done, Rekha says dont think your enemy is weak, not atleast Poonam, that witch will not leave Lakhan easily, Komal says i have fought with many b*t*hes, can i call you mother in law? Rekha says why not but when we are alone, Komal says dont worry, your tension is my tension now, Rekha says i pray that all get daughter in laws like you, Rekha says dont forget my work about finding Bhushan, Komal says dont worry, you are mother in law, i will do it, they listen some noise and goes out to see.
Two people come to Bindya, lady says to Bindya that my two sons are lost from two days, man says even my son is lost, he didnt comeback home, Bindya says dont worry i will find out about them, you people go home, she says how people are missing from begusarai? Komal and Rekha listens this.
Mitlaish says to magician that i have killed many people but these are innocent people, is it necessary? magician says if you need powers then you need to do it, did you forget Dadda’s talks? Mitlaish says no, i will do what you are saying, he leaves. Magician comes in room and sees goons there, he asks who are you people? goon asks whats all this? why you have called all these men? Magician says we smuggle people to other countries, Mitlaish will give 11people to me, goon says we will give you 11th man, take 10 from Mitlaish then call me, he leaves.

PRECAP- Poonam drags Komal out of her room but Lakhan stops her and says go out of room else.. Poonam says what else will you slap me again? Lakhan angrily looks at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. bindiya looks so beautiful but Lakhan cant do this.

  2. why the hell laakhan is doing al this?we want to see laakham’s tumhe apna banane ka junun not laakhan and characterless komal’s ang laga de.

  3. I think laakhan is just acting to know where his father is

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